"communism was terrible, just ask the people who lived under it"


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is this true?


Isn't that true for every country and political system and that tho

I don't believe it's true tbh.

It's more like Putin is ramping up people to like Stalin because he wants Russia to be strong like in Stalin era,

I found some guy who defended the tsar but also seemed sympathetic to stalin. Do russians just like being oppressed or something?



yes it is…what is said about Stalin isn't even remotely true.
As i have read in a book about people who lived in the USSR, i remember there was a lady who said something like: "Stalin only went against corrupt people. Hardwordking people like me and my husband didn't had any single problem suring Stalin days"

this is just not fucking true at all. Shit tier retrograde old people support it literally because of Russia Stronk and Stalin dindu nuffin others just have nostalgia for their youth when women weren't sluts and there wasn't so much fun, advertising drugs and crime fucking nobody defends it for economic or quality of life reasons.

t. Russian

So the same shit behind Hitler and Mao.


Imagive all the culture and industrialization if they did

it's always been a shitty non-developed colonial area populated by the shittiest people only used for power projection and geo strat goals in the pacific Putin is shilling for China to make investments there with limited success

I'm trying to learn Russian so I can translate academic stuff and make their living easier and hopefully they will grow
I really
REALLY want russia to become big and become rich and smart and that

Even if you don't like the current state of rassia you still probably feel empathetic to the home country of ur favorite 'Lin


No need. Nazbols like Jaffe Arnold are already doing HQ translations of Dugin's works.

tbh though that dream is more dead now than it was when the USSR was in control of the region.



imnogonna give it up yet

Translate Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian and the 3 native Alaskan TV, movies, film and books so they become fascinated and wanna live close them.

What is that gonna be like?

"One world under leaf"
The world has not yet known such evil, but it will.


They'll invade your country, burn your villages, and rape your women and children, but they'll be extremely polite about it.

There are 40,782,742 people living in sudan, there is no excuse for them

no bully ;_;

nah, even among those who think they're better off now in former socialist countries, they still admit the job security, egalitarianism and lack of homelessness were pretty good

I mean, anything is an upgrade from the tsar.

But yeah, Marxist-Leninism is pretty good in industrializing dirt poor countries.


the fucking nile runs through sudan, and most of the country is savanna and not desert
it's not weird at all for it to have a high population

Posted this in another thread but no replies yet. It seems more relevant here anyway. Thoughts on how biased it is?

If you really wanted to make this a top tier troll image you'd add an independent Quebec



Awesome, I've been practicing Russian for a full year now. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm absorbing it way more than I was at this point when I learned Spanish. Spanish was so hard for me because I kept wanting to compare it to English due to there being so many similarities, but since Russian has a completely different grammar with no articles, I've had no such problems.


t. teenager from Moscow

гуд лукк ми ман

I was thinking of translating entertainment from the countries I mentioned plus stuff that women read when and watch they get the babby rabbies and pick up artist stuff. Hopefully I'll make a difference even if smol.

I may try doing the same with vietnam.

Perhaps there may be some with nostalgia for the good ole days of the Khmer Rouge murdering those offensive bourgeoisie, and perhaps one could smear, insult and ad hominem their way to forcing an adversary to retire form a discussion of an analogy between Cambodia and Russia, but honestly why would any rational person want to sacrifice themselves for the sake of parasites?

You've just proven to me that old people in Russia love to feast on the economic opportunity as much as old fucks in the western world.

I do not live in russia, but lot's of people in my former socialist country are quite nostalgic for the time when they had bigger purchasing power, eaten better quality food and had job security. On other hand, nobody is nostalgic for the times when policemen were much more abusive and people forced to do shit like singing papers that they agree with stuff old party members in Moscow do.

get a load of this hothead


Yes it turns out people prefer to not live hand to mouth and have access to social mobility how weird.

Of course it's self-interested.
It's bad, partly because of that. To fuck over other people with no regard for others.

They have no right to demand anything from me. I have self interest too.

If they want to take it by force, then they should do so personally.

are you factory owner or something? You do not make much sense

No, but I was used as security for loans that benefit old people much more than young people.
I have to pay the bill.

why are you so angry at people getting fraction of what you produce instead of people taking majority of what you produce? Or more importantly, why are you angry at [old] people advocating for system with lower taxes and higher pay for people like you?

Because they are supporting an unjust system for their own benefit. They destroyed the economy. The destroyed the community and lowered social trust by importing millions of foreigners into my country.

They are a cancer who are anti young people. They hate us. They belittle us and want to have a good life on our costs. They call us names for wanting the same benefits they grew up with.

They do not even just want to take the majority of what I earn. They also want to use me to take on more debt, they can spend on themselves and let the social securities implode.


show me on doll where old russians touched you

kek, none of us miss communism
we miss the glory, the prestige, the might, we miss being the first in space, we miss having the best universities, we miss having no drugs on the streets, we miss foreign science fictions set 1000 years in the future, where we still exist as a global power

besides, stalin was a pure warlord
stalin's ideology was warlodism
stalin was killing people for the sake of his personal private power, nothing else he wasnt any "servant" of "the people", neither was he an "instrument of historical necessity" or whatever, hell even 'aryan races came from atlantis' theory sounds more plausible than that, he was just a strong and respectable man and we were strong and respectable people, we miss not being a beaten dog dragging itself on the street

t. russian
westerner leftist self hating unpatriotic sensitive faggots can only larp russian red army conscripts or 12 hour hard labor factory shifts, our motivations in cold war were purely aggressive and imperialistic, our villagers joined armies because they wanted to smell perfume for the first time on women they raped and because of self preservation, not some sheltered unemployable humanities student's idealism


So basically Paternalism?

again, only westerner spoiled sheltered fags with infinite sensitivities must end all their sentences with ism
i dont fucking know what your "paternalism" even is
its not an ism
its common sense

my whole point is that no one cared if our money papers, toasters, cars and everything else had a small nazi symbol, or communist symbol, or freedom/market/enterprise symbol stamped in the corner
we care only about having the stuff, and no one is interested in the isms, no one outside of your bubble even slaps ism after every other sentence nor does he care about other people who do slap ism behind every word

its a microcosm of the westerner wannabe leftist
its irritating, retarded, meaningless, impotent, misguided, and it thinks its smart, cool, unique and different just because he is tying his shoes different, or is doing something equally trivial and unimportant different, like slapping a "free tibet" sticker on his car, or "being" a socialist/communism on the internet, and so on

People who moved out of the eastern bloc or who's parents did tend to hate socialism, as do people in Soviet satellite countries. Mainland Russians are generally pretty divided on whether they like socialism or not.

But all of them only have experience with shit-tier Marxism-Leninsm and have never even heard of other tendencies so none of their opinions really count.

Hello Holla Forums, how are you today?

so you miss the glory days, but you dont miss communism? even though communism ()stalins Era to be specific brought it.

That was "socialism in one country".

Capitalism is terrible, just ask me, someone who has lived under it my entire life.

this.. only people who disagree with this are russoboos.

Except Cambodians love The communist leader of Cambodia Heng Samrin

holy larp

Not fucking true. I'm Russian and all my parents and grandparents defend the SU for economic and quality of life reasons like not being worried about becoming homeless and starving to death.
Yes because drugs advertising and crime have nothing at all to do with economics or quality of life. Go fuck yourself idiot.