Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists

By Andre Damon
20 October 2017


Speaking of blacklisting, why didn't anyone speak for Stormfront taken down, aside from the righty circle?

The alt-right sees Stormfront as 80% FBI and 20% larping trailer trash. They put out a few token protests but in private chats I was snooping in no one really showed them any sympathy.

It was talked about here, including the necessity of mirroring and otherwise saving leftist online material for when that eventually starts happening to us.

>why didn't anyone speak for Stormfront taken down
You mean why didn't anyone speak up for them? Because nothing of any value was lost. Fuck 'em.

Boy, who would’ve guessed?

>>>Holla Forums

Wait, I thought the big corporations we want to abolish were on our side!

A don't think goyish companies are particularly better in that regard.

Based corporations. I hope they shut down all far-left and far-right sites. I hope the government joins in too. Death to all radicals! Hail the status quo!

Macron shitposts on Holla Forums?


I like watching extremists throw themselves futilely against the barricades of neoliberalism.


Neolib Gang too smart.

Uphold Merkelist-Marconism! Smash populism!



So be it. When the revolution gets near, the police will be arresting anyone who advocates communism anyway. Might as well start building our underground media organizations right now.

Look how big Holla Forums got in spite of being completely wiped off of google search results. You don't need google, facebook, or any other porky website to agitate.

It hasn't been right-wingers that are organizing protests that 'turn violent inexplicably' over the past two years, it's been almost exclusively left-wingers. The crackdown does not surprise me.


Friendly reminder that they attacked his car first. Friendly reminder that they were protesting in an unsanctioned, unprotected zone (as you are supposed to petition to the local government to use the public space. It's why they block off roads during pride parades and marathons, it's for people's safety, and is always decided several months in advance). Friendly reminder that this tragedy was entirely preventable if not for the hubris of the victims.

Authoritarian bullshit that defeats the purpose, it's a law that should be violated whenever possible.

And the whole "they attacked his car first" schtick is a meme. Even if it were true it doesn't justify murder.

Silly anarkiddie, the only way a patriot may protest is to stand in his living room alone, say exactly one slogan, and then dial 911 to thank the police

When is this slut actually gonna get naked?

These are both lies

Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools

This is a lie. There's actual video out that shows what happened, this post-truth shit doesn't work here.

Also a lie.

Even if this was the case, that doesn't justify running your car into a crowd of protesters.

Friendly reminder that Holla Forumsyps are abhorrent pieces of shit.

I want to fuck that woman

What a Fash shithole…

kinda frustrating though that a search for leftypol brings up another "Holla Forums" with leftypol, thatis pretty dead. I imagine many people just give up. How do we fix that?

Make relationships with posters on other forums and platforms, and if you think they'd fit in invite them personally

Nah, it's perfect for keeping retarded 4chan newfags away. It has given us many lols.

Is there anyplace where you don't need one?

He's just a mad rulecuck that is annoyed that the bizarro American left has enough manpower to be able to ignore permits.

Killing all radicals is itself a radical position and a departure from the status quo, brainlet. Radical centrists have no self-awareness it seems.

Every time we do violence it's really a conspiracy because the leftards make us do it.

That's how you get shot 16 times in the back of the head for resisting arrest.