How do we make Amerivan Leftism less pathetic?

And why is anti idpol the only solution?

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By stopping sectarian infighting among socialists and communists and converting Holla Forums types to communism by showing them that capitalism creates most of their problems, therefore creating a more cohesive revolutionary community and platform that does not fight among itself whilst the bourgeoisie prepare for the eventual revolution, speeding up the process so that capitalism can be gotten rid of while the world still stands a chance.

make them read Bordiga, not even joking

look at pastel bloc here. it's supposed to be a disguise, not a costume. the point of wearing all black is that you're in a sea of hundreds of people wearing all black, so they can't identify you by clothing as well as face. wearing different wildly different colored outfits doesn't accomplish a thing.

They aren't planning to get into anything.
They're LARPing as LARPers.

Left Unity is a meme. We're never going to reconcile our differences. The only way forth is Left Co-operation.

kek…americans never cease to amaze me fucking hell.
Ever since i watched that South Park making fun of a relity tv show with a fat child…and then i discovered that was actually true, but still everytime i'm more amazed with the lifestyle of american specimen.

My gott, that's disgusting. if you're so useless then just become a suicide bomber, what this is is just embarrassing.

u dont have to be anti-idpol, just sideline it to actual politics.

Look at Gloria La Riva, she got more votes than any other socialist candidate in 35 years.

also force every left-wing to read Moishe Postone

You don't understand idpol. Its entire basis is self-righteous moralfaggotry. If you were to deviate from it, you'd be called a racist class reductionist or a progressivist cuck.

Just look at Occupy

you aren't going to build a party without making moral appeals

Get the workers on your side! Stop only appealing to collage kids and start organising in both our everyday communities and workplaces!

Thats why we make the right ones.

Stop being a fucking worm.

Americans are just pathetic specimens in general. Their brains cannot function along economic terms and have to think along the lines of identity.

You stop caring about some shitty "leftist" cause and start caring about a wage-labouring cause. Also keeping idealists like at bay would help.


Stop giving it a name that implies its one of two sides

Leftcom if you think organization is useless and there's nothing we can do, why even bother? Your spontaneous revolution will happen anyway, so in the mean time fuck off and tape your trap.


American democrats are faggots yo pass me a colt 40 my negro

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Don't allow me to make y'all appear as degenerates, I am simply adding fun to your fun


As always brainlets assuming things will stay brainlets. My point is that putting the importance on the sphere of thought("ideological unity", "converting the people of such and such ideology") betrays a very shitty way of thinking in which communism is reduced to an ideology on the political spectrum rather than the demands of the wage-labourers taken to their conclusion.
At no point I said anything against the organization, I'm no insurrectionary anarchist.


At this point Cappies are going to turn the proles into meat drones before your spontaneous revolution happens.

At what point?
Sorry, I'm not too much into spontaneism.

We know

think of your actions in terms of hundreds of years and your movements passed from one generation to the next?

Texas Red Guard.

What the fuck is with people and ineffective shields and them using them without any formations involved?
It's almost as if they are role playing or something…

Also this

This is the worst thing I've ever read. Maybe don't mask up and carry fucking shields if you don't wanna get arrested smdh

If I saw a pastel block hambone running from the cops I'd trip them.

ban punks, LARPers, red liberals, people with blue hair, "vegan queer anarchists" and such from your groups

You're all complaining about LARPers yet that's all you do all day on this very board.
You might have a point, but it's a bit hypocritical coming from anyone here, don't you think?
I mean i don't think rainbow haired fags marching around in pink tutus are especially effective, but they're one step above sucking each other off over the internet behind the safety of your computer screen.

At least they're out there trying to do something, in their own misguided, uninformed way.
I'd even argue that they're better clay to repurpose for proper, armed revolutionary groups compared to some meek, coward nerd posting here that will never get out of their room even, at least they have some familiarity with the idea of getting out there and working with other human beings.

But what do i know, i'm sure you'll just call me a fag and continue the circlejerk.

Armchair discussion is the opposite of LARP.

but they don't do anything…their taxes dollars pay for the destruction of middle eastern countries and the death of many people and what they care about is
They are useless, completely useless. They don't care about anything. they just care about themselves, they don't care that their elected leaders and taxes money are killing people.

The only way forward, at least in America, is the promotion of local and regional party organizations that provide community, self-governance, and access to the basic needs of housing, food, water, and utilities. A coherent future left needs to build regional economic resiliency in the face of impending crises and collapse of global capitalism. The left needs to build solidarity and class consciousness based on regional and local cooperation in the absence of a large, national industrial proletariat. The left needs to first and foremost meet the material needs of the people, and split them away from a bourgeois state that increasingly sees them as useless.

