Florida shooting

And i predicted it

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Antifa is dangerous tho!

the guy on the right is having stalingrad flashbacks



Also why my dude has ice blonde eyebrows that's fucked

also this is dank but i reckon its a little danker if you change the "war, fear, hatred" to "blood and soil"

How about 'blood and soiled himself'



never gets old

do you have the source for the full vid of this?


closest i got sorry

The republican and the democrat parties are far worst than nazis and still more than 120 million americans trust them and voted for each of it's candidates.
Seriously…radical centrists are far more dangerous than nazis. They are dissimulated cunts, nazis are always honest about their intentions

Jesus hoochie, shut the fuck up.

So much for the non-violent right


This is now a Nazi Bullying thread


Kek, turns out one of those guys is the WHAT ABOUT THE MEMES faggot who got in a fight with oathkeepers



mein gott…

they're falling apart before our eyes



Just search for "William Fears". It's the same guy.

Her is the fixed first link, he mentions his the memes vs oath keepers in it youtube.com/watch?v=sQvems_m7wQ&t=124s

Are the Oathkeepers based? I mean i have never heard of them until i saw that video.

Holy shit, what a fucking loser. His meme sucked. The meme we got out of him were dank tho

50% freikorps 50% country club for petition bourgeois boomers

Complete faggots. It's a veteran group with hyper nationalism as it's purpose.

*petit bourgeois
fucking autocorrect

I'm pretty sure Holla Forums is mentioned in that video as well.

Here's report from Police



Pathetic Holla Forumsyps couldn't even shoot right.

Not really, anyways they are definitely better than Neo-Nazis, but they are basically a lolbert Militia that is just willing to overthrow the Government tbh.

Wait. What if liberals will use this as an excuse for "muh banning guns"?

Maybe it's because I've never touched a gun in my life but surely it can't be that hard to kill someone with one really? Is it harder than it looks or are nazis as incompetant with that as they are with everything else?

Mosh pits kicking off right there.

Oh please yes, would be god tier.

Ignore them, gun control is dead in the water

Holy. Fuck.

They've tried and failed plenty of times when shootings have happened. This, will not be any different.

Yes it is. Ive shot guns many times. Amount of soda cans ive successfully hit: zero

If you're dealing with a single target that's moving and firing back it's much much more difficult than it seems. But if you're attacking a tight crowd or an unmoving target it's really not difficult at all.

Depends on the situation but it's harder than it looks on tv.

they are like 2008 style lolberts which is better than the current right


Alright fair enough, figured that might be the case. Still not gonna stop me making fun of them though.

Guys you're burying the lede here: these three failsons are all in their late 20s minimum
Imagining getting so fucking triggered over memes at age 30 that you try to kill someone. That's the type of losers making up the cadres of the aut-right

I remember after that oath keeper video Holla Forums got bootyblasted for several days and made a bunch of shitty memes about the "oath cucks"

And the shouting guy isn't even intimidating! Hes so lanky its goofy as fuck. Nazis are such Cowards

What this guy said. They're primarily small-government Libertarian Constitutionalists who really want to overthrow the government. They're the type of Libertarian that hates Fascists as much or more than Commies.

Literally the only situation where gun control will be even remotely possible in the US is if Breitbart sees any leftist group acquiring firearms and displaying them in public

I guarantee they'd agree with a fascist point for point if he wasn't LARPing as a Nazi. These people don't have strong political principles outside of muh god, muh guns, and muh country.

Death count?


He can't keep getting away with it.

They were able to kill no one.

Your ancestors are asshole that created the american problem. it's their fault in the first place. Nothing to be proud of

I'm the sub-2000 user, I've been able to hit the middle of a target at a range of 30m, I can tell you no, it's not that hard to kill someone with a gun. And I don't even visit the range on the regular and have no formal military training. Now, granted, I was using a .40 rifle, whereas one of these idiots fired a handgun which is less accurate out of a vehicle and at unknown distance, yet still. The right can't meme OR shoot!
That's always exciting. Pics related for Anons less versed in law enforcement who want to understand this.

Those types of Libertarians aren't racists (they might be racialists but they don't have anything against minorities that act how they think people should act) or nationalists, and they especially hate authoritarianism. Their patriotism is mostly ideological, in that they think America is good because of its principles and freedoms, not because of muh blood and soil.

No shit you did. That's not far at all with a rifle.

