Why Capitalism is bad for White People - Answering a "spook"

So, as someone who fully believes in the idea that there is a coordinated effort to destroy the white race (and ethnic / racial diversity as we know it), whether by jews or the bourgeoisie, i would like to explain exactly why someone should not and can not believe in both the preservation of the white race (and the preservation of all races in their distinct, unique forms as well) and capitalism in ANY form - i wanted to articulate these points to make it as clear as possible to anyone who lives in fear of genocide, so sorry for spooky content - i want to open a discussion to talk about the biggest fear people have of leftism. here goes;
- imports foreign workers and allows them to run amok as long as they do work and produce for the upper class / 1% / basically the jews.
- takes advantage of cheap labour, this also leads to and is one of the biggest driving factors in causing the importation of foreign workers in place of locals and regional/indigenous people.
- worker alienation - worker is not allowed to interact with other workers, worker is only a tool and must not think of himself as anything else. worker works to merely live, working is life-or-death and therefore the worker does not enjoy life, meaning he is not
- degrades society, kills intelligence in people forced to do manual labour and in people forced to do menial tasks constantly - people with fully-functioning brains go braindead over time as they are forced to bend coathangers over and over again or flip patties over and over again. he is not allowed to think for himself or do much for himself.
- corporations and businesses have no qualms fucking over people who work or buy from them as long as they are making money. This deteriorates product quality, reduces quality of life for workers, lowers standard working conditions for people working for them.
- worker does not gain the majority of profit coming from his work alone. this goes to paying the company in command of him.
- capitalism is inherently globalist in nature; companies do not have borders, they do not comprehend the concept of a nation, and they do not believe in the preservation of races who do not produce enough to sustain the system
- government is inherently corrupt under capitalism. It can only restrict company policy as much as lobbyists allow it to, meaning that anything being done to improve working conditions can not and will not be good enough for the workers' satisfaction and government will regularly work in the interests not of the nation but of the globalist corporations
- capitalism is inherently wasteful. it strips the environment of its resources (mostly only in places that the rich do not live i.e. Africa and rural / isolated parts of white countries) meaning that it is not good for anybody truly who wishes to A. Enjoy the existence of a healthy environment and B. See all places of the world have the potential to be properly utilized with the purpose of productivity
Capitalism fully allows liberalism to fester; liberalism by my definition is defined as capitalism with a friendly face to migrant workers. American Democrats are a good example of this; they "defend" the rights of cheap exploited Mexican workers to enter the United States and to work for lower than minimum wage if he is illegal. (This next part is a theory i have made to articulate a good reason to explain why capitalists seem to love "multiculturalism" so much beyond simply wanting cheaper labor) Liberalism also has a hidden motive of wishing to mongrelize the proletariat in order to both impede their mental capacity and to increase their productivity through means of what appears to be selective breeding; bringing the dumbest immigrants possible in order to mix them with local populations and in turn to largely change the gene pool of poor and poverty-ridden areas and again mongrelize the population into a better, more productive worker who does not question his place in society.

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Slightly better version of that flag for ya. Also, have a bump!

Slavery was also bad for whites. It was good if you were the 1% bourgeois, but for your average white guy had lower wages because of it. Have a bump.

Thank you both. I was honestly expecting to be met with backlash and for people to write off what i typed here to be mere spooks.

Don't mention it, comrade. There aint nothing like a nice conversation of Holla Forums

You know, i didn't think about this when i made the OP. I should have explicitly mentioned how cheap exploited labor actually affects local working-class people as well. Oh well, hopefully people figure it out from the points i brought up before. All i want to do is calm some concerns that people might have about leftism being deeply triggering and problematic.

This is pretty shitty formating OP.
Try separating your main ideas in paragraphs and using [/spoiler]>greentext [spoiler] as bulletpoints instead of hyphens.

That wall of text is almost impenetrable to my lazy mind.

