Is deleonism the final red pill?

is deleonism the final red pill?

why or why not?

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daniel de leon was good though

holy shit pseudo leftcoms need to die.

Google Bookchin

shut up, opportunist

seriously though the only english speaking leftcoms on the internet over half a decade ago had a fascination with de leon and the slp

Bump because I wanna know too

No, syndicalism is outdated since most unions are for maintaining the status quo.

That's a problem with the culture of unions more than anything else.

Porkie unions would be overthrown in a revolution.
Plus, by your logic, socialism is outdated because most leftists are socdem idpol shitters.

This. Look no further than “Union Thugs” on Facebook. It’s a very liberal page that supports Obama.

What did he mean by this?

I hate Cyrillic stylized English

Don’t get me wrong. There are good unions but many unions especially in the west are tied to the state. If not then, are liberal.

Who here has taken the Debspill?

The final redpill is that there's no final redpill.
You're welcome.

Deleonism is the leftist ideology that always made the most sense to me, too bad it's pretty much dead nowadays.

And one not likely to change.

But in the short-term organizing within unions is an ineffienct tactic at best.
What? Recognising that syndicalism isn't a good tactic anymore isn't the same thing fam as disregarding socialism because cointelpro. I'd change my mind if I saw revolutionary unions, but even the IWW isn't revolutionary any more.

So make one, you fucking retard. Either create a new union from scratch with your co-workers or roll hard with entryism to convert the business unions.

They're democratic institutions, go get your fucking democracy on.

Fuck the fuck off back to halfchan

Elaborate please.


I can't really find a flaw in his ideas.
We would need to drastically restructure unions, though.

And what needs to be changed? I'm not being confrontational here, I legitimately want to know.

This makes sense, I don't see why Council Communism wouldn't mesh well with DeLeon's Marxist Syndicalism.

I've tried, it didn't work. In addition I live in a right to work state so organizing a union would be even more difficult and isn't as easy as starting a party or coop. Much as I like the aesthetics I doubt AnSyn will come back, let alone DeLeonism.

Is Deleonism leftcom?


It's state-syndicalism