Daily News Thread 10/20

Texas city requires Israel pledge for hurricane relief

A Texas city has required residents who are seeking government disaster relief funds in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to pledge not to boycott Israel.

Top Chinese officials 'plotted to overthrow Xi Jinping'

A top Chinese official has claimed several high-ranking members of the Communist Party had plotted to seize power from President Xi Jinping.

Kirkuk province: Iraqi and Kurdish forces in fierce fight

There have been fierce clashes between Kurdish and Iraqi troops north of Kirkuk city, days after the Iraqi army took control of disputed areas.

São Paulo's food pellets plan for poor children divides Brazil

Plans to feed poor children reconstituted food made from leftovers near expiry have sparked a row in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

Catalonia crisis: Spain plans for elections as independence row grows

Spain's conservative government has agreed with the socialist opposition to hold regional elections in Catalonia in January, the socialists say.

Raqqa to be part of 'federal Syria', U.S.-backed militia says

Raqqa will be part of a decentralized federal Syria now the city has been freed from Islamic State, the U.S.-backed militias that captured it said on Friday, tying its political future to Kurdish-led autonomy plans for northern Syria.

Czech election: Billionaire Andrej Babis poised to win

Czechs are voting in a two-day general election in which the favourite is a populist billionaire who has campaigned on an anti-establishment platform.

Short on staff: Nursing crisis strains U.S. hospitals

A shortage of nurses at U.S. hospitals hit West Virginia’s Charleston Area Medical Center at the worst possible time.

‘Survival Mode’ Defines Puerto Rico One Month After Maria

A month after Hurricane Maria battered this mountainous stretch of central Puerto Rico, recovery remained elusive along Highway 152, where 82-year-old Carmen Diaz Lopez lives alone in a home that’s one landslide away from plummeting into the muddy creek below.

Anger over Donald Trump's UK crime tweet

The US President, Donald Trump, has been accused of fuelling hate crime with a tweet linking a rise in the UK crime rate to "radical Islamic terror".

Hamas Slams US Envoy's Demands to Disarm, Recognize Israel

U.S. Special Envoy Greenblatt was the top lawyer in The Trump Organization and is a hardline supporter of illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine.

CDC: Suicide Rates Increase in US Rural Areas

The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), in a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), published a "Surveillance Summary" revealing surprising data that suicide rates are higher in rural areas compared to urban areas.

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Three of Spencer's neo-Nazi supporters arrested after shooting wildly at bus-goers

Prominent American neo-Nazi Richard Spencer held a failed rally in Florida yesterday. Three enthusiasts, of the dozen or so who apparently showed up, were arrested after firing into a crowd of folks waiting for the bus.

A Vietnam 'Hero' Featured on FOX News Admits He's a Fraud

The network retracted the story ten days after being notified.

Military-grade drones, coming to a police department near you



Should we end aging forever?

Scientists are coming closer than ever to stopping aging. The latest video from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell explores how we would change as individuals and a society if people could live as long as they wanted.

When Payday Loans Die, Something Else Is Going to Replace Them


Chinese Dreams and American Deaths in Africa



The unfortunate thing is, this is only going to increase as time goes on.


Gotta agree, can't speak much for the midwest or Appalachia but cow towns in rural New England are hopeless, there's essentially no community because late capitalism but unlike the cities cow towns don't have things to distract you from how miserable you are other than heroin.

Thank god, Kurdish liberalism a shit, It's time for bookchin boys to take over Iraq, all of it

yes, I'm sure forcing people to pledge to do something they didn't care about one way or the other won't backfire horribly
oh boy another rich dunce to disprove the assertation that only burgers would be dumb enough to elect twats like him
shit's fucked lol
they really need to classify these violent thugs as a gang

For the past ten years nursing has been one of the biggest programs pushed in every school and uni I've attended, with nursing programs being constantly expanded and their funding increased, especially as not only are domestic workers bring trained for it, but immigrant nurses are constantly arriving too, and need only to get certified before they can nurse here.