Good analysis, while I personally don't really care about race, the fact is if race is a concern of yours (for whatever reason) then capitalism should be viewed as a problem.
You mention a lot of critiques that I've heard people like Richard Wolff talk about, such as immigration being used to increase competition for jobs, driving down wages, causes unneeded competition between people.
If you don't mind me asking, OP, what is your tendency? I am unfamiliar with that flag.

It's a NazBol flag actually. A hammer-and-sickle in a shape reminiscent of a swastika. Personally, I just want to rid the world of Capitalism and to stop any chance of genocide from threatening people for no apparent reason. I was a Holla Forumslack until very recently, but i realized that Holla Forums is too cucked by Imperialism, capitalism, and therefore, globalism which they claim to be against. I looked inti communism because i witnessed first-hand a friend of mine working under horrible conditions at a nearby restaurant (he was a dishwasher and because of the moisture he developed a fungal infection - athlete's foot i believe - that spread throughout his body and actually ate into his flesh at a certain point. The company did not want to give him a new position, it did not acknowledge the infection, and so he was forced to quit) and not only that, but i always cared about environmental issues and the exploitation of people in different regions by corporations who step all over them with little media coverage at all. All in all, i basically realized how fucked up capitalism is for me and everyone else, where Holla Forums largely fails to see it as a problem at all.

Not bad OP, this analysis is true, even though I'm no big on identitarian particularisms.

Interesting. What I think is most important here is we both see capitalism as this highly destructive, corrupting force in our society.
I guess my question is how do we wake up more of Holla Forums to this? Too many are simply closet neocons with misguided hatred, they think we are all liberals that kind of like guns (we love guns). Seems too many are sold on capitalism being this great equalizer, the old "engine of progress" claim its never quite lived up to.

they're utterly convinced that the problem it's just some darkies in their system and all of their mouth-pieces are capitalist apologists who think things like environmental issues are a jewish plot, hard to convince them of anything but some change apparently. (even if it's just to NazBol)

Waking up Holla Forums to the evils of capitalism should theoretically be quite easy. Of course, there will always be ancaps and the like who think corporations can do no wrong if the public will not support them doing it. All Holla Forums needs to do is react positivelly to concerns that Holla Forums has and to answer it in a way that explains the problem on a level they understand. I want to see Holla Forums at least see anuddah shoah and race as genuine concerns that some people have rather than spooks, if nothing else it will make Holla Forums understand that free market capitalism isn't good for people who want an existence and future for white children.

Oops, wasn't aware of the word filter that changes w h i t e g e n o c i d e to anuddah shoah.

we're never gonna go full NazBol just to get filled Holla Forums-shitters whose only existential dread is white identity. the race issues only exist because of capitalism (esp imperialism).

I wasn't asking that of you guys. All i ask is that we explain why Holla Forums's concerns are entirely reasonable, and how capitalism causes many of their problems where they blame "cultural marxism" for destroying their racial and traditional identity.

I mean part of it is partly us, when we get the 100th race realism thread of the day we tend to get salty. You'd think it'd be pretty obvious that we aren't all "white people are the devil" SJW type red liberals, considering they all fucking hate us (looking at you reddit). I don't hate the fact that I'm white personally, I don't feel guilty about that. I can't control my skin color, and I've never experienced extreme priviledge either, growing up in poverty in being in debt for a massive portion of my life.
Nevertheless I think there is a disconnect because I don't see minorities as the enemy, the only enemy I see personally is the capitalist, be it a black, white, gay, or a black-transwoman capitalist, it doesn't matter. What becomes difficult for me personally is how we recitify this difference, where pol sees various identities locked in a conspiracy to degrade their mystical white race, whereas we simply see the capitalist system itself as promoting a system that damages people of all stripes in some way. There is a fundamental difference there that for pol at least, is built largely into reaction, emotion, and tribalism, hard emotions to overcome.

