Richard spencer btfo

Thousands Of Protesters Show Up In Florida To Drown Out Richard Spencer’s Hate

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That's actually a really clever idea, might nick that.

All that time And energy spent protesting him and no one thought to just put a bullet in his skull



richard spencer is not opposition. he is pro trump.

t. damage control




You're associated with him nonetheless, and for that, I feel nothing but profound pity towards you; and not only you, your family once they discover your dumbshit beliefs and half of your extended family disown you if they haven't already


Holy shit you guys put words into my mouth. Im saying he is a fed. Im saying he is controlled opposition. This has nothing to do with politics. The only people who buy into his shit are the media and left wingers. He is a rich boy con man
The far right equivalent of deray mckesson.

You just want him to be real so bad, because muh punch a nazi fantasies.

hail Spencer

Non whites go back to your primitive jungle shitholes

Tbh I doubt it. People are free to believe dumb shit, say what they believe, and generate an audience. He may be "used" by other forces, particularly people interested in him going forwards at the dipshits at Breitbart. But, no I don't think the state has anything to do with this. You're over estimating the intelligence of the US government.

Does it not?

Buy into what? Richard Spencer exists to annoy everyone? I mean I would agree, I just don't know what you're saying.

But he is real. He's right there. user get your vision checked. When was the last time you went to an optometrist?

He says in an audience large enough to rival most dinner theaters with terrible yelp reviews.

okay? Even if he is an fbi plant, he's still recruiting thousands of young disillusioned white kids into his bullshit. unless you're gonna say that every person who believes his lies is a paid shill too.

Why does your entire worldview revolve around appeals to popularity and general shaming?

Azn girls never move on from the middle school mentality it's quite disturbing


Because it's funny when someone is so confident they're going to generate an audience and then generates a table 3 party of 5

I mean that's just natural human reaction/response. Why do you see that as a worldview?

funny how he can't acknowledge that Europe is a cold and miserable place and his life is based on resources stolen from the global south. fucking snow niggers.

Unga bunga indeed, jungle ape.

So when are you going to impregnate that white tradwife and finally shut the fuck up

Never huh. Too bad for most of us.

Imagine declaring a state of emergency for an event that ends up holding only 5 to 14 people


I'll impregnate you, my pet😘

Evolan hapa futurism will prevail

Every time

This is the first time an internet nazi had both a pregnancy fetish and an asian fetish

funny how they can only reproduce via rape.

True, now get the fuck back to Africa.


So are you saying the only reason you left Europe is because you didn't like the idea of living in it forever but now generations later you disregard your previous generation's idea of "this sucks" and want to stay and preserve your frozen hellscape

Why are you so angry? Are you perhaps butthurt?

The reason why thirld world shitholes are ultra capitalist is that they are poor and have to literally murder for food. The reason why European nations are left leaning social democracies is good education and living standards.

And thousands of people fell for Bernies bullshit too. What is your point sweetie?


These mental paroxysms! Snow nigger got called out, can't deal. Perhaps Europeans conquered the world because they are the best at double think, or perhaps because they are the most base and servile.

Dont be butthurt. Pure blooded aryans are the most leftist race on the planet.

How is florida this progressive yet filled with bums who are targeted just for being bums? People ignore the homeless and drug addicted yet show up and pay for tickets to throw away to make a point. "making a point" seems more important than donating that money to someone in need.

liberals, user. also universities and young people are where the sympathetic minds are. Everyone else is a Northern retiree who think homeless don't deserve to exist in their pretty places, or a country hick who thinks poor people need to bootstrap.

literally every person Holla Forums supported has been a closet neocon. what else is new?

Is this board deeply triggering and problematic nationalist?

No one likes nazis and explicit white supremacy. At least not yet.

Read "Against His-Story, Against Leviathan"

You know your snow-nigger ancestors got expropriated and colonized by Rome?

I guess work and christfaggotry are all you've ever known, so it feels too strange to believe that people live(d) in fundamentally different ways than you. If you had no work to do or brown people to kill, would you get so bored you'd kill yourself?

I missed the event, Holla Forums said the speech went extraordinarily well. Are they right?


No lol

Like less than 30 people showed up because everyone sick of his shit bought tickets until it sold out just to keep the tickets and not go, so the population of it all ended up being extremely low.

