Wanted to read an intricate critique of socialism from a right wing intellectual

What the fuck is this shit? Is this actually taught in schools?

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yea, Hayek is hugely overrated, just like Orwell and Rand
even his "insight" that market economy is a decentralized computer solving economic calculation problem was shit tier because we have oligopolic markets as a norm, so computer is not so decentralized as it is in the models when number of firms approaches infinity

Mises was better, much better
his Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis is a honest critique from austrian positions
while The Road is a cheap peace of propaganda of the lowest sort

Who is that moeblob?

lel tankies are still this buttblasted about Orwell turning in the Stalinists

Hayek barely even wrote about economics in his later days anyway he was mostly writing about law and also how pinochet dindus

Orwell was sucdem
if you like him unironically kys

It wasn't just him turning in the Stalinists. He was a crusty liberal through and through.

even tho mises got BTFO by lange im pretty sure

kurata tome from mob psycho 100

Speaking of Mises, how do anarchists deal with the economic calculation problem? I remember reading some people on reddit argue that it doesn't really apply because of the decentralized mode of production most anarchists argue for, but IDK.

That's his propaganda book. "Constitution of Liberty" is a little more intellectually respectable (or at least better than a lot of other crap I read when I was a lolbertarian). haven't read it but you might try his later book "The Fatal Conceit."

The economic calculation problem is dumb as fuck. There's an easy way to know whether there is a shortage or surplus of a good. For shortage, just measure the number of people waiting in line for it. For surplus, count how many excess items are on the shelf. Now you know what to produce more of and what to produce less of, without any prices. Problem solved.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Decentralization fetishists of the bourgeois and communist varieties are the only people who seriously have to answer to the calculation problem.

Without a price system in particular to act as a regulating agent you're effectively forcing every single economic planning agent in a society to plan not only for itself but for every other one as well. This decentralization is doable to a certain extent but if you have every single community doing it then you'll literally have all of them having to take into account the minor details of every action of each one of the other 10's of thousands of planning committees at all times as well as their own. It is absurd to suggest these efforts could be coordinated in any way whatsoever without money-prices.

The same way we deal with human nature, by laughing it off as a meme. The ecp is market cucked nonsense that shouldn't be taken seriously.

Just plan your own production so that people aren't waiting in line for your shit, and your shit isn't piling up on shelves. No need to plan for everyone else.

All that prices do according to the economic calculation argument is signal whether there is too much of a good (price is low) or too little (price is high). You can literally skip the intermediary of price and examine with your own eyes whether there is too much or too little of a good. The argument is bullshit. btw I've read all of Mises' Human Action.


Typical juvenile, black-and-white tankie mentality.

had this as a required reading at one stage
first thought was sheer horror as i realized maybe Holla Forums does read and they just read shit like this. unspeakably bad.
i mean, i'm always predisposed to dislike hayek for obvious but when you take the basic ideas like "oh, if you regulate things you'll cause distortions in the price system, but sometimes regulating monopolies is okay" then you can be like "well okay, i understand, you've probably got a point somewhere even if i disagree", but you see the actual book and it's not enjoyable to read, it's not raising any novel concepts, it's not particularly convincing and it has a vernier of moralising and pseudo-intellectualism to cap it all off. if you want an argument against state intervention, it's that it could prompt someone irritated by it to write such a bad book.

actually if i remember right it's the only reading i skipped since i concluded if i kept reading it, it'd make it impossible to engage with his ideas (or at least, what others say his ideas are) in good faith because they were so poorly conveyed.

at least rothbard was funny, a free baby market will keep such abuses to a minimum!

Orwell was mostly Based except the name list
stay mad tankbaby

No they weren't. It was actually pretty indiscriminate.

All the anarchists that crawl out of the woodwork to defend him on this one should note that Charlie Chaplin is on the list. You know, the famous anarchist and decisive non-Stalinist?


gomrade Asimov would like to have a word with you..

plus, his novels are just plain boring, period
I couldn't finish 1984, I've seen it all already in metropolis and equilibrium
and animal farm leave a disgusting aftertaste à la don't try to change shit, it will only make it worse

so yea, Orwell is overrated

egalitarianism is a fucking meme though

*snips u*

This is why you are stupid and posting reaction images doesn't make you less retarded.

he did come up with very strong arguments for UBI,
right wingers cant stand that,
and he was mostly right in economical front, you cant fucking fault him for that, systems need to be taken a hard look at

enter Cockshott

Calculation problem is largely a meme.
Most goods fall into two large categories: things that are produced and sold in very high volume, consumer goods that are used by the millions, and low-volume things that sell for very high amounts, such as productive capital.
Consumer goods are going to be things that you can derive a constant rate of consumption for, or at least a function of rate, and decide on an appropriate surplus to keep in reserve for unexpected events based on historical data and information about the good itself.
Low volume stuff is pretty much already made to order anyway.
Calculation problem only comes in when you're trying to actually squeeze every penny of profit you can out of the process of production, which is something that leftists already argue against doing in the first place..

Why can't more people on here have nuanced takes like HBomberguy?


Not to mention the fact that the problem is pretty much rendered moot by the invention of linear optimization combined with the massive modern access to computing power. Added to that the whole idea that in-kind calculation won't work because you can't have perfect information is really fucking stupid. That's why we have statistical analysis.