Hm.. Let me elaborate. It is my opinion that Holla Forums should address the problems Holla Forums has, and explains to some of the less ignorant ones exactly why capitalism is bad for them. I'm not saying we should all become nazbol, in fact i'm merely suggesting that some Holla Forumslacks can change if given the truth instead of capitalist lies. If nothing else, Holla Forums and Holla Forums could still ally with eachother in the coming revolution, without both becoming NazBol. I am merely an example of dialectics at work.

Speaking from my experience, i've always been quite "spooked". I see a lot of problems with the world and look for reason why it's happening. It's not that i hate people simply for the sake of hating them, but when i see people getting killed or raped and the media going silent about it, i wonder why. Holla Forums is the same way - it lacks guidance. It sees you as an enemy and you see them as an enemy, and nothing is learned from either party about the other party's concerns! It IS reactionary behavior, but it doesn't have to be. Holla Forums has always claimed to be Not SocialisT, but they lack the guidance of socialism and focus more on nationalism. This gives them tunnel vision and it's the reason so many think capitalism is fine. As long as they think capitalism is fine, nothing will change for them to ever be free of their problems.

I do think you raise a valid point friendo
There are certain things, that stirnerfags call spooks that can be tapped into, things that Marxist analysis addresses about captialism, alienation being one example, that can be utiliized and molded into Holla Forums's language to get them to understand how capitalism contributes to what they call d.egeneracy
One such example I can think of is Holla Forums's fascination with traditional values. I am personally a communist because I find the community and the network/social aspect of it to the be strongest human relation, the feeling of inclusiveness, I personally glorify the Athenian democracy, where citizens contributed by debating in forums and public spaces, voted, ect. That sort of inclusion is something that is rather espoused in Murray Bookchin's communalism, and I'd say something that would be prominent in the higher stage of any communist tendency. This sort of community relation is absolutely degraded within the capitalist system, as we are instead pitted against one another, what capitalists refer to as competition (a form of social Darwinism). It is a perversion of traditional values as no older society really experienced that, even as recent as colonial America featured towns and communities that held many things in common and looked out for collective well-being.
Family relations are likewise degraded by communism, as are the vapid materialist tendencies of our consumerist culture, which encourages impulse in an attempt to stimulate purchase to keep the system going. The acquitision of material goods and money over the advancement of your fellow neighbors. I personally always saw these as thing we could push to resonate with Holla Forums, unfortunately however they are still spooked by the idea that this somehow leads to communist label, ala the red scare, and that automatically means you hate white men or something.

Actually BTW guys i have an active thread on Holla Forums. It's the same thread but addressed to Holla Forums specifically. I didn't post it on Holla Forums because i thought Holla Forums was more fair ground where no political opinions would get anyone banned.

Oops, meant to link it.

>>>Holla Forums7479052
there you are, fag

8/b/ reddit-spotting is on point. I guess r/t_d just keeps to Holla Forums

That would imply the historical nazis, save for maybe Asser and company, were concerned with porky in the first place. No, Holla Forums seems to be ideologically following along with their forebears albeit with more autism.

Thanks comrade.

I'm glad you agree. Honestly, i'm not much of a traditionalist myself aside from my religious beliefs and the fact that i think society could use some modesty, but i definitely see how some people see it as such a guiding for it cannot be abandoned. In the past, communism has taken quite an anti-religious and anti-tradition stance (Maoist China being a good example, as tradition in China basically died out along with the culture), but i don't think this is necessary at all. I think it stands within reason that tradition should be allowed to exist, even if it seems meaningless, unless of course if it directly (directly!) opposes the ideas of communism and socialism. As for what you said about the mateialistic tendencies and lack of higher thought in capitalist society, i think this could be expanded upon too. For example, cultural commodification is easily one of the most enraging parts of capitalism! People look at exotic societies and bring in cool exotic stuff because of a fascination they have with it (i'm not quite sure of the terminology here. Cultural appropriation?). However, this also kills the culture that is so interesting to them! If we could find a way to explain how this affects white culture and society, surely this could be something Holla Forums agrees with.

