I love you, Holla Forums

I love you, Holla Forums.

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I love u 2


I love you too!

A good day to you all.

me on the left
Holla Forums on the right

Love from across the channel

This place is terrible tho

We are not worthy of this absolute angel.

Anal Water out

what does love feels like?

Thanks for cheering me up

It's currently the best place on the Internet though (imo).

Love is a spook

that's why we all fit in here


Then we have to make it better!

You're welcome, but the price for my good will is that you have to make some else's day a little better too. >:3

This is good I like these threads

I discussed one of Plato's dialogues with an online friend today and helped some guy find his way to a location. Hope that counts :)

It does! Keep up the good work user-chan! \(^O^)/

Oh I am british, I just use it because it says "there is no reason to be upset".

love you all a lot

I-I love you too

u 2 fam

You sound pretty spooked right now, user…

Been awhile but I'm pretty sure Stirner wasn't anti-love.


He's just being tsundere

Of course he was…everything is a spook user, everything except for two things: being alive and owning a luxurious milkshop

What did Stirner mean by this?


Seeing her naked was too close to seeing her skellington and he could never get over that

But love pleases my ego

It won't be for long, sorry.

Share the love



I love you nazbol gang

i hate u all but you are the only family i got…..

B-baka senpai

That's a comfy roach.

I Ɛ> you too

user are you drunk?

I love you too comrade

I am fond of you as well, friend.


You make my life better, my property.


Do you really?

How is stirnerism leftism? This shit is just sadism

Here's a decent write up if you actually care

I love you comrades

Nah I'll read it, I get that he's not a capitalist it's just the whole egoism thing is sort of bizarre to me, but admittedly I've never read his work. My ego never felt the urge to I guess

Well the summaries provided give a good grasp of how he argued for explicit anti-capitalism regardless. If nothing else it's useful for arguing against lolberts and other "individualist" memers from the right.

Thank you friendo

Why is this Stirner female?

Every Stirner is Unique.

Aw, I love you too, little buddy.

I love you too, Holla Forums.

Best poster on the board
Comissar catgrill thank you for all your great draws

I love you guys

kek nice touch
first thing I did to my laptop

I love Alunya and must therefore express my concern at having a heat sink and cooling fan pressed up against her bed sheets

should I have drawn her with one of THESE BAD BOIS amazon.com/gp/product/B0758D534G/

Awesome job comrade, it's got some meme potential too with making the computer screen anything.

I sincerely love you all as unique human beings, even with the distance between us. I would at least want to meet every one of you just to exchange niceties and discuss a bit of theory. Also to all you depressed anons, please never give up. Every piece of happiness is worth it, even if our motives face insurmountable goals. Succdems get the bullet tho

I made some edits, I'd delete this other one if I could, fixed some things that irritated me :(

glad our posting is so entertaining


Pretty much. This and the various porn repositories.

I totally get that tbh.

Saved, nice pic drawgirl!

I love all the non-authoritarians will all of my free little heart.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Sugoi sugoi sugoi! (๑•ㅂ•)

You're so talented Catgrill-sensei. Holla Forums is so lucky to have you here!

It's funny how the warmth in my life only ever comes from a screen

I love you all llots and lots

I have that exact same one and can confirm

For all its faults, I really prize this place. It feels like the only place where reality isn't fraying at the edges. Reminds me of old LF.

Dear lord, I'm having flashbacks to all the trolling people did after Vilerat got merked

This place is simultaniously the best and also the worst but I love it for it. It's quite like nothing else. I hope we can hang a capitialist together one day lads.

as someone who has both loved and did molly and coke i´d say molly and coke comes close :^)

I wanted to give this thread a bump because it's nice, and we don't have nice threads that often.

O to return to these the golden days gone by, when we gaily played in the fields of Fragmaster, before the rot of brain drain set in and Docevil was finally able to act on the e-penis envy that so consumed him.

Love and solidarity to all my comrades, no matter where you are in the world.