What are you doing this fridey night? I'm reading some Bakunin and listening to lolicore!

What are you doing this fridey night? I'm reading some Bakunin and listening to lolicore!

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What's the best example of lolicore?

I'm going to try and study but more likely drink, match with a qt, stand her up to watch Bram Stoker's Dracula and cry about no Mina Harker gf.

My goal is to finish capital.

You'll get there Marx-kun

Not OP but goreshit is one of my most listened to artists. Lolicore mostly ranges from breakcore mixed with anime samples to barely listenable noise.

reading Bordiga tbqh

I'm sitting at home all alone, listening to music, and watching darts and funposting on Holla Forums and 4ch/sp/. Slighty drunk too.

Working on a midterm for a poli sci class and ordering some gun parts on the internet.

In a single night?


unironically a good idea tbh

Getting extremely drunk while switching between listening to Elvis Depressedly and watching Twin Peaks. Also uh reading Camatte because this is a /leftypol related thread I guess


If it's you who kept shilling him I'm glad you did. Dude's got some serious insights

I really dont know, maybe I'll just sit around depressed playing some vydia



I want some of that latest example please

Beer, hockey, immobile in my chair after 12 hours at work.

I'm gonna start writing up a document on civilian deaths in Syria, read Marx, masturbate for a few hours, then fall asleep watching Star Trek

gonna play ds3

Just watched the first Lord of the Rings movie with my sister who was seeing it for the first time. Fun to see the reactions to scenes you have scenes loads of times before.
Now Im just chilling, doing nothing until I go to sleep early (woke up super early this morning).
Tomorrow Im gonna study a bit then go to a party with some friends. Gonna be a pretty good weekend I think.

Studied for my midterms, cooked some porkchops with kale, and am now posting on here while trying to study.

Anyone else find reading theory fun while drunk? I think I might get sloshed and listen to the audiobook of On Practice and Contradiction, or try to read early Marx's letters.

Saw them live twice, Matt is fucking awesome on stage

Drinking local Maine beer and chilling with friends

No, I only have 40 pages left.

Reading Lacan then going out for some late night field recording in the woods.


Nice. I was going to read Camatte after he got mentioned here but then I got sidetracked by Adorno's Aesthetic Theory.

Check out lolicore.org and the lolicore tag on bandcamp, although a lot of it probably shouldn't be called lolicore. As far as I'm concerned LOLI RIPE is still the most definitive example of the genre.

Getout pedofag

art is not pedophilia honestly. but I stopped liking moe loli shit post 2010. What a wierdo if anyone still does… fucking grow up.

Staying up way too late again and not making any plans for tomorrow
shitposting on Holla Forums and not reading anything
listening to The Smiths
probably fap before bed

what's wrong with moe


just finished the first wave of midterms, I have another two this coming week and then I'm done. Listening to aphex twin right now and playing vidya.

I like this.

Okay I'm pretty jelly. I've only seen some clips of them on youtube, they always sound way better live than on record