I find it hard to believe that there is anything like a nurse "shortage." It seems more like nurses can't or won't work for what some of these hospitals can it are willing to offer, as well as what insurance companies are willing to pay. I don't doubt that hospital fees are playing a role as well.

In fact, this shortage seems even less sensical considering the proliferation of sub-nursing technician positions and the digital outsourcing of much of the clerical and scut work that used to be a nurse's responsibility.

Maybe I'm wrong, but something stinks.

Can't wait for the autist detective graphs to show how they were all secretly Bernie supporters or some shit.

Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens 'survival of human societies'

You know you're in for a furious day when this is the first headline you read.

Fixed the lack of red text in one of the articles, hope you don't mind such interventions.


This has nothing to do with capitalism though and is just part of human nature.

don't mind at all.Thanks!


Do Israel and the Jews even consider that their shitty behaviour in foreign countries makes people hate them?

Listen Holla Forums I get that you really want to blame everything on Jews in general instead of looking at a more nuanced understanding but the ACLU are the ones challenging this shitty bill to outlaw BDS, and if I'm not mistaken the ACLU was founded by Jews, and lead by Jews. If I'm mistaken then I'm sure they have plenty of Jewish lawyers working with them.

Nah dude the ethnocracy is fine and if you oppose you're a nazi, Hezzbollah are basically genocidal freaks ready to do a Holocaust 2

Oh shut the fuck up you whiny little shit. They're always meddling in British politics and we don't even have a term for their lobby over here.


Trump just signed an EO that gives the secretaries of the armed forces the power to call all(!) retired military back to active duty…

Why are you mad at me for pointing out that there are Jews actively working against what those Jews are doing?

IRR call up, which means war. A big war.

We are so fucked.

he's just an idiot, that's really all there is to it.


This statement was released too:

I dunno wtf any of this means but it's weird that it's happening late on a Friday.

Because you're full of shit and assuming I'm Holla Forums because I want Israel and its local minions to fuck off. Where are these Jews in the ACLU? I just checked and it's a lady whose religion is not specified and a Puerto Rican guy. Are you telling me it wasn't Israel that had the Israel boycott ban implemented?

Take your upvotes back to reddit faggot.

Some people never learn.

I remember when Boing Boing was about lol-I'm-such-a-nerd brain candy.

Come on you overtanned asskisser, institute the draft already. Do it!

ACLU founders:
Roger Nash Baldwin - Inspired by Jewish anarchist Emma Goldman
Jane Addams - Close friends with Jews in Chicago
Felix Frankfurter - Jewish
Crystal Eastman
Norman Thomas - Advocated letting Jews fleeing Europe in the 30s into the US

Their current Affiliate Support & Nationwide Initiatives Director is Jewish (Geri E. Rozanksi), their current President is Jewish (Susan N. Herman), they have Jewish allies (aclu.org/blog/immigrants-rights/why-jewish-organization-suing-stop-muslim-ban)

Isn't it interesting how Holla Forums will deny an organization has Jewish influences the second that organization happens to align with them for the moment? And yes, you are obviously Holla Forums, you're not just taking an "anti-Zionist Jew" stance, you're taking an anti-Jew stance.

Saw this quote in a different article:
Anti-Israel Policies Are Anti-Texas Policies

Can anybody explain this to me? I guess I am confused because I thought Texas was in the Western Hemisphere, whereas Israel is a small country in the Middle East. I didn't realize you needed to pledge allegiance to a foreign country in order to receive aid in the United States. Sort of ironic given all the anti-Russia sentiment and "muh foreign nation! muh democracy!" shit the media spews, yet nobody gives a shit that this other foreign nation has us by the balls. I just don't understand it.

Agree. Grew up in the rural northeast, all there is to do is drink or drug yourself to death or isolate and internet 24/7. Don't help much if you're really out in the country without a car, there's almost zero public transportation and 30+ min walks everywhere.

