Vegans are Reactionary?


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wtf i hate veganism now

What's wrong with veganism?

you can do what vegans do, that is protect nature, animals, plants etc
avoid evolved plants
and still eat meat taken not from nature but say… from farms that only specifically are there for meat production

i know this is difficult but its possible


No, but Vice is.

It's a diet. Who cares.

Its not a diet tho, maybe vegetarianism is but veganism is more of a lifestyle. Let me explain, we vegans believe that unnecessary violence directed towards animals should be avoided. That being:
A person can have a healthy and wholesome live by no consuming animal products so we avoid them
None of this clothing accessories are essential to us.
Animals don't belong in this establishments.
That being said we are not against NECESSARY CONSUMPTION OF MEAT, that being if we are stranded on an wild island we will consume meat in order to survive.

Thanks bud, appreciate it.

Wtf is an evolved plant?
Plants dont feel pain thus they are not sentient beings. What fucking plants are you talking about?
Plants DO respond to environment but so does a calculator

It's not real. Vegans still eat crops that rely on pollinator species (animals) so there's no such thing as a real vegan in practice. It's a bunch of virtue signaling nonsense. There's certainly value in reducing your consumption of animal products but the vegan ideal is fantasy.

There's no reason for this. In human-constructed environments animals have a longer lifespan than out on the wild where they're more likely to die or get eaten. Couple this with the fact that animals don't have a sense of "space" like we humans do as long as everything they have for their needs like food and water is met and there's no problem. It really is just virtuefagging.

G.M.O. = genetically modified organism, plants that have undergone evolution via artificial means such as in labs and bioengineering. There's really no problem with it but veganfags like to whine because it's not "natural" with their appeal to nature fallacy bullshit. Besides, there are no "pure plants" left over anymore, all the plantsa you eat from now have been cross-pollinated and undergone evolution, crop-mixing is just a primitive way of doing this. Stop with the plant-supremacist genetics nonsense, they don't exist.


They are massive pussies, soyboy. Should be purged


You'd think they'd have bred a big muscular breed of dog for meat purposes


Most of the vegans where I live seem to be neoliberal or occupy types. This isn't too surprising though given that Hitler was pretty well known to be vegetarian.

Some people take it to mean not using animals in any way shape or form. I like the idea of reducing the amount of harm that comes to them and the planet as a result of having their shit going straight into waterways.

I love how they cite Anyone who has been there knows they are not normal nazis and probably share more in common with this board than with the alt-right.

Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose. Producing food in appropriately large quantities without the use of pollinators is not presently practicable, and besides it is not clear this would constitute exploitation or cruelty unless the pollinators, their labor, or the products of their labor which they ultimately use, are treated as commodities under our economic system, though presently bees and their labor are commodified and their products, beeswax and honey, expropriated. There are a considerable number of vegans who oppose the exploitation of bees in this sense and the cruelty effected in efforts to increase efficiency.

The history of ecological and animal rights concerns in the far-right is something that goes back all the way to nazi Germany. Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmeier wrote a good book about this.

Vice will literally try to undermine veganism any retarded way they can, they're literally attack dogs for Big Animal Agriculture™. I guarantee you there are far more vegan leftists than rightists. Meat is perceived as too "manly" and traditional for reactionaries, other than minute groups. Also there's the hard-on a lot of modern white nationalists have for milk because whites tend to be lactose-tolerant and non-whites not.

This is a good thread. Well done OP.

As a vegan i think the whole vegans going crazy about this non existent think called nature is bullshit and I agree, evolved plant's are literally the best thing that happened to agriculture ever.
And about the zoo, animals have a feeling for sense thats why the zoo's where animals act more like their brothers in the wild are those zoo's with more space for the animals.

It’s pure ideology based around moralist arguments, and “feels”. Reactionaries are bound to be drawn to it. That being said, I’ve known vegans that were lovely, and it’s probably a better diet than the standard American shit.

The problem has been identified. Everyone who is not a vegan will never take you and everything you associate seriously.

Tell me how is it OK to kill sentient beings unnecessarily please

Exactly, nazis love their milk

How many meanignless buzzwords can you fit in one post

All eating disorders is about control of the self.

Reminder that Veganism is the superior lifestyle

I've got IBS.

If someone cannot see the merit in at least one of these points they're a fucking mron who would never consider socialism anyway, or at least not be a merit to the cause.

So? veganism will most likely help your syndrome than hurt it. The only thing is that your bowels will be shit for the first few weeks of becoming a vegan since your body has to get used to this new diet so what I would recommend is changing gradually

Beans give me the shits though.

the alt right stereotypes leftists/antifa as vegans tho all the time lmao

I don’t think so chief

why draw the line at 'sentience'?
eating a plant is murder

You're a fucking moron.

you're just being sentience-centric, what if plants have a different kind of self-experience

Well they don't, what about doesn't have a brain or nervous system don't you get. And even if they did, since it takes more plants to feed animals and eat the animals than people eating the plants themselves, veganism would still make sense to you retarded plants rights activists.

Black beans have maybe 10 grams of protein per 4 ounces and that clocks in at about 150 calories. You'd need to take in more of calories to get the same amount of protein as ground beef which is among the fattier cuts of meat. Be a vegan if you want but don't spread bullshit.

how can you tell conclusively? are you saying that a brain or a nervous system as we know them to look like are the only theoretically possible ways of self-experience?
I'm an unapologetic anthropocentrist. Animals are given value by humans, their value is tied to the usefulness they have to humans, be it as food, a tool or recreation.

That's pretty much how it works according to the current scientific consensus, as far as I understand. Otherwise there is just unconscious reaction to stimuli.

But I guess who knows, but you can't really live according to "theoretically". "Theoretically" the universe could be a science project on an alien's desk.

This article discusses the exact issue with a few sources if you're actually that interested.
According to the guy who wrote this.

Most people eat too much protein anyway, beans are cheaper and healthier source of protein, I do realise that picture is bullshit now and I will delete from my disk. If you are farting a lot it probably means you are consuming too much protein.

The case for veganism is based on utilitarian ethics, and is therefore decidedly liberal.