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Damn libcucks got BTFO!
Should have brought Stephen Crowder so that they could make out to really trigger the leftists though.

Is that guy wearing Mariocore in the second photo?

tbqh famlam, Liberals are worse and actual thread to our movement.

wow they really showed us. I can truly see it now, they dress up as babies and defend their safe space to show us leftists that WE are actually the real babies in diapers who want safe spaces. I love neoconservatism now

Conservatives are liberals

Don't kinkshame Crowder he can only get off by wearing dresses to own the libs

Genuinely find it hard to believe that this was devised to mock safe space and not as some weird conservative fetishistic self-own.

they really are playing 4d chess

What's the deal with aut-righters and abdl? Seriously first it was Ben Garrisson and Lauren Southern and now this? Are they so traumatised by the post-modern condition that they have all defensively regressed into the infant stage

PWNing the libs!


Holla Forums btfo

This was supposed to be a joke! A joke!

Can a person humiliate themselves harder than this?

nah, they should've had Lauren Southern

You don't want the answer to that question.


doesn't look like conservatism my friend, that some good and tasty captialism! think about how the jobs it took to manufacture those adult diapers, the fence, all of it!

well done my friends. keep up the good work.

Can't wait to see the bottom pic on Holla Forums, everyone commenting about how skinny their forearms are and how ugly they look. Bunch of betas to be sure.

Who cares, Holla Forums are fat autists that embarrass themselves when they go out.

Serious fuckin post: If Kirk is exposed and expelled as a deep cover agent provocateur working to waste as much Koch money as possible I would be the first patron to sign up for his left-wing podcast

could they pick a worse fetish

Yes, they could be into gentle femdom or bloodplay.

those are way better than diaper fetish

kindly fuck of??????

Sasuga, Holla Forums.

Honestly, I only understood what they were even trying to accomplish when I read your comment, so to me it was definitely a weirdly fetishistic self-own.

vore? dunno how they'd show it off though

Even /abdl/ hates these conservatard faggots. No self-respecting age regressionist would settle for basic bitch Depends when there are far more absorbent and childish adult diapers on the market from smaller, niche companies such as Bambino or ABU.

the "new"-right is the most jewish thing ever