How can you be Ian Miles Cheong and not realize how fucking pathetic, unlikable, idiotic, and unpleasant you are on every measurable level?

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Honestly? He probably gets off on being hated. I think that's a certain personality type that's just naturally predisposed towards the alt-right, and it's the reason so many of them are so willing to publicly humiliate themselves in order to "own the libs" and "trigger the snowflakes". I think public humiliation gives them a little high the same way public shaming gives SJWs a quick little high.

I think this video illustrates my point nicely.

You do know he was an sjw for longer than he was with the alt-right?

he was previously a full on SJW, in with the Zoe Quinn clique and everything before he switched sides

He just a boring right wing pundit now who feed on GG old memesters now. He deserve neither admiration nor hate.

At least he's not Anthony Burch.

I don't see how this disproves my point, the kinds of people who're attracted to these kinds of extreme identity politics have severe mental illness, and I can see most of them going one way or the other. Either way, most of them seem to be fixated on humiliation and shaming, otherwise they simply wouldn't willingly choose to participate in these obviously toxic online communities that seem completely based on constant witch hunts and online lynchings.

Without clicking, is this the video of the guy eating bugs because SJWs?

lel, no, it's Baked Alaska getting maced.

I think one of the anons was agreeing with you.

And before he was a SJW he larped as a Nazi.
The guy is plain bonkers.

Somebody get me up to speed on this guy. I know he's notorious for being a faggot, but I dunno what for. Gimme some examples of shitty things he's done.

I think you're giving Cheong too much credit. He struck me as just an opportunist. I'd be surprised if he actually cares much about identity politics one way or the other. I bet he's just in it for the money and attention. Don't forget, the rats are the first ones off a sinking ship.


sorry dude I wasn't clear - i was agreeing you. he's a great example that the people on either end of le culture war are very similar kinds of people and, in some cases like this tosser, are literally the same people.

Sort of like The Amazing Atheist

Maybe, either way, as this "culture war" continues I think we'll see lots of these e-celebs switch sides rather frequently, because they just see their online presence as a stepping stone for a media career, so any time one side is a little too mean to them, or the second they get temporarily excommunicated because of a "pre-woke" rape joke they tweeted 2009, they'll just jump to the other side of the fence. Look at Baked Alaska himself, he's already preparing to switch sides and has already denounced the alt-right as too extreme, a year from now he's just going to rebrand as a born again woke person.

Apologies, it's pretty late where I am so maybe I didn't read your post with full capacity.

you just described most of the internet personalities

I feel a little bad for tj, he's kind of an asshole but I don't actually have anything against him doing deviant sexual stuff. Hell I like some deviant sexual stuff. I don't think he ever claimed to be pure or anything it's only embarrassing for him because he's ugly.

Why the fuck are these things literally everywhere?

Even I have one, a guy just randomly gave it to me.

Compare yourself to Arthur Chu every day, and it's impossible to not feel like Superman.

I had to google it too, but its actually a different person. We might be racist against fat little asian guys user.

Some context please


It was super notorious back in the day.
The banana thing was a "girlfriend" (really troll/catfish/whatever) who asked him to do it over Skype or Stickam or whatever the fuck it was. It was a big thing at the time.

I think this illustrates the point better.


fuck off, weird twitter