Im in for a wild ride, aren't i?

Im in for a wild ride, aren't i?

State and Rev is cool though, the manifesto is really a book that's more useful as propaganda than as theory

Have fun
commie manifesto isn't that good overall but it is useful to new people

no, you just ordered the entry level books. Come back when you read bordiga

Here are some other meme books to add to your collection.


Just keep in mind while reading these.
Marx was a NEET who never worked a day in his life.
Communism was his plan for perpetuating his lifestyle forever.

You're in for making the same wrong assumptions based on the Communist Manifesto that literally everyone does, since people have been reading this fucking book in school for years now and no one knows the basic of what Marxism is.

Then you're in for a work about the nature of the State in Marxist theory, but you'll be approaching that from a vacuum, without knowledge of the different factions and political strategies of the Second International and the Tsarist Russia socialist movement and without understanding historical materialism, so you're just going to misread the entire piece and make, once again, wrong assumptions.

Chances are none of this will challenge your actual beliefs or introduce you to new ways of thinking. I know I sound pedantic, but you're doing this wrong and you'll be wasting your time.

Other than his work as a journalist, editor, writer and politician of the First International and other political groups, of course. If that means he was a NEET than 99% of the intellectuals in history were NEETs, you dummy. Stop parroting lvl 1 shit you saw on 9gag.

He suckled off the tit of his bourgeois buddy his entire life and then his magnum opus shit all over him.
Parasite scum bag / 10

Why does Holla Forums take obvious bait all the fucking time?

You're a moron.

When was the last time you saw someone who wasn't upper middle class or higher that was a commie?

You're a simp who will never move past getting all your politics from memes.

Well, I guess that's slightly better than the people who read Wikipedia articles on Das Kapital and try to "debunk" Marx here on in 5-minutes videos on Youtube

Wew, better upgrade and get my political beliefs from poorly thought out propaganda rather than economics books instead


>not understanding how supply and demand only affect fluctuations in price
show me a situation where that fabled supply and demand works like that in practice, cuck

leninists in a nutshell
read some more marx first

Just shoplift them like a true communist


State and Rev is good, but be sure to supplement it with pic related as to avoid getting pigeon holed into the 20th century mindset as many leftists do. Same length, easier language.

Also remember when reading it that Lenin's description of Socialism is not the same as Marx's (although still better than anything Kautsky might have put out). The rest of the book is good though.