Actually it's quite hard to get people to shoot to kill. In the heat of battle most people will instinctively aim their weapons away from a killing shot unless they're psychopaths. This is something most armies realized was a problem for centuries but it wasn't until after WWII that the US army started doing something about it.

This a really good book that everyone should read. It's written by an ex-cop and FBI agent and goes into how the system actually works and how cops think, while teaching you the best methods to use when dealing with cops. It's also pretty funny.

Seems like an interesting book and also not a fun thing to be the subject of. Also don't think that part about not speaking english well is gonna be useful unless the book has translated versions.

Interesting, never really thought about it that way but I suppose it makes sense.

so this is what cancer truly is

Not really much of a difference.
Fuck yeah they are. These people are true believers. They're completely indoctrinated into American mythology. >the flag and constitution are holy relics >the Founders were omniscient deities
They're fascists in incubation.
It's all rhetoric my dude.

One thing I don't think I've ever seen an explanation for or seen mentions is why the libertarian/ancap "small government" groups are not only excessively patrotic but often heavily anti-immigration aswell. Does protectionism/immigration not come under big government?

They think racists exist and there's differences between them, but they don't hate black people or Jews as a rule.
Because of ideological reasons, like I said. America isn't great because it's their country America is great because of its principles and history of freedom. They care about America because of those principles.
They hate the government precisely because it's authoritarian. They just want to live in peace and not pay taxes. They don't want a Nazi masturbation fantasy or people to worship the fuhrer.

I'm talking from personal experience because I know people like that.

Fucking amateurs.


This history of freedom never actually existed, though, so it's hard for me to believe they arrived at their position through principle alone. Their love of this fabricated America actually comes from years of being inundated with nationalist propaganda. They're enamored with a myth.
No. Armed overthrow of the government is which is exactly what they want to do.
Obviously. We don't live in Germany in the 20's. Fascism has taken on unique characteristics of it's host nation wherever it's cropped up. American fascism will look completely different in rhetoric and aesthetic.

Hello, where is the piss?

In the bloody negro's pants

Up his urethra and were it belongs?

on the ground mixed with blood

I love seeing american beating the shit out of each other. They may have a state, but they will never be a nation ever. Even if all the blacks were banned from USA, i bet we would start seeing irish and italians beating each other as well as germans and british kek.
Their love for muh heritage will be always bigger than their love for the "nation".

get a better gun, scrub. AR-15 kits are $300 now.

I mean if this is meant to be a counterpoint I wouldn't really say it works. The "aryan" in the original looks like he pissed his pants when confronted with a tall unarmed black dude. This black dude in your pic, while we cannot see his pant region, looks pretty respectable even with a massive gash in his head after being attacked by multiple people with sticks of some sort.

He attacked an old man and then had a near death experience in a parking garage.

of course he did

Source? And also just some random old dude or what?

why the hell do you need an excuse to kill a nigger, you fucking cuck? If I saw him, I'd beat the shit out of him no matter if he was coming back from church.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

sure ya would pal

nobody doubted your ability to lynch them when it's 10v1 like in that pic

Why the hell do you need an excuse to kill a Nazi?


Another one

It's called freedom of speech, you dumb commie. stop being intolerant. You live in America, get over it.

Sucker punching is more pussy than attacking a guy who's ready for a fight, even if you have numbers.

So we should have freedom of speech, but people should killed based on their skin color? That sure makes a lot of since….


Never said a white guy couldn't beat a black guy in general, Nazis are just pussies.

If you're expecting a fight you have a better chance in a 3v1 than if one guy punches you out of nowhere. Oh, and the nog who got humiliated had a weapon.

read gorilla mindset, you cuck.

Don't need to, got lead poisoning off Alex Jones. FAGGOT

You are false flagging now

Another video of him with a weapon attacking an old man. He was pussy Bolshevik who should have his children murdered if he has any.

Fuck off false flagger


No you don't a sucker punch can drop someone sure but it isn't guaranteed and as long as you aren't an autist you can very easily tell when someone's ready for a fight and is gonna throw a punch. A 3 v 1 is going to be a loss, period. Unless you are a master at some form of good martial art and your opponents have no fucking clue what they're doing.
Are you actually retarded?

Happening threads always start off pretty comfy and just get worse and worse.

Watch you low functioning autist. He hit a guy with a maglight

Oh this will make an interesting for normies… Yeah it will definitely not backfire and make people hate you….

