Real talk comrades, who is the worst namefag on this board?

Real talk comrades, who is the worst namefag on this board?

All of them.

You're not special.

These. Tripfsggotry is a disease

A.W./anal water

newest of the newfags here, what's a namefag?


someone who fills out the name field when posting instead of being anonymous

anyone who isn't user

like that??

You have to go back.

None are bearable except the ones that have a function like newsanon or the spectre rogue guy. Unfortunately leftypol is addicted to bait so idiots get a healthy dose of (you)s and continue being retarded

Afroplasm without a single doubt. He's a reddit-tier newfag and he's spooked as hell about gays

but i haven't got anywhere to go to, lad. i am all alone

jim profit

came here to say this.


I remember when Milo posted here and I still maintain he was the worst, but afro comes second.

The dude with the Hammer Sickle flag. He is super close tho being a Nazi and holds many Nazbol like views.


he is the only one who uses that one

AW is a pretentious shit but at least the guy reads unlike 90% of this board.

muke. doesn't even use a name and you know it's him when he talks

Holy shit really? What'd he go under?

Holla Forums's milo wasn't breitbart milo. He was a race realist tripfag who really loved traps and who derailed every thread with muh Autism Level.

Oh ok lol, that woulda been pretty interesting if it was Breitbart Milo

Howard, without a doubt.

fin socdem

Is there a namefag who uses the Hammer & Sickle? There are without a doubt more than one user who use that flag.

When's Afroplasm ever been spooked about gays?

Are you sure it wasn't the same guy?


Brietbart Milo is too much of an attention whore not to identify himself if he ever posted here.
Plus leftypol milo didn't want to fuck black people.


This. Cant we just ban that fascist?

This. Filter them all.


But I am the real black flag


Afroplasm is literally legion

There have been threads where he talked about either being molested or hit on by a gay man as a child. He also buys into the whole "homosexuality is bourgeois decadence"



And it is…just look at the faggot culture. Just look at their retarded parades, just look how they glorify talentless pop singers such as Lady gaga and Madonna which make horrendous garbage music. Just look how they will on to parties, bingedrink, compulsive fornicators, 700€ shoes.
I know homosexuals who don't identify at all with faggot culture, anyone with a little bit of common sense should that they are garbage. Faggots are nothing but garbage invented at the USA after the 1969 riots in New York. And they keep glorifying this retardation as a legitimate lifestyle. It's garbage. There's no different between a fucking faggot and a useless goldman sachs employee.

Idk, I've been gay around him and he's always seemed chill about it.

I'm pretty sure you're baiting, but I'm gonna address you anyway.

There's more to our "culture" than whatever surface-level shit you're on about. Most of your criticisms are pretty shallow, anyway - the problem with pride parades has more to do with its having gradually turned into a corporate thing. Listening to shitty pop is something pretty much every demographic does, except people who don't like that music.

I enjoy parties (why the fuck wouldn't I?), but I've never owned expensive shoes. I don't really judge people who have more sex than I do, though - good for them. I have a pretty low libido, but it's cool that they get such a thrill from it.

Don't vodka companies do the same thing for straight people?

But I don't work for Goldman Sachs.