It was fucking nothing

"When you debate me I win" ancient Holla Forumsyp proverb

Bernie was a US senator for years and Richard Spencer has been living with his mother for years. I doubt he's impressive enough to be a secret government spy.

It fucking flopped.

And folks kept chanting stuff, you could barely hear him.

I think the flop has more to it than people just mass buying the tickets not to show up.

I think people are starting to generally get vibes, do I really want to publicly fuck with this dude? What is my outlook by publicly associating with Richard Spencer. And they make the logical decision not to fuck with Richard Spencer. I could be wrong, this is Florida after all, only animals live there. But still , I don't think people are as open to going to his events as they used to.



No snow niggers were never colonized by rome but snow nigger hordes invaded rome and raped their women until there was nothing but ash and bones.

It isn't. Southern Florida is an old folks home or otherwise filled with right-wing Cubans. Northern Florida is practically identical to where I have lived in Alabama and Georgia.

But they were

Eh, I think its more to do that there really aren't that many unabashed college aged white nationalists to begin with. All Richard Spencer really does is masterbatory posturing for people that already agree with him and given that most people observing on the outskirts of the whole thing already don't agree with him on some level I think its really all they have there.

This can't be real fucking kek


What is the roman invasion of germany.


He wants to be a dissident intellectual but at the same time he doesn't want to be yelled at


You're absolutely right, Greece had all the fun slaughtering oceans of Gauls and considering them to be the lowest people.

Gauls were cucks and the last of them live in 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(Ireland🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧). Meanwhile goths plunder city of Rome.

Goths Gauls Greece ruined them all, considered Africa more capable.

Vandals cucked africa too. The latin ladies could resist Big Snow Nigger cock.

*Couldnt because they had no choice.

Everything after Greece is Europe pretending Greece liked them, stealing everything they ever did and claiming they did it.

While still being fractured into a million different little sub cultures which became a million different little nations. Which sort of grouped together over time to be under a hundred at least.

Europe is very impressive, the Chinese could never do that.

Greece copied everything the knew from Egyptians and Persians. Romans copied their civilization and snow niggers copied roman civilization in the ruins of Roman Empire.

And so, Western Canon was born.

Yes and snow niggers are top of the pyramid even in this day.

That's an interesting way to say relies on China to produce everything they ever need and is in complete debt slavery to China, exists on the behest of China

If America ever went to war with China, the next day after declaration their total economic power would crumble, and so too after, the Western World's

All western industry should be there when they nationalize all of it. 21th century is the century of snow niggers with funny eyes.

You seem like a very intelligent person.

War between China and USA would mean billions of dead from nuclear mushroom clouds. Nothing will happen until they can create technology to counter thousands of nuclear missiles coming to their cities.

You mean Gales. Gauls are/were pre-Romanized Frenchmen.

the ruling class will never declare war on a nuclear state capable of MAD that's why America will lose this century in the grand scheme of things it makes nothing useful all the factiories are in China owned by the Chinese state or companies tied to the state that it just rents out to American corporations once the process of de-dollarization comes into full swing America will just be a poor backwater

Not just french but most of Europe. Nothing is left of them.

Ruling class has the most to lose in MAD. They prefer status quo.

t. Hoochie "My parents are South Vietnamese, but totally weren't collaborators" Minh


Hoochie's hilarious shitposting has totally made up for the crimes of her parents.

Hoochie is the good kind of class traitor

it's a Richard Spencer spends 2 hours yelling back at a bunch of 18 year old college kids episode

So this is what it feels like for socialists whenever someone brings up Pol Pot


Pretty sure the French are still for the most part Celtic genetically though so that's something…


Speaking of controlled opposition I watched Imperium AKA Harry Potter And The Order Of The Führer yesterday. It was alright.


I wish I knew where this shit came from, but it really gave me quite the chuckle
BTW Brittany is the fucking shit, so pretty

tbh I come a family of like five or six inbred generations of irishmen and he looks pretty sharp. Dunno who he is but I'd drink golden wedding behind a Couche-Tard with him

Redundant tbh

Richard Spencer has done more harm to mankind than the South Vietnamese I mean is this up for debate.

what exactly has richard spencer done other than get punched, laughed and yelled at


Where do you guys get the guts to call out other when you belive in cultural marxism and anuddah shoah?
I do think the idea of white muh privilege is idiotic, same goes for the idea of anuddah shoah.
What you call genocide is neoliberalism working

How long is it going to take Holla Forums to realize that Donald Trump is the president of the United States?

