Yfw there's JSU propaganda from the Spanish Civil war of communists killing a Nazi frog

Explain this shit

Only one way to find out…

Huh that's bizzare because I was recently reading For Whom the Bell Tolls and there was a fascist in the book named Don Pepe out of all things…..

What if we are all soldiers died in the Spanish Civil War and now we are now in hell for all the bad things we did to repeat our fates over and over again?

There's also the "Baron Trump" shit, if you want more kicks.


hell is other tendencies


Unironcially a coincidence. Pepe isn't right-wing, which means you fell for Holla Forums memes.


It's basically an old book that has extremely bizarre coincidences that are extremely similar to US poltics

What's it called?

"Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey."

time is a flat circle

Also "the last president" from the same author.

Holy shit this is for torching all those nuns

Deep, man!

Have we always fought meme magic?

Holla Forums confirmed for historically wanting to hide and destroy all magical knowledge

Love that movie.

Does that mean we are Mage-Hunters?

Well, that's it. I'm leaving, i will not support the destruction of esoteric knowledge. Goodbye.

We shall harness the powers of dialectical materialism to destroy meme magic.

Your time will come, Magician.

All i ever wanted was to get rid of capitalism so religious people would be free to pursue their own interests without the need to slave away for the bourgeoisie constantly! This is what i get for believing in magic ;-;

So this is ml anti-trot propaganda branding them fascists?
did the trots have pepe on their side?

Magicians are crypto-kulaks anyways