Some trash political commentator has just been sacked from everywhere for apparently trying to kiss someone who was not...

Some trash political commentator has just been sacked from everywhere for apparently trying to kiss someone who was not interested

it is now illegal to hit on anyone during a date

Literally who?

just another random conspicuous women respecting male ally shitlib.

t. rupert myers

funny how women are allowed to flirt with and grope men and generally act lasciviously (see any nightclub ever), but it's not considered assault or harassment


Why couldn't it be Nick Robinson?

who's next lads? place your bets. jones is the outlier since he claims to be gay, but on the other hand, according to some, gays are supposedly arch-misogyterrorists who feel even more entitled to women's bodies than het dudes

absolutely macintosh, he's got the cold dead eyes


Gee it's almost like the story "men have been and still are utterly dominant over women" is a straight-up power fantasy for dudes who don't know what a vagina feels like, and putting the "but I'm a heroic white knight fighting to change that" is the cherry on top that's supposed to give them the keys to the kingdom via NiceGuy points.

Oliver is too beta to do anything to a woman without her asking him to repeatedly.
Josh is most likely fucking Anita (or had been at some point) and they worked out a deal where she could accuse him of misconduct for attention where they'd split the revenue.
Who the fuck is the third guy?

Owen Jones. He's a demsoc Grauniad columnist in Bongistan. He's actually OK most of the time and does some good work, plus he's apparently a gayfag and would be a difficult target, that's why he's the wildcard .


I thought it was another Sam Kriss thread. Boy, male allies are just dropping like flies lately.

Good riddance tbh. I feel like the amount of retards we have peddling this shit to cover their own asses requires a bit of bloodletting.

Its almost as if Idpolers were all pathological trash…

I fully agree, this whole socjus thing is absolutely full of crooks seeking to hide their sins. But I can't help but be worried that only the male nu-feminists seem to be liable to fall from grace. Women and trannies seem to get a free pass. See Laurelai, Sarkeesian, Shanley Kane, Sarah Nyberg etc.


Aren't pretty much every single one of those people you listed literally who tier now though?

It's a massive grift. They'll fuck off when the donations and grants dry up

Well they're varying degrees of successful, but the point is they should all be completely ostracized, if not downright in prison. Yet they're still considered "thought leaders" and So Brave womyn and are very well-connected with the media/Weird twitter crew.

Oliver would never get into a sex scandal, it's well known that he's in a very committed and loving relationship with the current year.

Or is he?