Protesting is completely useless and national political movements are a one way ticket to succdem reformism. Bourgeois political processes should be engaged only as a means to weaken the power of capital and the state, such as disarming and defunding police departments, or granting more political autonomy to localities instead of states.

anti-fa always have been a almost paramilitary organization in Europe, they basically exist since WW2.
facism isn't something to fuck around here, they take that shit seriously.

American antifa come strait from SJW and the feel police.
they're barely a decade old.

Antifa in europe is a relic of the weimar era. They are footsoldiers for the statuosquo and yeah they fight fascism, but they also fight communism

Respect other comrades and don't make a big deal out of it. POC and LGBTQ+ people are valuable allies only as long as they are accepted in a natural, istinctive manner. As soon as you have to do tone policing the game breaks.
Given these premises, unity should be achieved through humour, edgy or not.

Basically, dismiss campus leftism as the main, universal American leftist narrative, but still include their proponents. If they're too pathetic, tell them to shut the fuck up, at least online.

Unironically kill every liberal, redlibera, SJW and dege.nerate

[citation needed]

Your post sounds as crazy as the ones of people you are accusing.
That said, I'm European, and your shitty campus culture does not exist here, so maybe I'm not the best person to talk about it. Specifically, trans people are non-existant here, yet gay people are fully accepted. Also POC are accepted as long as they behave as human beings.

Trans people tho, I genuinely can't see how will they get accepted here in Italy. That's a far too extreme level for civil society to accept it.

Pic related you fucking idiot

True. i'm european too. The greentext was written by orwell
Ehilà compagno

Still need a citation on that you fucking idiot

Why would they be accepeted fellow southern european?
Trans people are victims of capitalism, mney grabbing plastic surgeons and porky psychologists.
It's not normal how all of asudden lots of people want to change sex…it's narcisism, it's alienation. They actually believe changing genitals will solve their problems…and then they find out it doesn't and they commit suicid.
Those people need help, real help, not fucking pat on a back and saying they're a man/woman now. I don't mind seeing men using makeup and wearing pink skirts, but cuting your dick and transforming it into a cunt doesn't make you into a woman. It just doesn't.

Bruh Antifa was started in the 30s by a coalition between the SPD and the KPD.

Google "Iron Front".

Is there an American one I don't know about?

They haven't really existed since the 30's. I'd also say that the other user was a little imprecise when he labeled them anti-communist. They opposed the Soviets not necessarily communism as an ideology.

This is true. They were anti bolshevic.


The best way to sell socialism to americans is anarcho-socialism. They love their freedoms and use it for nationalist propaganda. Why not use it for leftist propaganda?

Forming red guards is the first step to revolution. Its how my country ended up in civil war (that we lost).

You guys realise the arrows originally come from the French Section of the Second Internationale [SFIO], right?

You would have almost no Communists left.

Yeah honestly if I am at a riot and I see someone with those fucking arrows I might accidentally push them into a police barricade. Anti-communist socdems are what gave us Nazis last time. Fuck them.

Only really the dgenerates can be communists in that list anyway. LARPers be gone!

About time.

The Left is so dead, the only logical option we have is to start over.

Maybe because we used to send these people to mental asylums, and now this practice is illegal? I mean, have you thought about it for more than 5 seconds?

Most suicides are due to abusive families/workplaces/etc. If I remember correctly, when the family is supportive, only 4% of trans people commit suicide after transition. This is still a lot, but it's FAR better than the 50% stats everyone always mention. At a rate of 4% transitioning becomes a legitimate medical tool.

It literally does, you just don't want to accept it due to bigotry.

Pic related.

Who gives a fuck.

People can do whatever they want to themselves. Capitalism only makes this an issue in order to make people like you bicker and bitch endlessly.

I was responding to a post, it's not like I came out with this shit out of nothing. What's wrong with debunking lies?


No, trans rights activists disagree. The surgery may help many trans folk better express their gender, but it isn't necessary to turn them into a man or woman. They're already the gender they say they are even if they never have surgery.

Texas Red Guard is an absolute joke of an organization. They denounce every socialist country, including Cuba and DPRK, as not real socialism, and they are 100% likely to be infiltrated by cops.

It's not up to you to decide that. Datas tells us that when trans people can transition in a supportive environment their life improves drastically, and their chances of committing suicide drops from 53% to 4%.
If they want to cut their dick, let them do it, because it will save their life and mental health. If they're fine with their original genitalia, good for them, it's not like there's someone out there forcing them to alter it surgically.

It's a personal, legitimate choice, yet somehow you're dismissing one of them for no reason whatsoever.

Cuba and the DPRK are not socialist. Well, an argument can be made for Cuba since their government was still leftist in spirit, but claiming that NK is socialist, or even leftist, is absolutely retarded.

You're totally our comrade Porky

Not an argument


make them listen to working class oldschool ebm:

love music, hate fascism

Arm them.

Because no one likes idpol. Not liberals. Not libertarians. Not socialists. Not conservatives. No-one.