How? Getting rid of the problem before it becomes one is logical.

because the far right has humiliated itself yet again so Holla Forums comes to derail and shitpost yet again.

Next time lead with the relevant video dumbass



Probably because you know killing children, even if their parents are bastards, is not exactly looked upon as good in society. In fact, child killing is pretty close to pedophilia when it comes to extremely off limit behaviors, which society fucking hates. So go ahead say keep saying that someone should kill the guy's kids that will make you look extremely well in the eyes of the public.

Fuck off, you know damn well him and the rest of his lot would do the same to us.



All I see is a black man being violently mobbed and assaulted by a gang white men employing exactly the same kind of thuggish behaviour they constantly use to demonise black communities


I see an outnumbered man being advanced upon by an aggressive, threatening individual holding a foreign, easily weaponizable object. He obviously had clear reason to fear for his safety and acted to defend himself.

You are the nigger.


Central Committee of Memetics here. Approved.


let me guess: we're the REAL nazis

No, they grabbed his flag and pulled him in so they could hit him. He could have been necklaced if the other marchers didn't step in


Even if that was true normal fags still will not support you wanting to kill someone's kids. Again, killing kids is a taboo in society and the normal fags will see you on the same level as a pedophile. So go ahead keep talking behind your computer, but you know that you're too pussy to say such words in real life. You know that most the normies may want to harm you if they actually knew what you think… I don't know there's only one way to find out…


The worst part is he's be a fine piece of boipussi if it weren't for his terrible ideology

A good bit a normies would storm a maternity ward with guns and machetes if they heard about what these people want to do to their kids.


Shit praxis

Was that story on video or just a discord call I can't remember. If it was a video can someone link it?

lmao the cracked off thumb is a nice touch

is that you, Papi Jeremy?

Again, approach a man in a threatening manner while holding a foreign object, act hostile, and see how many people won't act in self-defence. How does it feel that this meme you're trying to force isn't getting any traction outside of your twitter echo chambers?


Starts at around an hour and 10 minutes

You're right
I hope to radicalize that poor boy with my dick

lel who drew that trash?

Why faggots are so overrapresented on the internet? Damn it's always full of faggots everywhere.

Fucking when? Are you just making shit up to fit your marxist views or are you retarded?

Oh so sure himself… how sad.

He resorts to pointing to the tragic death
of others to deny that people would not find him favorable.

Too bad that he actually can't get what normies think of a child's death.

No matter if a child is black or white they will never accept their demise as right.

Otherwise, the Tsar's apologists wouldn't cast the Bolsheviks in a negative light.

A negative light cast from the blood of the inheritors of the crown.

It's almost as if he's the one out of touch with the crowd around.

Yes, the same crowd who are still shook by kids like Emmett Till.

Once, the people know how his kind think they will be reviled and disgusted with all of his kind, and his kind as well as their thoughts will be eternally covered with dirt within the ground.

Does your asshole betray or what, cuck? Why did you come here.

they're not very concealable. you expect me to walk around in public with a rifle strapped to my back?


hoo boi. how have I never seen this video before? top kek.

the absolute state of the right

I'm always here, It's just little bit strange to see the chans always full of gay people

I'm not a marxist I'm a cultural marxist from the Frankfurt School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

I'm building a new economy based on (You)s and am seizing your capital bitchboi

Does it make you uncomfortable
Or are you jut jealous you don't get the succ

It makes me a bit uncomfortable.


dis nigga cant handle the DIALECTICS OF TRAPBOIS

that I don't get the succ

Why lol. Anyway half of us are bi, we just can't put up with roasties.

This, what America really needs is a resurgence in Black Militancy, the FBI is already trying cointelpro again even though they're not a threat so they might as well just arm themselves and put up posters that say Fred Hampton did nothing wrong.

We need anti idpol Class militancy. The political ideology of today would not allow people to do shit like the Rainbow coalition or BPP without faggots crying about intersectionality or segregationism.

Getting shot like a bitch?

Yeah they're stupid and buffoonish but they still need to be squashed, could you imagine if Mussolini style fascists actually took over the state apparatus of the world's only superpower? Civilization would end

So much for the "these faggots kill fascists" well armed left.

Why do you want to murder white people Holla Forums

Unions aren't going to be radical again dude

nigga the shooter =missed= the protester


They didn't hit anybody

They don't have to be Unions or Communist Parties. I'm talking about organizations that foment class consciousness with the same theory but without the verbosity and baggage from the previous centuries.