Isn't that the logo of the Soviet knock-off from Girls Und Panzer?


This thread is focusing on "spooks". I made it to sort of easily define how capitalism causes most of the many problems Holla Forums has with our society currently. Of course, these problems largely apply to everybody, around the world! Sorry for the confusion.

a-user, I..

Was i wrong? I hope not. Certainly it may sound foolish as an idea, maybe it sounds too obvious? I think Holla Forums should be explicitly told these things outright, so as to not create confusion. As in, clearly defining their problem with it, why it's bad, and how communism hopes to address it.

One of the best arguments for Holla Forumsacks is the degredation of morality by capitalism.
Asking people about how their clothes or other products they use daily are made very quickly makes you realize that much of modernity has been built to prevent people from having to suffer from the moral consequences of their choices.

Certainly agree. One example, not necessarily pol but for the right altogether is jobs being ship overseas because of "much globalists". From a moral standpoint it is viewed as a means of demoralizing the worker, reality is the profit motive drives people to search for cheaper labor. If you can convince the right that this isn't even a bug, it's a feature of capitalism you can make inroads. People on the right point to the greed of the rich (standing in opposition to their morals) yet refuse to acknowledge the system rewards this greed, and govt deregulation and freer markets will only make it worse. It's not even an issue of morals or greed, simply a bad system.

Hell, that's probably the best strategy to explain it to Holla Forums. If i had known that capitalism naturally leads to liberalism and moral degradation, i would've turned communist years ago.

no, the answer is literally Adorno and how he observes the Culture Industry as something that utterly rapes our culture. for instance, the most real War on Christmas there is is a singing Christmas greeting card with Santa delivering consumerist goods on it.

The reason why I said that is 'cus the Frankfrurt School is literally the stand-in of international Jewry for Holla Forums and they wouldn't be ready to take it.

Maybe I spend too much time around the left, I forget just how fucking spooked the right is. Also their terminal aversion to reading, the majority of responses in that thread are one line or less. You could write out a 2000 word post explaining the intricate theories of the source of the things that ail them, but they'll just scroll onto the next poster who sums it up as 'THE JEW CUCK COMMUNISTS DID IT' because it makes their head hurt less.

I don't understand how you dudes who do Holla Forums outreach manage it. I don't think I could stomach reaching into a pit of gibbering rabid monkeys and getting pelted head to toe in shit, just to maybe possibly fish out any feral monkey-raised children that may be (but more likely aren't) lost among the crowd.

Personally, i only think of ignorance as s natural reaction to something that a person believes threatens them and their worldview, therefore meaning i get less infuriated than most do when dealing with people like that. Being calm and collected really makes a convincing argument all on its own. Although, i find most idpol people far more ignorant and less willing to listen than anyone else, although new knowledge probably won't actually hurt them.


Oh boy, do I have the ideology for you


Said practically no major/influential socialist thinker, ever

wtf i love brown people now

Most ""communication"" on imageboards is either memes, catchphrases, one-liners or the rarer lengthier rant.

Holla Forums has a rather unique board culture in that regard.

Wrong again, kiddo

These are points the right-wing needs to get through their head so good on you for realizing them.

I do have to ask what benefit there would be in an effort to destroy white people?

A mongrelized, stupid working class would presumably be easier to manipulate by the bourgeoisie. Holla Forums loves discussing race and intelligence factors and things such as Autism Level and evolutionary traits of different races, imagine if they realized that capitalism actually wants only a few people at the top to be intelligent and everyone else to be a stupid, mixed-race worker who won't revolt.
This would be the benefit in anuddah shoah.

Is no one gonna shit on this guy for not only being an unironic nazbol but trying to convince Holla Forums that they can try and implement their race preservation through the name of leftism? This is fucking ridiculous.

