Cop Who Killed Unarmed Dad Begging for His Life Claims Showing Jury Body Cam is “Unfair”

Cop Who Killed Unarmed Dad Begging for His Life Claims Showing Jury Body Cam is “Unfair”

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Fuggggg I hope this footage leaks, we'll get another LA riots.


come the fuck on now


Only lolbertarians get upset when cops kill white guys, blacks don't care - unless by "LA riots" you mean endless snarky tweets by blacks and shitlibs about how it's "chickens coming home to roost for wypeepaw"

Fuck pigs man

I cop could be on film masturbating while cutting a baby's face off and there would still be Americans justifying the behavior.

Yes, actually.


Holy fuck.

That's it I'm a tankie now
We NEED to kill every single one of these slugs and bury them in a ditch


White people don't think this shit happens so most of us never pay attention to footage like this and when we do most of us try to find an excuse for the cops' behavior. Meanwhile black people actually have a sense of solidarity.

Can someone post pics of dead cops or cops being murdered for carthasis?


Fun fact: it requires more training to become a barber than a cop in America.

Barber College - 10-15 months
Police Academy - 19 weeks to 6 months.

Fug, I watched this before becoming a Leftist and it's still an uncomfortable video even after. It's not really cathartic when the cop tries his best to not be an asshole and to not make the situation go violent. Now, if this happened while the cop was brutalizing or murdering someone else, then it'd be different.

OK, now consider the context that this is the video they play for cops in training to encourage them to draw a gun the moment they get a little spooked.

Well what'll make you even more uncomfortable is knowing that's the video they show to all these new police hires, and is a major contributor to why they think that they're on a one man war against the entire civilian populace. His refusal to resort to his gun is seen by these new recruits as an abject lesson in taking the opportunity to shoot first, before Mr. Citizen Tom, who's just going to the store to buy his milk and bread, gets any crazy ideas in his cop killing head.

I know that. The shitty thing is the cop probably did what cops should do: try to prevent violence from happening and putting the safety of citizens first to the absolute reasonable extent. It's hard to blame the guy for how his death will be used in the future to scare cops into being easily violent.

Christopher Dorner, Micah X Johnson and Gavin Long did more to fight crime in just a few hours than all the cops in Burgerland combined.



Fucking cops are monsters

Fuck off with this shit liberal.

He deserved it

The fuck does this mean? Anarkiddies are so fucking stupid.

Go back to fantasizing about being bullied by a sovietboo officer.

When did ever tankies defended cops?

If you slap a hammer and sickle or red star on it tankies will defend it.

This is such a retarded and uncalled for statment. First I doubt that cop abuse ever existed in the SU. Second putting hammer and sickle on cop doesn't make sense nor it's possible, it's like a fascist advocating for class struggle. Third, how would a world without cops or something similar would even work?
Seriously groundless retarded strawman

I wish the police in my country had the same power than teh US police.
The police officer that grabs his gun and shoots is a dead man…some years a go there was a police operation in high hours of the night to hunt for drunk drivers. A car refused to stop and run away, the police chased him, the officer shot and one of the bullets killed the run away driver. Police was convicted as an murderer and was expelled…he was just doing hsi job! what if that drunk driver had run over someone walking in the street, or trashed the car into a store? Of course he didn't wanted to kill him, but a persecution at high speed that ended up happening, it's unreal.


Nice one ol' boomer. Your take is cherished.

There's not an anime girl smug enough for this.
Like socialist commodity production?
What do you think communism is?

Go home Democratic Cops of America.

Seriously. Maybe you had some problems from g-man. But I doubt cops were alllowed the same level of freedom they have in the US
Don't try to derail the argument. You know you are wrong, now you are trying to change argument.
I tell what it isn't: A perfect world where everyone will be a goodboy, there will be no problems, there will be no assholes, there will be no violent people ecc.
Communism is not an utopia

There's a big leap from the US level of cops getting away with shit to cop abuse being nonexistant.
It's the same argument, both socialist commodity production and socialist cops are oxymorons. Tankies already defend the former as socialist, giving creedence to them defending anything with sovietboo paintjobs.
And it doesn't require a state official to protect property, which is what a cop fundamentally is.

I never heards stories of cop abuse from the urrs is my point
Doesn't mean shit. How can things work without cops? Jesus. Socialism and cops is not an oxymoron. I don't know where you get this shit from
This doesn't mean shit. What the fuck are you talking about? Under socialism institutions work in a different way than undercapitalism
You strawmanning hard, kys.

I've never heard of a tasty octopus dish but I'd be a retard to say it didn't exist.
The function of cops is to protect property, a socialist cop makes as much sense as a socialist stock broker or socialist market or socialist commodity production. That you seemingly believe socialism is merely capitalism with a new paint job and not the abolishment of property shows you either don't understand what it is or are just an edgy socdem, or both more than likely.
You first hapa.