Idiot. We are against liberals. Second uga bunga come here because of capitalism.

It's funny because Holla Forums's buzzwords do fit well into the vernacular of a Jimmy Neutron episode

Gee, I wonder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧where🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 their ancestors are from


I doubt they even know

I understand, it's just that the aesthetic of fascism gets its power by massively bluffing about its actual sophistication and strength. Hence the ham-fisted attempt to rebrand with macklemore haircuts, tiki torch marches, twitter statue avatars and white polo shirts.
The edgy, transgressive pull is shattered when you show the public all of the obese gamers and scrawny fuccbois in their ranks. That doesn't stop you from pushing back against legitimate threats

Not only for that. More people from the third world, more pressure on wages
Explain then how every socialist country ever didn't have immigration. Yes, LEGIT commies don't support immigration



Retard who reads no books and has like only two major thinkers calling anyone a retard

No. It's actually worse in todays world

Neo nazis defending white people from Florida is good shit.

stop sucking porky dick and wasting your time

Where's that quote from the ISIS gunman who basically used "always kill traitors first" logic to justify fighting shiites and alawites?

I'm pretty sure there's a hadith that basically says the same thing as well

you only think it's any different because you're a race cuck stooge

Nazis and ISIS two peas in a pod

Kys utopianist

Non Richard Wolff watching faggot

I doubt the porkies wan't to pay higher taxes by importing people who will just collect gibs instead of working

Your whole premise rests on these people working and replacing native born citizens in the workforce, but that's not the case.

Anyone who sympathizes with these three men should be hung by their taint with a hook


Who is native born in America

Remind the lumpenproletariat


I wonder why you don't have to drive Gavin watching fags that far to get to attempted murder.

Where are you from? This is hitting levels of liberalism that shouldn't be possible. Why are neo liberals pushing for immigration then?

Killing traitors is universal. Commies did, Nazis did it, Monarchs did it. Everyone despises traitors more than enemies.


Kim Jong Il>>Marx>>Wolf


Zizek does not provide feasible alternatives to the United States (besides shilling his """documentary""" about film on Netflix) and Wolff does.

Wolff doesn't imply co-ops are socialism

Nah. Juche is lit as fuck

Are you retarded?

Emilia romania style corporations are not a good alternative

Yeah he does

At least pick Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il abandoned socialism when the USSR died like a coward

Anything is a good alternative at this point.

Tankies tankies tankies

Nazis are feral mongrels deserving only our kicks but there's non-spooked arguments against mass immigration. I don't want racial or country-of-origin rules just as much as I don't want porky using visa programs to destroy unions and lower wages


I'd rage fuck you. You fatty dyke

Pic related

So how's the weather in the caliphate these days? 30% chance of Russian ordinance?

Where does Richard Wolff imply that co-ops are the be-all-end-all of socialism? The guy is a classical Marxist and he advocates the same strategies Marx did for socialization.

Why do your posts speak like an angry child mad at someone over Xbox Live

Proof? It seems to me that Kim Jong Il further expanded the Juche idea and gave it more depth after his father's death.

There are legit socialists who support unregulated migration.

Just because they're not your particular flavor of leftycuck doesn't men they aren't leftists.

"I'd rage fuck you. You fatty dyke" t. XxXssLMasterChiefLssXxX

Show me one large society that didn't kill people for treason

Americans can't be socialist
They should read marx

It was a compliment

How would your penis get hard around hoochie? You would need one hell of a fluffer an enough Viagra to kill a whale.


They've more in common with you, you insufferable brainlet. Tell me how you're not a Liberal but on roids.

Booze can make miracles.
Did she ever posted a photo of her?

The question is how would you actually get near someone even more giant than me

A great thing to do is to take a brutally honest look at your drinking habits


Post fat

Marx states that immigration drives down wages but he doesn't say to oppose immigration. His solution was to fight the policies and exploitation that drove workers to immigrate in the first place not to play into bourgeois games of division.

Post thicc ya ugly bitch.

No shit. Then he talked about Lumpenproles.

That was at another time. Back then capitalism still didn't had made a lot of shiny gadgets and useless garbage. Show me one american socialist born after 1970.

If we are to take the issue of "lumpen", seriously, we have to first consider most people here would fit under the definition than actual immigrants.

Most of this board?

Well it's not like most of the chans are reactionary as fuck… No way

Whiskey dick won't help


"Whisky Dick", is a good descriptor of most of the men who post here.


