Hoochie started posting again

Hoochie started posting again

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I like it. Breaks up the plot a little.

god i hate tripfags.

My favorite poster

Its just spasm of few days right? Then we can have our board back, right?

I actually think this is a good thing. She derailed threads a lot in the beginning, but now days she mostly triggers Holla Forumsyps and makes funny shitposts.

Remove tripfags from the premises.

Hoochie is unironically my favorite poster
I hope hoochie will love me someday


Rumors say that she makes a living as a dominatrix, so I hope you're into that kind of thing.

How many Vietcong subversives did you have to "disappear" in the ARVEN before you were granted US citizenship in the '70s, anyway?

tree fiddy

Not him but that's actually pretty hot
Probably not true but still

I'm into everything except feces and urine

We're gonna need this.

I hate tripfags, but even I'm not sure how I feel about this. Satan user has already made a full comeback too.

Satan Nazi who everyone wants to fuck or one of the other Satan posters?

Relax, these are merely the death throes of her shitposting. May 2017 marked the beginning of Hoochie-Sapiens' extinction. She is currently in the process of being replaced by a superior, more adaptable species of Holla Forums shitposter. One who can not only get on the board's collective nerves, but also actually reads Marxist theory. It's the circle of life.

You will never replace Hoochie Mulatoplasm.

Question: are Hoochie, Chaya, and AnFem the only females (not traps, but actual females) who post on this board?

Finding a natural vag in a leftist circle is easier than finding a four-leaf clover I fucking swear.

This is only the case with the hard left and e-politics. Women are over-repented in the left when it comes to realpolitik.

Chaya? There's at least two anfems, the qt Lebanese escort and some TERF that got bullied back to a lolcow board. Then in the trash thread there is one who is getting fit, one who married an Indian dude, and one who draws some cool shit. On top of that we have female anons who don't reveal their vag because it's attention whoring that has nothing to with the topic at hand, but obviously I don't know how many of those there are.


Good, can't wait to see her derailing all the Holla Forums threads

Pretty sure stalinstache doesn't trip on purpose. He's thick as fuck when it comes to using computers and lurking in chans. I remember a thread where it took two days for him to convert some books from mobi to pdf,
He's probably in his late 40's or something.
Also often drunk, I recall him explaining his drinking habits. Poor guy

Btw, I found this brit brown tankie. What's the name of the party?

You mean … theres actually girls here ?
Wtf I love socialism now.

Oh, but I will. Evolution is already in progress.

There are others including a couple escorts. Being an imageboard most don't explicitly state their gender.