This is basically a spooky version of the Frankfurt School's writings on culture.

I'd prefer not to popularise the idea that other races are inferior. If you must be spooky, suggest they're better off with their own kind for reasons of social cohesion.

Yeah it's fucking dumb. If you're only against capitalism because muh race muh culture you are the biggest cuck of all

I don't get this.

I'm not even a supremacist. All i'm saying is that maybe different races of people shouldn't have to worry about being genocided by the other races/the system itself.

Again, i don't remember ever saying different races were superior/inferior to another. All i'm saying is that it might be a good idea to try to use this idea to further the goals of leftism.

Every genocide is done in the name of self defense or similar poetics. To indulge in racial politics is to go down the path of ruin.

I was the same way user. There is a lot of reform Holla Forumslacks here. Just keep reading and focus on despooking yourself

I actually don't find this to be correct. Usually, genocide is committed for some ulterior motive such as imperialism or because someone irrationally hates certain people, not because the guy in charge feels threatened. "Genocide" in self-defense is basically just a war.

Don't get me wrong, i'm still going to continue believing in huwite genocide unironically, but i'm going to look into capitalism and liberalism/idpol now as the reason why shit's fucked, and not communism/"cultural marxism" as if it were in control of everything/actively working in favor of the elites.

why ban OP?

why not bring over left-nationalists?

Nationalism is a bourgeois ideology and incompatible with leftism

May i ask what should replace Nationalism under an ideal leftist system? Globalism?

internationalism, obviously

Oh. I read up on it; nationalism specifically describes the idea that your country is better than another. I thought that description was imperialism, sorry user.

I've literally never heard of this as an alternative to globalism / nationalism. Sorry, i'm not well-read. Care to enlighten me? It sounds cool.

But, have you considered that nationalism can be a force that can used in the struggle against imperialism? I’m not saying cede all ground to bourgeois nationalists but going along with the neoliberal death-to-all nation states, open borders and ethnic micro states for all meme will spell the death of the universalist anti-capitalist left even more than indulging nationalism.

At the end of the day, who can really deny that the Vietnam War did more to accelerate capitalism’s death spiral than neoliberal labor/capital liberalization has or ever will? Nationalist revolts against imperialism can choke off and undermine capitalist elites in the developed countries and accelerate class conflict at home. The US economy is still suffering from the burden it incurred when it was bankrupted by Vietnam and forced to go off the gold standard, it set the stage all the “revolutionary” late-capitalist developments of globalization that some see deluded intellectuals see as pointing towards capitalism’s final crisis.

Strasserism is an instant ban see the faq.

The picture used in the OP was a NazBol flag. There was never a claim to be Asserist either.

These are very good points, which again begs the question of "why not bring over leftists away from nationalism?" one of the greatest reasons why true communism /socialism cannot be enacted nowadays is because the USA, EU, UN etc. play world police consistently. Look at what they did in Catalonia, where they tried to stop leftists from becoming independent. Globalism represents one of the biggest problems with the leftist movement, as it is the reason why idpol is a thing in the first place and also why it is so infectious in leftist groups.

I'm sorry, but I believe you're both mistaken about nationalism. It is a weed that chokes out the seeds of solidarity that Communists must be planting now, and every day you spent cultivating the bourgeois fantasy of the nation, it's at the expense of the essential ideal of internationalism. I can't help but feel shocked that leftists would advocate nationalism, not just because it's heterodox, but because of the effects we witnessed of such programs in the 20th century, but especially because of its essentially reactionary character.

I hope I don't sound too rude, but I think if you think taking refuge from Capitalism in defunct and backwards-facing ideal such as nationalism, then you should consider re-examining your ideology.

I think you're also mistaken about why the US left the gold standard and the origins and use of identity politics, but I'm not exactly an expert on that.

Nazbol is also

A banable offence