You first.

Holy shit I just noticed. That’s beautiful.

No. Knowing how to handle whisky is alpha as fuck. Most of people here are low t. beta fembois

Anyone can handle whisky. Nobody cares you drink whisky. Stop drinking terrible alcohol as a social symbol.

The first amendment doesn't protect death threats.

Deus Vult, I said to my fellow crusaders i1 Terre Haute, Indiana, before alt tabbing back to the kancolle tag on gelbooru

Not true
Stop being a preacher ho. I drink whisky because I enjoy it.

I don't get the appeal but you do you man


Please take your american retarded logic of alpha/beta away from here.
I'm sick and tired of having to read generic fucktards giving the feminists something to cheer because accoring to retards like you there's only two types of men, which gives the feminists reason when they say men are an hivemind.

Feminists will have a stick up their cunt no matter what. Just ignore them and enjoy the bantz.

Alpha and Beta are just furry terms to say the easier Nerd and Joke.

someone make a meme

I can't delete this post for some reason. It's a terrible post. Oh well.

First off, gin is way better than whiskey, second, take that pickup artist shit back to wherever the fuck you came from.

Not him. But Gin is fucking terrible and anglo as fuck. Irish wisky>>>scotch

Nobody drinks gin anymore, not since the 60s when vodka started becoming popular at least, except for fedora tippers who like to grandstand.

t. fedora tipper who likes to grandstand


Are you a girl?

What makes a good Martini?

Nah dude I drink Gin straight, shit's good

Martini are not for girls.

How would you make a Martini?

I know but that's not why I'm asking.

I don't drink martinis so I wouldn't know, I'm mostly a beer guy who occasionally likes red wine

Not him but I'm a big fan of vespers. I put hendricks or plymouth gin strenght and belvedere or any 100 proof vodka.

Oh nice, I think I might have that tomorrow evening.

I'm just gauging your taste as your first post is bait tier.

Good boy. It's heavy as fuck tho.

Can I get a little backstory? This sounds great.

check the links in and google "william fears"

Just reading through the comments:

"I don't know how to express this. Europeans simply don't want to be replaced with the third world. We want a nation built by Europeans for europeans… not built by Europeans for hordes of dindus and other third worlders… I shouldn't have to argue with anyone why Europeans shouldn't have to become strangers in their own homeland. Anyone that makes the argument that tribalism=bad… the only response I have to you is that tribalism is part of how we evolved. It is a part of who we are as humans. Homogenous societies are the ones that historically have been the most cohesive and successful compared to a more fractured societies which always end up with "race issues" that eventually fracture society."

Maybe he read that and decided he wouldn't let that commenter down.


b-b-b-but both sides are violent, r-r-right guys?



Problem is

yes, we evolved into geniuses that are currently probably committing species suicide, let's blindly obey the evolutionary animal instincts that brought us to this point


Oh come on, you know that DeAndre Harris started it by running up on other guys from behind (you can see this in the very video that shows how he was hit on the ground), that's why he was recently charged with assault. Other pics have emerged of him and a buddy carrying baseball bats.

Yeah but we have ancestry that comes back to Europe, so love us, ALL OF US >:(

I mean rape also helped in the evolution of the species, so maybe we can try to bring that back into practice, just give them money afterward for carrying the baby.


Like all your other posts :^)

prolly using a memegat

I doubt you have a concealed carry permit regardless.

Nah this is horseshit that sends casual milhist researchers around in circles. You've even changed it from "not shooting" to "away from a killing shot" like that means anything at all.

The guy who wrote it half-assed his report, and he spent his career before WWII professing his belief that soldiers didn't shoot.

There's Canadian army reports from WWII full of officers demanding units shoot less, and the interwar Brits and French were always worried their recruits would waste ammunition if given semi-autos.

thats not even the same guy you mong

Interesting book but way to much cop dick sucking for my liking.

they just wear it on their sleeve more here

fuck off

your leaps of illogic grow more obviously desperate with each post


Anticoms are the REAL communists :)

How embarassing…

You shouldn't use an AR pistol of that size with 5.56, you'll waste so much powder and completely fuck up the round's capability.

Get a 300 Blackout upper for it to make the most out of a weapon that size.

one word for all you lefties


oh my!

I have always said it and I will continue saying it.
Holla Forums worst enemy is Holla Forums. They're THAT retarded.

