De-generacy is a spoo

you can't tell me this is normal sane behavior

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This is normal and sane behavior.

you're just saying that

there is no such thing as "normal" behavior and I fully condone the actions of these people

why? I find this to be scary

Ain't my fault that you are so caught up in your morality that you give a flying fuck about what adults do in their own bedroom

Why do you think that?

It's basically masturbation with some new technology. Nothing really "degenerate" maybe a bit hedonistic but people have been jerking it for centuries

you don't mean it

Yeah and I find horror media sometimes. That doesn't automatically make it wrong you faggot.

he's not jerking it he is sucking a virtual set of balls something's not right about this

*sometimes scary

how do you know he doesn't.

Because it doesn't go along with common sense?
common sense is a spook.

why would the capitalists make a product like this? I mean I understand there's a demand for it but there's a demand for all sorts of shit what's next VR pedo porn?

OP, there are many degenerate things going on in today's society, but this is not one of them.

I don't care it hilarious

oomg i am litterlyshaking right now….

He's not sucking the balls you idiot he is cupping them while he sucks a dick.

Why do you give a shit about how some faggots using vr?

This whole thread

Believing degenerate behaviour exists isn't a spook. Believing it's the cause of civilizational downfall and not a symptom of it is a spook

how do you expect to stage a proletarian revolution with people like this? Everyone will just be sucking vr cocks and not care about anything soon(USER SUCKED TOO MANY COCKS ONLINE)

The worrying sign should be a human adult is spending time in his own made up world and not talking to real people.

He could be sucking REAL dick, not 1's and 0's.

On the one hand there's nothing wrong with VR masturbation, but on the v other hand would it have killed them to put up a curtain?

Because everything comodified under capitalism.

Sure somebody might try to market that, but it would probably backfire very badly because that is probably one of the most taboo things one can attempt.

But why do you think that?

I think watching other people do things that you don't like makes you uncomfortable for some reason. That seems more irrational to me to be perfectly honest with you. It seems like there are a lot of people that feel that way and come here to complain about other people's behavior, even when it doesn't hurt them, which is quite sad I think.

They are paid actors you idiot. Do you really think someone could derive pleasure from miming fellatio in thin air? You need at least a dildo for that.

Perhaps you can keep the virtual dick out of your mouth, but I doubt everyone will be like you.

Well inevitably people are going to use VR headsets to masturbate. It really is just a fancier fleshlight

Not getting that this an art installation and not realizing it is probably a critique of hedonism. Jesus Christ you people need to be held by hand

And that's why I'll never look at myself in a mirror mid-coitus.

It is normal sane behavior in San Francisco. Hell, it's educational, even. Almost like a first-person PSA.

Ill pay all my money to have Stirner chan spooking my dick tbh


Top right corner my retard


It's not. That pic and the people who sit in public spaces without taking their eyes of their phone is a huge problem. It fills me with sadness when i see a table at a cafe with 4 friends each always looking at the screens…or even young couples. Yet some people say the coming generations are anti-capitalist…no they're not, fucking 8 year old always glues to their smartphones like zombies. You think people are ready to abandonm such utter garbage like netflix, smartphones and videogames? It's fucking over, the liberals and other forms of radical centrists have won.

Will you also defend things such as this?

USA is so barbarian jesus…

Just an average day in the USA. I don't see anything wrong with it.

That's just late capitalism tho, not 'cultural marxism' or w/e

That's just capitalist decadence/America, you can't really blame it on us

It is sexual hedonism/fetishism in the form of a theme reastarunt allowed by the leftist idea that anyone should be able to do pretty much the majority of what they want.

"Fuck the facists! No one tells me what my bedtime is!"

You mean an abandonment of human decensy and moral for what seems fun and #YOLO?

You could show Holla Forums a scene from a horror movie and they'd still ask what about it bothers you.

More like the abandonment of group values and goals in favour of nihilistic hedonism. Yes we believe in hedonism but not a totally listless and aimless existence like late capitalism. In late capitalism individualism is supposedly elevated but it's a phony god, overall would there be fat fetish restaurants in socialism? I dunno, maybe if there was enough surplus to go around, but there wouldn't be a cultural emphasis on overconsumption like in capitalism.

So in the USSR was canabis allowed…and rock music? Hmmm
Only in USA leftism is associated with "progressivism" i can give you examples of conservative leftism all night buddie

That sure explains why even Herbert Marcuse fucking hated America's hedonistic and distracted culture right….

But I thought that was just State Capitalism


And btw, wouldn't "State Capitalism" be, in practice, synonymous with Corpratism such as that of the Mousolinni facist regime (the corporations marry the state)

Yes because everyone here thinks alike and there is absolutely no debate about what the Soviet Union was….