Give me fucking sources then. The KGB and the NVKD pulled a lot of shit probably but the police? I want to see proofs.
Stop being a dogmatic cunt.
No, it's not the same fucking thing because the role of the cop isn't exclusive to capitalism.
Soviet union did abolish private property.
About commodity production, I'd like to how you'd manage to industrialize a 3rd world country fast after you abolished commodity production… Then I remember that you are a ultraleft faggot: and undemocratic piece of shit who spouts more anti communist propaganda than anyone on the left, liberals included, that neglects the 3rd world

You're the one who made the claim no police abuse existed, you need to back it up with more than "I didn't hear about it". For someine insistent that "there will be no problems, there will be no assholes, there will be no violent people" it seems odd you'd assune comrade cops would have no problems among them.
Tell that to pic related.
It's exclusive to the protection of property. As socialism abolishes private property, the police no longer has a function.
It didn't, the instution of property persisted with the state as the firm.
By letting capitalism occur. There's a reason why Marx believed that socialism would come from the contradictions of capitalism and not the contradictions of feudalism.
Stop being a triggered little faggot because someone doesn't think the USSR was utopia.

*For someine insistent that "there will be no problems, there will be no assholes, there will be no violent people" isn't true it seems odd you'd assume comrade cops would have no problems among them.

Just when you think ML's can't get dumber

Nope, I'm saying that cops weren't trigger happy as american police and probably police abuse wasn't so common. Obviously there was at least one or two cases. What I'm saying here is that cops had really limited power. I think so. Maybe cop abuse was inexistent
Read again faggot, I was saying that police or something else that fights crime must exist because communist ISN'T an utopia so assholes and violent people will still exist. And yeah, cops can be assholes too sometimes, no shit.
Seriosuly? YOU, an ultra left faggot, quoting him? That statment isn't to be taken literally. What it means is that cops under capitalism exist to delay the awekening of the proles. Like succdems, cops protect private property in the sense that they keep the statuos quo.
Who'll fight crime? Don't think crime won't exist under socialism. Certain types of crime will vanish, not all of them.
Don't think it was an utopia but discarting every improvment and rejecting the fact that it was the first important workers revolution is at the same level discussion of saying it was perfect.
Again what's wrong with what the soviet union did? They transitioned. Yeah there were some capitalistic elements, I can't refute that. This doesn't make it less valid.

To be honest this is what ML states made of themselves.

Then you should stop typing in English because that isn't what "I doubt that cop abuse ever existed in the SU" means.
And yet you previously stated that you doubted cop abuse ever happend. I can't be held responsible for misunderstanding your piss poor communication skills.
Supermarket of ideology is only fit for looting.
Mein gott.
Not police because they currently don't fight crime. Whatever arises to fight crime will look nothing like current or historical police.
It failed to abolish capitalism and deserves to be criticsed for it. I don't fawn over the ways it was better than lazy fairy capitalism because I'm not a socdem faggot.
It didn't abolish capital and ceased to exist. Getting eight decades of social democracy isn't the goal of socialism.

Cops abuse as a mass fenomenon didn't exist in my opinion, this doesn't mean that they were all goodboys.
so you don't know. The problem is the police as an institution and the unlimited power that it has, not the concept.
The moment you say only socdems faggot like the SU you are rejecting everything that it did.
You took the question out of context.

Then you were shit at communicating it and whoever taught you English did a bad job.
Predicting the future society is utopian. What I do know is the cops as we know them will vanish with the abolition of property as their historical incarnation has been the preservation of property.
Ok then, I reject it.
I answered the question about what it did wrong. It transitioned to capitalism but failed to abolish capitalism.

Did you really have to derail the thread so you could have a little sectarian jab? Thx comrade, great work

Autismo, you shouldn't take everything literally
Again with the fucking dogmatism. Can you explain what do mean by protecting private property?
Then you are a fucking idiot
Capitalism is not a checkpoint. Is not something you need just to add a sign on your belt. You need capitalism to build infrastructures and wealth. The soviet union after stalin wasn't even interested in abolishing capitalism this is true, that said they didn't really had a chance even if they wanted with half of the world against them, you know.

When they had them in every state they created?

No I assume he's talking about the watts riots you historically illiterate fuckwit. All the biggest riots in US history have been class/race riots

What they should have done? Copless society isn't possible. You can rebrand them all you want but you can't eliminate the law and the lawman. It's not like catalonia didn't have cops.

Stop blaming your failure to communicate on me.
Protection against theft of and damages to private property.
Blindly fellatiating a failed attempt to abolish capitalism is far more idiotic than rejecting said failure.
So now you agree that the USSR wasn't socialist, or at the very least didn't abolish capitalism. Why would you want to repeat the capitalism under red flags then? The point of socialism isn't to have a breddy gud social democracy, it's to abolish capitalism and so far every revolution has failed.

This is demonstrably false. It's true it usually doesn't cause as much of a stir among the BLM crowd than a black guy shot dead, but most do address police brutality regardless of the victim's race.

Copless societies existed for thousands of years.


oh wow

Laws, in the sense of rules enforced through the violence of a figure or institution of "authority" did not exist for most of human existence, and even when it was present most communities would deal with their problems without resorting to the King's Justice. You're also moving the goalposts, laws are not the same as cops.

Only in the aforementioned "chickens coming home to roost for white people" sense to push for less police harassment of African-Americans.

I've never seen any liberal or black get upset about this without tying it into "this is why white people should support Black Lives Matter, because the results of getting police off black backs will trickle down to white people…somehow, idk, just support us you closeted racist"

The fuck are you smoking? What does any riot have to do with a white guy getting killed by police incompetence?

I can think of one whose murder might trigger riots.

Is Shaun "Talcum X" King *actually* white or is that just a meme? I always just thought he's the mixed race son of a John Legend-tier Black-American.

The name on his birth certificate is a white guy but his mom says his real dad is black.

You tell me.

Yeah, nooo…his dad ain't black.



He's about as white as you.