Explain to me why Reddit is bad

Hey peeps, so as the title says why is Reddit bad? I've personally only used it once out of sheer interest but it seemed so complicated compared to the Chans. After trying it out I never used it again, but people are always saying bad stuff about it. I recently went to the website and found a r/chomsky subreddit. I figure that Reddit is better just because you actually have a feeling of who you talking too because apparently the history of what they post and respond to is public. So you know if he's a troll or just malicious in general. Anyway that's my opinion, let me know if there is something I don't know.

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reddit is a good place, people who complain about it are just fucking idiots

I see, so the negativity towards it is simply muh reasons.

In regard to format/user interface it is a matter of preference. Having been on chans for close to ten years I kind of like reddit when I started using it like a year or two ago. One issue though is exactly that you aren't anonymous, it's like trip-fag drama engrained into the system, every person is a tripfag and it makes for squabble over petty shit. And they can look up your post history which sucks and use shit you said 3 months ago against you. On the flip side though you can have better continued conversations with individuals and I've met some decent people on there.
As for leftist reddit though that's the issue. You have the socialism sub that is an authoritarian nightmare of liberalism. The people who use reddit in general kind of suck, but it's like anywhere I guess.

every single poster posting with the air that their opinion is objectively correct while know sweet FA about the subject matter

I see your points, but I do like the idea of post history because people like to larp sometimes.

Never used reddit but it seems the format encourages people to be as "snarky" and witty as possible for upvotes rather than further discussion. That and the place has no tolerance for shitposting and fun. You always notice which posters come from Reddit since their style of writing is autistic as fuck and their posts lack any substance

So you feel their all science pot lovers?

Nothing against people who smoke pot by the way I see no problem with it but I'm pretty sure people will get what I'm saying.

In regard to this I think the innate hatred of reddit by chan users is the view that they are casuals, whereas chan users are these, unadulterated internet denizens. It's partly true, in many ways redddit is like a watered down chan in a prettier package. For some they don't like the pseudo anonymity, for others the formatting of posts, for leftists it's what I said above that they are assholes and liberals. Think the best metaphor I can come up with is reddit users are like high school kids that smoked pot for the first time and think they are badass, while we are like crusty old hippies permenant high on acid lookin and them and saying "you're not in our level", but idk maybe I'm wrongly

That's a good point too, that up vote system can be a drag on conversation. But to be honest it looks rather confusing to me.

Up its system sucks it's pure attention seeking and it's used to create echo chambers and in ways language policing

I only ever really use it to post porn.

Makes sense I figure, but I haven't tried it out yet.

So it has adult areas you say? That's funny because I always see it displayed as family friendly.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Have fun.

I don't understand how to use it so it's pointless for the moment.

kek reddit is like an iceberg, if you spend some time hitting on "random", you will definitely find many weird subs.

It has many adult areas. They changed their algorithm some time ago so you can usually find many NSFW posts be very close to the top posts.

I see, anyway I just found a r/leftypol/ are they pretenders or people from here?

Plenty and some are dope af

Yea actually that's pretty accurate, actually

1 accounts with reputation
2 le upboats creates a system where people virtue signal for them
3 a lot of posters use the "from most voted to less" order of comments that fuels echochambering
These are the problems with the site imho. But for the "redditors" that is just a stupid insult for which I have a theory: there was a time where people who went on 4chan were people who were interested in internet and a large share was from reddit, I mean a chick who posts on fb didn't care jack shit about taiwanese cartoon sites but reddit is a basket of people with many internets and an echange with 4chan was inevitable. Then gamergate happened and 4chan was more under the lights. People from facebook/twitter/whatever began to visit 4chan trough meme pages and use redditor as an insult because you know they never been on reddit, they have been on candy crash site at the most. This is whith a lot of people who claim oldfag too, you know maybe they visited 4chan with their dudebros 1 time in 2009, returned for elections and now act as knowledgeable. If someone screams redditor I automatically assume the person is a cancerous ffrogshitter, same with reddit spacing literally saw 0 people complaining about it before 2016.

Censorship. The only good parts of Reddit are either very niche or have to do with file sharing like r/megalinks

Using redditor as an insult started before Gamergater.

What I propose is that before gg it was genuine 4channers using the insult after gg the social media crowd appropriated this insult as reddit is an easy scapegoat. Look at how easy it is to take a jab at R the donald. And that created a fake aura of "old fagness" around places like pol (that only lately is getting really called out) that took advantage of this reputation.

Most people who think Reddit is absolutely fine and has no issues tend to be the people who partake in and perpetuate Reddit's problems in the first place. The whole site is designed for circlejerking over ratings, you cannot escape it anywhere. Political boards are full of circlejerking and contentless "epic bazinga" posts, content boards are frequently full of dead, forced memes for le upboats, and any board that involves a "post yours" is inevitably full of lying faggots desperately trying to get internet points. Just look at that double dick nigger who was found out to be a total fake, that's Reddit in a nutshell.

Also, on top of this, the site's global rules are retarded and seem to be majorly torture chamber oriented.

reddit spacing

What happened?

