Explain me in one sentence how next capitalist crisis is an inevitablity

Explain me in one sentence how next capitalist crisis is an inevitablity.

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The tremendous prevalence of all sorts of bubbles in the present-day economy as well as the tendency of capitalist profits to fall over time.

nazbols get the gulag too

decent reply, thanks

Sorry we don't have easy to understand for retards info graphs /pol.


Capitalism doesn't work.


Socialism is far too complex to reduce to but a sentence. Read the Communist Manifesto, low quality troll.


More specifically, capitalism demands that profits be perpetually reinvested, but the rate of return on investment in productive industry (more cars, food, etc.) is very low because the productive forces are extremely developed and efficient. Capital has nowhere else to go so it ends up in credit bubbles propping up consumption of goods like cars, or stock bubbles propping up unprofitable meme companies like Tesla or Uber. All this fictitious capital will result in a correction eventually, leading to some crisis in the near future, though the scope of the crisis is impossible to predict. Also whether the crisis will result in revolution or just further immiseration of the proletariat is also dependent on whatever political organization exists at the time.

Stop being a brainlet.

look if it can't be explained in a tweet it's not real philosophy okay?

True commmunisms will finally happen

The bourgeoisie does all it can to give out as less and less money to the people, but depends on the people spending money to buy their products.


Workers can't buy the same amount of goods as they produce since they're paid less on aggregate than the amount that the goods are sold for, leading to capital accumulating in the hands of the borgissi, meaning that there is overproduction and not enough economic purchasing power to keep the economic machinery running, AFAIK. But I'm a booklet, so don't take my word for it

It's called business cycles, learn basic economics.


Crisis are inherent to capitalism, which is the mode of production of this day and age.

Next two in burgerstan will be automation -
particularly of transport jobs - and collapse of silicon valley bubble

Because the 2008 financial crisis was never solved. Think of the 2008 financial crisis as a person with an expose fracture, but instead of puting cast on that person leg, the medics just put various bandaids to cover the wound.
That's what politicians did as a response for the 2008 financial crisis. Lots of bandaids on a massive open wound.

We are still in a crisis?

Why is everything nice and cozy?

because ignorance is bliss


Speak for yourself, the working conditions in my Yuro country has been only getting ever shitter since 2008

Call me when it hits me.

Such as? Are you getting hungrier?


It's not that. Nowadays the employers love using internship instead of normally hiring people to cut costs, after all "you'll be able to write it into your career portfolio :^)". Additionally the reforms ushered by our lovely liberal party over the eight years of its rule has only helped in spreading the practice of so called "trashy contracts", in which you're pretty much like a normal wage worker, except many labour laws can be omitted and you can be told to fuck off at any moment. The employers also love demonstrating the existence of reserve army of labour, the phase "you should be thankful for what you have now, there are 5 waiting to take your place" has already become a meme.
Moreover we have almost no safety net, it was already raped by our post communist blairite-wannabes before, but the crisis only encouraged destroying the remains. In fact our heavily right-wing party has won the recent elections only because they have promised something as simple as 500 złoty(our currency) a month if you have two children. And boy, you should've seen the massive screeching from the centrist faggots screeching that "they're giving those lazy thrash gibmedats and those shits won't feel like working anymore!"
No wonder people are fucking off en masse to the west.

Sound like the usual shit companies do.

This is what they do in the west too, except you have nicer vacation.

No, we do have it worse. Our employers and managers are so shit you are better off getting hired in a foreign company because they don't have a feudal mentality of treating workrs like subhumans, it's a common knowledge.

Unless you are literally starving outta the street, I don't think it's that bad to be honest.

That's the thing, even fucking beggar nowadays can go to Youtube.

The media and free shit has made the mind numb to pain.

and people are starving out in the street. I see them every day when I go to work.


Where are the papers showing people starved to death in the street in your country?

My country has humanely solved the problem of poor people starving in the street by allowing our cops to humanely and efficiently execute them instead of forcing them to endure the humiliation of not having money.

While I'm sure more people still die of traffic incident more than these "executions".

Well, people here seem to disagree, considering we have pretty nice rates of emigration.
Opium of the people 2: electric boogaloo

The fact the people can emigrate means it ain't that bad.

It just means people want more money.

The way that capitalism normally deals with crises of profitability is by resetting some of the means of production. WWII is really what brought Europe out of the Great Depression by literally destroying industry. The other way is by finding cheaper labor to exploit. Neither of these happened with the Great Recession and we have effectively been in another long depression since 2008. The recovery has only happened for the top 5% in the US and largely only in the finance, insurance, and real estate sectors. While these may be included in GDP estimates, rent and credit do not create any real value and are disconnected from the rest of the economy. Finally, the rational response to the insolvent banks in 2008 would have been to break them up and establish national or state banks. This didn't happen. Instead, they were bailed out in one of the largest transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich in history and they were allowed to continue consolidating, posing and even greater systemic risk to the economy now than they did in 2008. Last year around this time, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America all issued formal warnings to expect another crisis within the year. That crisis hasn't happened yet, but the next crisis is coming. And, and because there hasn't even been a proper recovery from the last one, the next crisis could be big, bigger than the Great Recession this time, possibly rivaling the Great Depression itself.

Yes I too am sure that reality conforms neatly to your preconceived prejudices and notions so that you'll never have to encounter uncomfortable facts or ideas.

It fell apart 10 years ago and it's due for another round of buttfucking?
Seriously, this has happened constantly for over a hundred years, the shit just breaks on its own after a decade or two.

The imminent threat of nuclear war.


Do bring up your statistics on starvation and police executions.

Thats the third option, though it doesn't fundamentally fix the economy for any middle class or lower class people. But then again, who can say what the economy is "for"?

You have a crash, banks and big companies are in trouble, and you can either let them die and see that painful destruction and reshuffling of capital, you can nationalize them, or you can pay off their debts and losses. The latter is obviously just wealth redistribution, but it keeps the companies afloat. It's the naked abuse of the entire working class for the sake of the rich, just grinding down their net worth and incomes so the big companies can pay off their debts and pay their rich shareholders. Apparently that was the path we chose last time, but it can't be sustained. The solution to every crises can't be "lets steal more surplus from the workers to make up losses" or else we are on our way to having populations of first world countries living in slums.