Why was sub-saharan africa incapable of creating any civilization or culture of great value?

Why was sub-saharan africa incapable of creating any civilization or culture of great value?

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Because unlike Europe or China, there was much more food to obtain through hunting and foraging, delaying the need to progress into sedentary agricultural societies and develop more complex infraestructure.

Necessity is the mother of history.


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the phrase is usually "necessity is the mother of invention" I think, and it fits in this context as well, any particular reason you changed it?

PS: The only structures in pic related that ain't in Sub-Saharan Africa are The Sphinx and that dome-looking thing with columns. Everything else's in Black Africa, even the other pyramids.

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Why wasn't Europe?

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Oh, you mean that retarded sand castle that had to be put two times in the picture because you had no other examples? Impressive

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Abu Simbel is in Egypt

Asians and the europeans are the master race.

There are fucking mudhut in that pics.


Confused the Djenne structure for the Djinguereber. They're both different, but look the same. My bad.

the same reason turks tartars cossacks huns and mongols didn't either, because much of ssa is broad and flat and conducive to nomadic herding societies rather than stationary ones

and when you carry your whole society on your back or ox or horse or whatever you don't need things like writing or shit like that, because all your society's necessary information is passed down orally, for example. the mongols similarly didn't have a written language even after hundreds of years of contact with the chinese, because what use did they have for it before having to run and manage a transcontinental empire?

but it's not like op ever invented anything worth a damn so i don't know where he gets off criticizing these people he knows nothing about while taking credit for the work of other people that he had nothing to do with

i don't see them but even if they are a building's value is in its ability to withstand the elements its exposed to. a yurt is just a lattice with a bunch of oiled skins wrapped around it, but it has enabled people to survive in the harsh asian steppes for thousands of years

and i doubt you could make either

The turks did build great mosques, and the tartars did domesticate the horses, something the africans never did.


There ain't, the closest to that in pic related is
townships made outta sandstone. Besides, mud's a lot sturdier than the literal haystacks Celts, Germanics and Slavs lived in.


That is literal Sandcastle tier.

Try the pre-BC.


before or after they started to settle in anatolia
the africans domesticated cattle so domestication doesn't count as civilization or culture of great value sorry
just out of curiosity what have you done to propel civilization forward

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Except the celt and germanic have known to build wooden fort since Caesar time.

They might live in haystacks or wooden houses, but they have had great cities and villages compared to the mudhuts the africans live in.


Why does it matter? The african never build great shit period.
Horse is more than cattle, it also serves as mount for the military caste, and cavalry plays a part in every big great civilization.
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