"Muh Violent "Alt-left"


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Many sides, folks. Many sides.

trash your own city!
it works!



Makes you think, doesn't it?

i agree makes on think



Using muh in front of words isn't an argument

Also anti fa just give the left a bad name and make us look like domestic terrorists

When the competition is murdering their parents and shooting at random public transit we really can't compete for the domestic terrorist award

I actually found a few articles from the MSM on the shooting, but it's still shocking how little coverage this is getting. CNN has been talking about some stupid argument between Trump and a congresswoman all day. From what I've watched, they haven't mentioned the shooting once.

What where is this happening?

Some Holla Forums poster murdered their parents this week for being leftist and today 3 Holla Forums posters shot at a completely random bus after going to that shit in Florida.

Random violence from autists =\= organized anarchkiddie violence.

Because anti fa isn't doing anything to prevent this. They just smash things. It's childish

So smashing things is worse than murdering your parents and shooting at a bus

And there's nothing correlating to all of them being Holla Forums posters and saying they committed the acts of violence because of their ideas

Uh huh

smashing things does nothing to prevent murdering your parents and shooting at a bus. Also those were isolated incidents anti fa isn't.

The right goes full bore with the projecting.

You can be guaranteed that anything and everything they claim about the Left they are either already doing themselves or are planning on doing should the opportunity present itself.

They weren't isolated incidents one was after the Richard Spencer rally the other had direct motivation from time spent on Holla Forums

All this week


But.. What about da memes?!

I never knew he had it in him to try attempted murder like that

Absolute state


Cuz there is violence perpetrated by all ideologies but since they are part of your ideology you try to dismiss it by pointing out the outer group violence.

Pls stop being tribalIst

No way. Source?

Try here buddy.

Their gonna make some memes in his ass when he goes to prison.

Yes becouse being anti establishment is all neo libs want…
I still love The onion tho

Maybe in Greece. US antifa is safe venting for pseuds.

I haven't seen many leftists murder their fucking parents and shooting at random busses

Not a fan of the current lefty types that think being against violence (except in self defense) is "centrist" and "liberal".

Violence is akin to rape. its a violation of people's bodily autonomy and the casual way edgelords talk about it frightens me.

Especially anarchists whose dream society seems to be no rules set down, do you can basically use social hierarchies to abuse people's human rights if they fall foul of the mob.


There are literally millions of Americans who think it's okay to disrupt events because you disagree with them and tens of thousands willing to engage in violence/protest for the purpose of disruption/silencing. No one comes close to the violence of progressives, not fascists, not liberals, not communists, not libertarians, none.

Found the rational skeptic.

Is this the "New Centrism" now? Can't wait for all the hot takes.

Yes but statistically speaking right wing ideologies like Islamism or nationalism are by far the most prevalent terrorist threat in the world.

unlike liberal democracy, that just invades countries, kills millions, destabilises entire regions, carries out global assassination campaigns, and threatens nuclear annihilation. the real threat is carbombs and gangbangers

I what.

liberal deomcarcy is right wing as well. Especially the interventionist ones

There has never been a war of aggression of one liberal democracy against another. Please try getting some perspective instead of having a copy-pasted OMGLOOKATTHIS ideology.

my point is calling islamism and nationalism "by far the most prevalent terrorist threat in the world" is a bit much

I'm calling bullshit.

call whatever you want, it fucking happened


It happened this week

there's a thread about it already

Wasn't Phoenix the name of the CIA program in South Vietnam that killed tens of thousands of innocents?


The establishment backs the right, it's that simple.


Can we start memeing "the Violent Right" into existence? It has a nice ring to it and is way more accurate than any of the Aut Right's memes about the left.

How many of those oppressive dictators were right-wingers like the Saudi monarchy and Suharto and Franco and Pinochet and various Latin American juntas?

What the actual fuck? Literally how possible do they think this book is? Was it made under Obama "the socialist" or some dumb shit, or was it a Trump cash-in to get money from retards

all rape is violence
not all violence is rape
me sending you to the gulag =! me raping you

anyway, what bothers me is that some faggot lurking here may one day decide to shoot some meeting of small business owners because of all the gulag and wall memes

we need to shill RAF failure more, we need to remind that it was SR terrorist who shot Lenin, we need to remind that Azef was a double agent, we need to remind that sperg out individual terrorism leads to absolutely nothing

only one time I can remember when individual terrorism was justified is when Stolypin was shot, just because he was such a piece of shit that even moderates wanted to see him dead
google Stolypin necktie

Read the milkman you dud, there's literally nothing wrong with raping or otherwise violating some supposed "bodily autonomy" supposing the ego desires such a thing or such a thing your ego desires requires such violation
If some retard is standing in my way and will not move, I won't hesitate to use force as necessary

When you're using a 19th century book to justify raping someone you know you went wrong down the line somewhere

t. turbocuck unironically letting the aged concept of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧morality🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 run his life

I enjoy having manners, not raping people, not going to prison, not being hated by my entire family and all my friends, and being courteous to strangers I meet. In fact, I would say it's in my self interest to do so. :v)

All of these concepts dissolve upon contact with my grey matter, the destructive something. There is only me, my will and my property. Outside of that only exorcised, lone and level sands of nothing.

it is my property user, I will take care of it since it's mine

Going to prison doesn't exist now

Because you're a retard. But maybe being a retard is a spook too.

Projection, OP

Won't somebody think of the poor trash cans?

it's not very wise though, since such "autonomous body" tends to bite back or call police. if you're not applying reason for self-preservation you're unwashed pseud, at worst an animal - two steps below egoism, following flesh wants is below spookery.

Kek, the fucking nerve of these people


We deserve fascism at this point

The last two times Richard Spencer got shut down his fanboys tried to kill people. Fascists are insanely violent for all the wrong reasons.