Cultural Marxist = Jacobin

Are accusations of "Cultural Marxism" today basically what accusations of being "Jacobin" were in the 19th Century?

Reading literature from the period, it feels like the conservatives of the time thought anyone that objected to slavery or imperialism was accused of being a traitorous degenerate that wanted to overthrow the government and destroy civilization. Lincoln was repeteadly accused of being a Jacobin.

It's more analogous to the accusations of cultural bolshevism that appeared in post-WW1 Germany tbh

Imagine if Lincoln was just a bit less merciful and just guillotined the fuck out of all of the Southern leadership.

Can you recommend some literature from the 18th century to Lincoln's time that feature's accusations like this. I love first hand documentation of the popular perspectives of people in the past.

The world would have been a better place, honestly.

If all the slave owners were executed and had their property repatriated and given to former slaves (with training) blacks would be in a much much better position in modern America.

Uncle Billy woulda done it to em

God bless you, William Tecumseh Sherman

But the amount of slaves was actually very small.
Also why not just send them back?

using identity politics to divide people = cultural marxism
thats what i am getting

boner achieved

To understand why that's a retarded idea, please see: Liberia

So the alt right

horseshoe theory was right after all

Why are your turning a blind eye of the atrocities commited by the northern army after the war was ended? That's exactly what created the myth of the south and the fetishism for thr civil war. They're whole culture and identity is: rebelling agaisnt the north, losing, the north burning their towns, raped southern females and kept it poor even until the 20th century.
You folks deserve the south to revolt again and start a new civil war desu.


the worst atrocity the north committed was letting any slave owners live.

Liberia is also a good argument for why they shouldn't be in this country deciding policy

Damn son. Slavery wasn't the worst thing that happened in history ever. What the fuck

So everybody that fought in the confederate side was a slave owner? Or were the majority just simple, honest and hardworking people who were fighting against the central government meddling in the affairs of the southern states?


Many poor southern whites had little connection to or love for the confederacy or its plantation elite, given that the war was primarily fought to protect their business interests. This probably contributed to the south's higher rate of desertion

But honestly yes, when it comes to the leaders and large plantation owners it was a mistake to not hang them. Given that many organized terrorist groups to restore white supremacy in the south and end reconstruction the south would be better off if they were made examples of and their land confiscated and redistributed

Absolutely psychopathic and proto-facist.