It's almost like they want to give neonazis something to link to in their newsletters. Much better than people going further left I guess.

>ACLU founders
Fuck off you little brainlet tribalist. I am complaining about the constant police informing and general meddling from the ADL, the sabotage caused by groups like the LFoI and AIPAC, and the fact Israel is a fucking apartheid state you stupid cunt.
In well after you're some antideutsche tier pseud reddit lawyer arguing the finer points of an apartheid state sponsoring interception in disaster relief.
Fucking neck yourself you half dicked faggot.

Of course not. Have they ever seen serious repercussions for it from their main ally?

Doesn't really make sense though. NeoNazis are a minority on the right, while the mainstream right is overwhelmingly pro-Israel. I guess the same can be said of the left as well though. Nevertheless what I was getting at though is I can't understand why US citizens are so fucking cucked over israel at all

Kek nice sperg-out, you really don't even care if you're correct or not do you? You really want me to believe you're not a tribalist yourself after your original post conflated Zionists with Jews in general?

The pro-Israel lobby is very powerful here and makes it their mission to fuck politicians who seem even mildly critical of Israel. This power derives in part from the number of Jews in positions of power in the US and the substantial Jewish population in a critical swing state, Florida. And then there's the biblical fundamentalists who think the only way to make the rapture happen is to restore Israel's ancient borders.

I don't like the sound of this

Oh no. The poor prairie burgers.


Could this be a plan to discipline military personnel who badmouth him? Wonder what that means for the west point comrade who's been looking for an out.

I honestly cannot tell if this is sarcasm or not.


The hollowing-out of rural North America is as depressing as it is infuriating and any succdem willing to actually stop it will govern until the sun goes nova

Oh and also reminder SDF are US puppets :)


Whatever just keep supporting ethno-nationalist US puppets mate no water of my back

Jesus Christ WHY

Zionists run the U.S government

I don't think they're a tribalist, user just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and can't admit they made a simple mistake not replacing "Jews" with "Zionists".

neocons are BEYOND spooked

just what…

I don't buy all this jewish lobbying explanation, there must be something more to it
american establishment somehow NEEDS Israel so much that they're basically groveling before them

*Suppresses reactionary anti-Semitic thoughts*

America does what it's old or else the Zionist Jewish-Americans (who've all got rights to Israeli citizenship) destroy the country from the inside with their power in finance, business and politics.

I love how everyone is surprised that a religious neo conservative controlled senate and congress would somehow not allow the most fucked up shit in the world to happen in local and federal government.

I mean everyone should have expected this

It isn't "the Jews" doing this. It's entirely the Christian Right.

The infection of Christianity into every aspect of American conservative politics. That's the answer.

In collusion with a fucktonne of Zionists who stand to benefit the most from the land grabbing and warmongering in The Middle East.

This is local government Texas politics, are you gonna tell me it somehow isn't Texas being dumbass fuckin Texas

I can't stand neocons. Buncha Ben Shapiros and Dennis Pragers making a living telling everybody to love The United Snakes unconditionally, support (or better yet sign up for) the military and downplaying the historic and ongoing struggle of minorities like Native-Americans and blacks, but shilling for Israel every chance they get and throwing a tantrum when gentiles enthusiastic enough with their support for their greatest, taxpayer money-guzzling ally.

Somebody needs to go to one of Ben Shapiro's university lectures and ask him right in front of everybody why he owns property in Israel, is a dual citizen and even flew his pregnant wife out there *twice* so she could give birth to his kids in Jerusalem next time he goes off on his "America is the greatest country in the world" rants when the subject of national anthem protests, police brutality and wealth inequality comes up.

Dafuq are you on about? That pledge is the result of the Israel lobby creating a climate of unquestioning loyalty in politics for the last half a century. This has everything to do with neocons/Zionists.

America is responsible for the creation of Israel, Zionism as it exists today was perpetuated and made by the United States government in the 20th century. And there was always a hint of Christian zeal to it as well.