Oh yes, I can see that. Might also explain why the boards most close to reddit (Holla Forums and Holla Forums) keep calling everything reddit.

A dude used Reddit to get fairly large (for an internet fag who was not an e-celeb, that is) following and internet fame by claiming to have two dicks, and providing "evidence" pictures, which anyone who pointed out flaws got le downboated to death over. After a few years of him constantly changing his story and posting new edits of the same photoshop, he was found to be a fraud. Had Leddit not had the mentality that it does, this would have been laughed at, called fake and gay, and forgotten.

Only reddit could fall for something that stupid. No wonder marketers and ecelebs shill the fuck out of that place.

Basically this.
Reddit is fundamentally flawed because it's not anonymous. Rather than posting things that are honest, argumentative, curious, or insightful, all posts are instead made with the sole consideration: 'How many le upboats will my peers give me?' Discussion on Reddit is a perfect example of The Simulacrum.

Only reason to use it is for the amature porn subreddits

I was aware of the two-dick-guy but I had no idea it was fake. Amazing. Hell, I even heard some friends talk about it.


What annoys me about Reddit is how they retroactively delete comments. Like for some reason a comment that has a thousand up votes and hundreds of replies will just say [deleted].

ffs Julian

It is to my understanding a joke sub. There's also r/Holla Forums which is supposed to be like "r/4chan" but because we can't be found on Google literally any screenshot there is almost always from .pl

Reddit is designed for marketing. The concept of upvoting is meant to filter the content with the broadest appeal. If you know about the site's history this is pretty clear. Originally, posting original content was against the fucking rules. Self posts (where people post text at the top of the comment thread) had to be added. People would get banned for linking to image posts they made themselves for the purpose of posting to reddit. It was orignally meant to be a content aggregation site only, which amounts to a tool for market research. That's still its main function, the difference is that now human beings (real ones, not Rational Economic Man) have been using it, and we like to do things differently from Rational Economic Man so to please us the people running the site have had to alter it somewhat.

Reddit are good site with good community. But I shy posting there because all people may read my posts and it under one nickname.

The main problem with reddit is the system it has for voting up popular posts. In the smaller subreddits it’s usually fine but the largest subreddits always have some retarded top comment because the general user base is idiotic. For example, I saw a TIL about Venezuela having the highest GDP per capita in the world (thousands of upvotes) in 1950 and the top comment was about how socialism ruins everything. It’s pretty dumb for numerous reasons but one of the reasons is the list excluded arbitrarily most countries in the world. Secondly, Venezuelan GDP being high after WW2 when oil prices were high? Would would have guessed.
Also the top comment is oftentimes unfunny puns

Dude… that’s more fucked up because it sounds like he pressured his wife into doing something she didn’t want to do. Sounds like he basically coerced her into sex through whining. Prettt rapey

I see, that's sad to here. What I wonder is why haven't people from Holla Forums made our own subbreddit. Seeing that Reddit is more mainstream we can convey our ideas in a brighter light. And we wouldn't have to worry about the up vote system being that we're inoculated from such stupidity. Referring people to a flourishing subbreddit might be more socially acceptable then a non-Google searchable reference.


It's pretty much always been a part of chan culture to hate other sites tbh. Also /r/Communalists is breddy gud

Do you mind if you can answer this question I asked just now.

There are a couple leftypol boards, but they're not super busy.

Upvotes and downvotes are inherently antiegalitarian and can only create echo chambers. Also it's modded by pic related.

But this user here

Said that one if those are joke subs so I figure the rest to be as well. I asked him if r/leftypol/ are pretenders or not.

Holy shit what the fuck did I just read.

Oh idk about those subs. I just know they exist. I pretty much exclusively post on /r/communalists and related subreddits

I see

1. they are nerds who hate nerds
2. Unpopular opinions get hidden
3. As a community it fails because no one gets to know each other, as an user board it fails because anyone can look at your post history
4. almost every leftreddit group censors like hell, is horribly slow, and has too many tankiemods
5. It's like the hostility and isolation of chans without the fun of shitposting or making unpopular opinions
6. It functions more like a data collection site than a place to have good interactions

When I post on Twitter or Reddit I feel like I'm dropping something in a bucket. Especially twitter.

When I post on Facebook or chans or forums, I feel like I'm part of a discussion

Stop with this cancerous mentality, why can't you retards learn from the mistakes of Holla Forumslacks?

there is a leftypol subreddit. No one uses it because reddit is trash.

This is a major understated problem with places like Reddit and Tumblr. Non stop attempts at marketing and "profile raising" PR pieces presented as posts by regular users. I saw a bunch of obviously fake blogs on my porn tumblr feed last week on "Heroes of Hollywood." People being presented as courageous souls against the Weinsteins. It was obvoius these were all PR pieces and I see shot like this near constantly on their because people reblog it along side hentai and zettai ryouki.

Another big flaw with reddit discourse is the users' obsession with "explaining the situation" one guy makes a big-ass block comment describing some event in the form of platitudes and everyone goes along with it because it's written in an authoritative tone.

