Is mass violence part of human nature, Holla Forums?

Is mass violence part of human nature, Holla Forums?


hi fin socdem
you literally shilled for fascism and total war, don't know why you're trying to school others on "mass violence" being bad

You just cannot deny the sociological and purifying factors of warfare, how it elevates the human condition to its extreme state rebinding the whole of society just on the basis that you as a person dislike violence.
It is just pure insanity to not want to liberate oneself form these unnatural bindings that are not even tied to our allure towards the mythical violence!


This is not to make moral judgment of violence itself, but rather to explain away the perversion that normal person holds towards it? If it`s truly just and it serves our monkey like brains why just seek to end it or abolish it as state of being?

Not under socialism, capitalism is the cause of mass violence

spooked cuck
have you read a single book of theory so far?

also, you're an overweight neckbeard, dunno why you're glorifying war when you're not even in shape

As your chart obviously shows, there is an aspect of human nature that is terribly violent, but it can differ depending on the material basis and what kind of society said humans live in.

Yes, currently I`m reading Zizek`s The Sublime Object of Ideology(or rather translation of it) and I have read form Lenin to Kropotkin a few years ago(albeit more loosely)

It`s about the human potential for change with the war and while I might be overweight right now this was not the case when I served in military and I`m still b-class non-active reservist.

Go read Zizek's Violence.

That a finnfag has done military service isn't much proof of ones combat ability lol

I`m fairly positive that regardless of that, I have better and more solid military training than 90% of this board.

No, in fact your graph proves that it is not as it shows how malleable "human nature" is and how humans respond differently depending on the environment, cultural and historical context. If violence was part of human nature all the red bars should be around the same fixed percentage throughout the entire graph.



Violence is caused by ideological structure of society and material deficiencies.

1. Hierarchy causes violence due to inequality of power, whenever someone posesses social status he starts cannibalising those "beneath" him to retain it.

2. Poverty causes violence, since it is the simplest way to procure material goods. When the need to obtain decreases, and there are non-violent means to do so violence recedes.

3. Deficient self-defense methods provoke violence. Have a nasty biteā€¦ and preemptive strike against you stops being a valid option. (see north korea)

could you perhaps show a graph that compares violent deaths of these supposedly "non-state" societies with something other than peace-time modern west?

Why are namefags such cancer?

It's a part of history, it arisis from unresolved tensions.

At the end of the day, long as there's two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead.

It's a potentiality in human nature, but it needn't be a reality in human society. Reason, which is also part of human nature, can prevail over it.