This is what happens when you let christfags talk about philosophy.

P.S. paywalls are a spook.

Why are you buttmad about VR masturbation?

Really? That's your beef with this? I bet you wouldn't care if it was the same guy eating virtual puss in public.

Its probably some shitty performance.

Why would it trigger me?

No actually. I'd care because it's fucking sad to think of late 20 years old guys fucking virtual stuff instead of going out and talk to people


Your soyboy fuhrer certainly didn't think so.


National Socialism is not Facism, however from your image it seems that Hitler, in practice, leaned more toward the Facist economic method while keeping the Not Socialist morals.

I recently read a very good article on Corpratism in comparison to contemporary Civic Nationalism which I feel is worthy of being shared. Might shed some more light onto your understanding of the three concepts (That is, NutSac, Facism, and Corpratism/State Capitalism).

Nice word filters there, bois

This is the logical conclusion of third wave Feminism and in the end they will try to ban even this. Feminism isn't equality between the sexes it is about the subjugation, enslavement and oppression of the beta male and a restoration to the pre historic norm of alpha male warrior kings and their massive harems. Women not only want to defend or trivialize the phenomenon of 80% of women fucking 20% of men they want to institutionalize and entrench it.

Horseshoe is true but for nazis and anprims

That was based on an "informal" study of okcupid users that had like 30 respondents

I'm a luddite. You are idiot for thinking that a society like that is desiderable.

Just continue pushing for communism as the abolishment of capitalism will most likely result in an end or at least reduction to the type of alienation that leads to individual retreat and unfufillment. Families will in all likelihood be stonger and more cohesive as well and porn will probably cease to exist or be reduced to niche levels of production/consumption as its usage is mostly built on unfufillment

I was just going to say this. Anyone here even into performance art?

Hope so

How are we supposed to know if it's supposed to be art or a tech conference.

Yes we get it. NutSac is even more spooked than fascism.


d*generacy simply means "People is having fun without me" OP is jealous of those two dudes and how happy they are.

Who are you quoting?

The typical leftist idea in vogue is that race does not exist and is a social construct. Yet, at the same time, the left also believes that Whites are historically opressors and demand restitution from them. You're claim that Not Socialism teaches to obey abstraction determined by the state brings me to assume you do not believe in race, as it is an "abstract concept".

BTW, here is a good video on Not Socialist ideology

none of us believe in reparations though so get fecked.

Remove that fucking hat and read lenin. He was conservative as fuck

That's not having fun…that's mental retardation, alienation, narcisism.
Fun was back in the day when the whole village would get together to go to dance, or when all the kids in the street would go play some football.

No they shouldn't, but they should be left the fuck alone end of. Or whites can't produce compueters and smarthphones without lithium from subsharan africa?

That's a private company selling "food" to people. If you believe in private property rights then you allow this happen by facilitating the profit motive.

So you advocate for the racial seperation and/or seggregation of the races?


top lel. no we don't
99% of all zionists are neocons you fuckwit


You can believe in selling some things but not others. Information shouldn't be something which is sold.

Race existing or not has nothing to do with it. Capital doesn't serve meaningless abstracts like "the volk" and "the nation", it only serves capitalists. Your nazi premise is a thinly veiled version of class collaboration.

Race is not an abstract concept. "white" is…i don't know what white is, why are people with black hair and brown eyes from Europe not considered white by Not Socialists? Anyway Homosapiens come from Africa, Neanderthals came from central Asia. There's no race spawned from Europe.

You act as if "Capitalists" is synonymous with "Elite" when in reality it's just that the "Elite" are "Capitalists". In reality, it's that enemy Jews, both Zionist and Globalist, have infultraited a system and abused it to the point that the system itself seems corrupt. There are many forms of Capitalism, and Facism is one.

That stuff still happens
Why don't you join

New evidence shows that Homo Sapeons came not from Africa but from an unknown continant from the pre-Ice age, most likley the Artic North. The Out-of-Africa theory has been disputed for some time.

We were Aincent Atlantians and shit

And it's actually proven by science

People were terrified of trains when they were first invented. People honestly believed the air would be sucked out of your lungs if you traveled on them.

You are approximately that stupid.

It wasn't that. The general thought of te time was that the human body could not widthstand traving at speeds over 20 miles per hour. Furthermore, simply because technology is invented, it does not mean that it is good. Look at the iPhone which has become a cancer on our youth. Look at Facebook giving us "Junk-Food Socializing", look at "Smart meters" killing millions of jobs in favor of computerized botnet.

Technological Achievement != Technological Process


ah what would this board be without the daily nazi spergout