Kek just accept you're all impotent cucks already

Poor momiji.
She was gang-pressed into Holla Forums autism, she didn't deserve what happened to her.


even /jp/ hates Holla Forums

Will you learn to aim next time you try to kill random people you don't deem fit to exist compared to you, like the ultimate spoiled brat

So this is what it's like to be namedropped by slime.

i hope the dudes get raped and killed in prision hahahah!

Looks like he had a long history of making badly drawn memes on poster board.

So what's the back story? Spencer had a talk, people protested it, these guys got triggered and shot at protestors?

Not protestors, a random bus

literal IS tier

He was a legit Holla Forumsfag see…

Makes you wonder how they expect the public to join their side. I know I would sure love to learn more about how much good they would do the country after I'd been shot at for going to work. Something their propaganda claims they value.

White Shari'a isn't just a meme.

it does, but that means nothing to these types. there is no coherent framework for their politics, a lot of it is based on fear and paranoia. they pretty much reject communism under teh recommendations of the american government while insisting that they "don't trust it" or some shit.

like i said, totally incoherent. the guy that said they are fascists in incubation is spot on. i would go further and say they are pretty much the front line for fascists in that they are well organized militias willing to carry out any kind of anti-immigrant agenda that will help them "protect america" from "all enemies both foreign and domestic" …

fuck yeah they are. anyone else find it deeply ironic how conservatives talk about how "great" america is when it only became worth a fuck as a result of labor struggles and the overthrow of slavery? that is literally what made america 'great' and yet they shit on these people at every turn.

they take credit for the most progressive forces in our nation's history while reserving the right to shit on them at every turn in the modern age. yet, they have the audacity to insist they are cut from the same cloth as these people.

fuck, i hate right wingers man. i fucking hate republicans, conservatives, and liberals. fuck them all.

Could you post a bigger picture pls

What about the memes guy was really into White Sharia, to the point that other WNs knocked him for it.




He's self-described as Weponized Autism.



this can't be real
whats next, swallowing sperm - devouring millions of aryan children?

Thanks, this shit is gold.


William Fears:
I guess I have too much soy in my brain to understand his deep thinking here.


This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

Cheers m8


Yeah dude, I bet you are a NutSac for the vibrant diverse community of free speech that you strive to create, where people from all corners can sit and drink tea and discuss like civil people…
I'm sorry, but we don't buy your bullshit.

but you guys got btfo in sacremento


no thanks

Like clockwork.

My state doesn't have those.

Just filter it out your mind.

Nigger it's about avoiding going to jail. The best advice to give is to remain silent and ask for your lawyer, that's hardly "subservient".

and loyal idiots are even worse than traitors

These fuckin people man

it's a shame people like this will never be hacked to death in broad daylight.

Never say never.

acknowledging your poem, comrade

There are no differences between the races. Go back to Holla Forums.

oh, so you're just a troll.

weaker than jeb!

crime committed by white people HAS to be a soros-funded psyop conspiracy, the post.

these fucking people man

history tells us otherwise

Is White Sharia the best way to tell someone has never read anything?
How do these people reconcile white being the "superior" race while resorting to these "subhuman" practices?

What don't you understand?


I don't get how these people can rationalize being "superior" but at the same time want to abandon the culture that their "superior" ancestors forged.

How is rejecting the notion of feminism abandoning their culture?

why don't you just get laid you fucking incel



There are many ways to reject feminism and White Sharia is about the worst way you could do it
It also demonstrates that the arguments they have against circumcision aren't even ideologically consistent

What are you even talking about? You're pro-circumcision?

No, I'm not pro-circumcision, but Sharia has very clear hadiths on circumcision for both males and females.
One of the fundamental redpills Holla Forumsyps use is circumcision and the negative effects
Somehow they think that Islam can take on the same reformation that Christianity did and survive intact as a cultural force

Have you ever actually seen anyone on Holla Forums support white sharia?

Occasionally, most of it I have found is on cuckchan. It usually shows up in the religion threads but it is a horrible place to discuss theology so I am not sure how prevalent it is.

No offense but you're kind of all over the place with your knowledge of theology and alt-right talking points on circumcision

Ok then what are the alt-right talking points on circumcision?
I might be misunderstanding their views on theology since I don't watch e-celebs

Though there are earnest christians within the alt right the most common thread is that it's a men's rights issue and that circumcision itself is a jewish/femoid plot to emasculate their men (depending on the particular flavor of red pill you're dealing with)