This concept, and the pattern of downvotes in arguments– once one side starts to snowball into upvotes by advocating the most popular viewpoint or written in said authoritative tone, then the other side gets blindly downvoted, as if people scroll down a page of reddit comments going through the same dumb predictable motions.

This is like what Chapo calls the Sorkin effect and what most dumb liberal media thinks is the pinnacle of debate and righteousness, and from that what most on the street libs and upboaters think is intellectual excellence in action. Having the most "witty," domineering, pseudo-intellectual diatribe is what they live for and think of as heroic moments. Even if the upboats didn't exist this is what these morons would be striving for.

Just punch in some lame jokes, dated memes if it's reddit and or faux-folksiness if it's Tumblr "Y'alls and Y'aws" and write your by the numbers political opinion to appease the plebs.

This. The brief periods of semi-mainstream acknowledgement have only brought the board total faggots. I spotted four people who came here as a result of it, on other sites, becaue they were physically incapable of hiding their powerlevel. They'd argue about the board constantly and repost content from here elsewhere, usually to fight. The moment the memes dried up, most of them stopped being socialists. The worst of which has become an identity politics lolbert who dishonestly argues that all communism is ML-kill-gorillions and if we cut all labour laws the world will be a better place.

/r/leftypolitics is legit.

/r/leftypol was inexplicably banned and disappeared, then it somehow reappeared so it could be controlled opp now. Either way its dead.

Thanks for pinpointing what has been irking me about the reddit style of posting. Whenever I see a post written in that cocksure tone on tumblr or reddit I can't help to think of Hillary smiling smugly in a pant suit.

Internet communities are terrible. Reddit is no exception.



hatred name fagging is a spook, I've talked with people irl about this, and they all agree the chans are retarded about it

Cucks get the wall


oops, my shitposting flag

Reddit is crowd behavior at it's finest.

I disagree heavily, the one good thing about Torchan for a while in comparison to other chans was it's forced anonymity. In this environment everyone stayed on topic, drama and memery were kept to a minimum. User names are absolute cancer especially when a board is small the subject matter becomes all about board drama and not what the board was originally conceived for. I saw this happen a lot with /mu/ and /lit/ in their early stages, they were downright cancerous in their supposed "golden ages" and then they got good for about two years between proto-reddit namefag 4chan era and the pol-coup that took over the site.

Chans would also lose a lot of their unique flavor and style if people got/had to have official names, you might as well just be posting on a regular forum. You know the kind no one goes to anymore because they always became inclusive clubs that are hostile to newcomers and actually talking about their stated topics because the incestuous drama laden nature of those boards always lead to people feeling like they're above what the forum is actually about, less than two years into their existence.

In my ideal chan scenario people wouldn't be allowed to have names at all and we also wouldn't have official leaders/site owners/admins etc, the site would be run by algorithms we vote on and every piece of meta data and traceable contact gets deleted immediately as it's created. The less human ego there is in the machinery of a website like this the better even in the userbase. I think having a fixed identity also makes you less experimental in thought and more prone to keeping the same ideas due to social pressure and for feeling more emotionally attached to things you start to consider "you" even if they don't necessarily make much sense. I know that it is damn near sacrilege to ever compliment any aspect of these websites but being on sites like this made me more prone to argue ideas for the sake of it and try being other people to see what it's like to be like them and how other people react to you. I think this is an empathetic/positive side to chan culture that never really gets talked about but is something I think can only really exist where anonymity is more commonplace than fixed identities.

I don't think the more free speechy no leaders aspects of this fantasy are possible though, so I guess will have to deal with CIA niggers and pizza pockets for the foreseeable future.

I was replying to this:

I would argue on the nihilism thing that it's not really a "moral" to the show but rather just the characters saying what they think. Recent episodes have been self aware that rick is a dick for retarded reasons, but that's just rick's character. It's just redditors assuming that a main character automatically means its the moral anchor for the show. It's like saying Matt and Trey are neonazis because Cartman is a funny character. Sometimes a character is just a character and not any sort of statement about the world at large.

that shadowban thing was fake

Left Reddit is nothing but a huge, bickering high school clique of people trying to see who's the biggest bleeding heart. Led by shit mods with an iron grip who could unironically end up being COINTELPRO.

Lots of drama, little class politics.

The system of moderation is and always has been shit. It is great because it presents a veneer of democracy while allowing the mods to choose what you see. The best thing is you don't get to vote on the people that rule your conversation, as well as knowing who those people are.
This happens with every part of the political spectrum, like the Bernie mods shutting down their sub when he lost.

Reddit is a far right website, I don't see why you'd go there anyway.

The internet in general is shit, but Reddit in particular fosters an environment of opportunism as everything you comment gets voted on, and occasionally people will pay you for your comments, and it's those comments that everyone sees firsts

It sucks because it's full of spooked liberals, with all that that entails, such as astroturfing, bots, shills etc. and most importantly, even its format hinders dialectics.

There is still good leftist communities where OC memes are made and debates happen. Do you want me to make a list?

Sure I guess, tho like I said, the very format is bad for discussion. Tree-branching conversations were a mistake.