The American Right has always had a religious fascination with protecting Israel, without the need for Israel to do much but stand by and clap. Besides this is local politics, surely at some point it doesn't become Israel's responsibility but it becomes the responsibility of the US government to actually govern properly without any kind of bias. We can't just let the US Government go and say it was outside zionism every time something like this happens. The American right IS zionism.

I expected social service cuts and austerity not isreali justified extortion schemes lol

Hoochie he's just saying that isreali lobbyists are also part of the problem. I'm fairly sure everyone knows the ones actually shamelessly doing it are ins
and neocon Christcucks

It's the American right, past the point of any clear sane goal besides strip mine everything in sight and religiously motivated politics. They have no qualms about showing how clouded their judgement can be.

Right, all I'm saying is that just saying its Zionism is kind of a handwave of responsibility from so many in our government. It should be pointed out they are it. They are zionism. They are responsible for everything about zionism. And it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise Texas law makers would end up doing this.

but this is bullshit
Israel does not have that kind of power
and jewish bourgs would not shoot themselves in the foot by starting shit in the citadel of capitalism over some military base in the middle east
USA can survive without Israel
Israel is done for without USA on its side

so then WHY Israel have so much influence over american politics?
that's what I don't understand, it just doesn't make any sense

It makes absolute sense if you know what the American right stands for. Everyone here underestimates how low they can fall in front of the public, and they are willing to go lower then you could ever imagine

Britain created Israel, The United Snakes are propping them up. You think the Christian right cares bout """The Holy Land""" more than Zionists? Why would Christians go so hard for a bit of land they're excluded from getting citizenship for?


And you're not understanding the fact they are Zionists.

They go so hard for that bit of land because it is part of the whole christian end times bullshit and they as good god fearing christians must do whatever it takes to save their everlasting souls.

Why would Jewish Porkies necessarily be shooting themselves in the foot? They've got a lotta the top spots in politics, finance and business. Not saying "da Joos run da wirld" or whatever, but in The United States there ain't many people who can or even care to go to war with Zionists. Gentile billionaires like Bill Gates or The Koch Brothers of course could, but again, nobody gives a shit cuz it's just the taxpaying schmuck's money being blown on a Jewish state.


Explain in the simplest terms possible and try not to use Stalinist meme-speak that overall just amounts to "cuz He Who Did Nothing Wrong said so *ice pick joke*".


Don't remind me. I tried to delete it twice already and now it's stopping me from correcting the mistake by making it a thread of it's own. Shit just keeps saying "Flood detected".-_-


now that was really fucking embarassing on my part

Don't laugh, it happens to a lotta posters!>_

Christian Zionism, and the power of the Israel Lobby. The United States is basically colonized by Israel, in that its leadership will basically do what Israel wants because they love those Jewish donor bucks.

It does. It has the world's largest and best-financed army, navy, air force, etc. by far. They just call it "The American armed forces", but it's actually just the other Israeli army for all intents and purposes.

they don't care, non-Jews are subhumans to them. This is the logic of Judaism, when you proclaim yourself the chosen people you are inevitably going to behave like this.

after at least 100 expulsions you would think they would look in the mirror and reconsider certain aspects of Jewish culture, like the extreme ethnocentrism, supremacism, and so on. But nope, it's all those goyim persecuting us poor little Jews for no reason whatsoever - we Jews are an oppressed minority, the most oppressed of all time, and god damn it if you say otherwise we will destroy you.

regarding the food pellets from brazil it is been speculated that they were tested on humans in a homeless shelter a few months ago. 14 from the 200 people in the shelter died this semester.

>Felix Frankfurter - Jewish


tbh that may be their usual mortality rate

Life imitates Bart.

as i said, speculation.
But a few months ago, before the human kibble project was announced, a smaller news channel made a report on the deaths. The owners of the shelter (that is illegal btw) insisted that the deaths were not intoxication despite never being asked.