What are some examples of leftists suppressing black, Arab, or Latino nationalism in the West?

What are some examples of leftists suppressing black, Arab, or Latino nationalism in the West?

You always hate on idpol, but it seems you only attack white nationalists.

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When nigger nazis start marching they'll get the same response you fags got.

Seems like you're just marching along side them.

Black and Latino ethnocentric groups like BLM and La Raza are always flanked by white numales and landwhales waving commie flags.

That's just american scum. Americans can not be leftists because they are freaks of nature and therefore must be all exterminated regardless of gender, age and skin tone.

Correct because there's some material reality to most of their problems that relates to capitalism.

As far as I can, White Nationalism has no such equitable fair.

I love it when someone from Norway or some shit starts larping as Juche

lol, like how you have to qualify it with 'in the west' as though the USSR and related societies, and instead pick only western societies where the left has literally never had power. Anyway disregarding that try this:
The only country to ever ban all religion in a majority muslim country. During socialist afghanistan alot of sharia practices were banned as well. Furthermore the whole USSR was based on suppressing nationalist tensions which were part of what caused it to break up after communism anyway.

Sounds awfully nationalist of you.


Unf. Post more.

Wtf I'm Norwegian now

If ethnocentrism and closed borders are bad, then why is Japan doing so well with those policies?

Also, where is the leftist push to send more Arabs/Africans/etc. to Japan?


Leftypol doesn't hate 'white' nationalism. Most are against ALL nationalism, while some such as myself conditionally support movements trying to liberate their countries for national sovereignty / being against imperialism. For example most around here have a pretty positive opinion of irish nationalism, and im pretty sure the irish are 'white'.
>inb4 hibernian conspiracy
The reason white nationalism gets shit on so much more is because there are simply so many more white nationalists in america than any other group. If for example filipino people were 75% of the population if america and a significant % were racist, we'd be discussing filipino nationalism. But we live in a place where

Religion isn't the only aspect of ethnic identity. In fact, ISIS is literally anti-racist, and the Catholic Church shills for globalism and open borders and is anti-racist as well. The Abrahamic religions don't really see race or nations as a major factor (besides maybe worshiping Israel).

Didn't the Soviets actively support the Ba'athist movement, which was basically Arab NutSac? Also, didn't the Maoists support Mugabe's black nationalist movement in Rhodesia?

meant for:

you're right, Japan really does need more multicultural immigrants.

black and arab nazis get the bullet too

that was a strategic play against the influence of the west, by the same token you could say the US supported islamism against the communists. realpolitik/geopolitics =/= ideological endorsement. Also what about east german support of the IRA?

Did you watch the video? They literally don't need more immigrants. Also the Japanese are happy without foreigners, it's called the "Galapagos Mentality". If they want to indulge in some other culture, they just use the internet. It has all the upsides without the drain on welfare or increased crime rates.

Japan and Poland don't have Islamic terrorist attacks. I wonder why.

maybe they just need to stop being so racist smdh

Dont' feed the troll pal.
read this good post

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I have yet to hear about the muslim terror attacks in Budapest. Maybe next time post data from the present, so you don't reveal yourself as a timelord
also I love that terror attack in the fucking norths sea, that must have been amazing

I think that's actually some island, Halagoland or something.

the map is still bullshit

as if for any of those people commie flag really means anything
it is just a part of larp, like Che t-shirts

anyway, don't you worry
we MLs learned our lessons, no more self-determintaion and all that wash, it only gives power to native bureaucracy so they can screech afterwards how every other republic feeds off them

groups like BLM and La Raza will be gulaged with nazis

Hmm it's almost like terrorism serves a political purpose and there's no purpose in attacking a country with no practical presence in the middle East or effect on policy there huh how weird is that

that would be stupid. we attack "whites" for their ideology not for their skin.