IE - The leader of the American government.


Jesus Hoochie, I'd expect "commies aren't human" from a high-ranking ARVN captain, not his lesbian daughter.


I laughed

Holla Forums can only pretend to not be a part of mainstream thought until you push on the evil whitey conspiracy. Then suddenly they are toeing the line like good boys.

lmao you're mad that people here wrote actual responses instead of getting triggered like liberal snowflakes

This is race baiting thread #249602 we don't really care about your bad faith arguing.

Post some hentai I want to jack off

Your response doesn't sound like an actual response.
Keep advocating brown nationalism whilst pretending to be lefty

I could give less of a shit if niggers are double digit retarded.

My fellow man's freedom only affirms my own, and as Leftists we cannot accept any bullshit that divides the working class.

Jaquan and Jamal are prone to antisocial behavior? If that were true (Which I don't think it is) then whatever, we'll just science the shit out of it with genetical engineering.

Like I don't get it. Why do I have to hate niggers? What are my stakes in this? Why not simply cooperate? I only care class, everything else is moot unless its in the way.

So not buying into the whole "race realism" Holla Forumspraganda makes Holla Forums SJWs now?

flynn effect btfos you. in a few generation all races will have equal Autism Level and then you guys can STFU forever

they think everyone to the left of hitler is an sjw


Kill yourself.

FTFY buddy


Can't believe I forgot about the Flynn effect.
g, The metric that holds the entire predictive power of I.Q, is reversely correlated with the I.Q. gains in blacks measured in the Flynn effect. The places where blacks were closing the I.Q gap on tests were not the places where blacks and whites differed.

Stop using the fed flag and get a trip if you want to be a special little boy so much.

SJW, liberal…it's all the fucking same in the context you used it as an to Holla Forums.


Would be legitimate points except that the ideas that were allowed to reign supreme by the AAA and guys like Gould and Lewontin over Coon and friends have all been shown to be false. Gould falsifying his skull samples and Lewontin finally getting called out on his misuse and miscalculations of Fst. values and then Edwards putting the final nail in the coffin with best-fit genetic cluster analysis. The work Coon was doing, although wrought with wrong conclusions actually predicted what geneticists are finding today.


Look you cum gargling faggot, practically all of the posts under that flag are made as jokes and people will read the post just because of the flag. The only other user to insist on being such a faggot about it treating it like his reddit flair promptly got sent back there after one of the mods it also pisses off got rid of him.
When the flag isn't used as a joke it pretty much screams to the board "I'm new, a massive attention starved faggot, and I want to be banned by the mods for being so".

Dude you are so upset

I'm making the distinction and not using SJW because it's not the same group of people in my eyes. Overweight dykes with problem glasses that order loot crates are not in any way working towards the same political goals as lefties in general.They also otherwise don't hold any crossover to new age hipster that are trying to homegrow all their food in a condo in NY fighting against BPA and plastics like low-T Alex Jones.
These rainbow capitalist groups hold no crossover with Holla Forums until it comes to the evil whitey narrative. Which then leads to very similar conclusions where these groups should otherwise never be similar.
When you start sharing a stage with retards it might be a time to read another script is all I'm saying.

You are an overweight problem dyke tbh

Take your own advice bruh

You are already dividing the working class with multiracialism. Leftism has never had to deal with this problem before. The whole political direction is towards brown nationalism and you have these left tag-alongs who are pretending to be for the working class when the actual working class is foaming at the mouth voting for any bastard that promises a border wall. You need to control the working class and you can't do it when the ruling class doesn't even need to sow dissent anymore. Groups like La Raza, BLM and now ever growing white groups are doing all the work for them.
The working class is now stuck in a rat race within the system. No one can afford to back out without losing power so no one will.

Too many buzzwords. You're a fag and your shit's all retarded, no one cares

Really? Who's being divided by it? Explain, using the most generalized buzzwords possible like what you've been doing. I want to laugh at you.

Christ, 40, even 20 years ago, was not historically long ago. If you're tormented now you would have killed yourself already if you lived then.






You're the one tryna divide leftists with your Holla Forumspraganda talking points. All Holla Forums had to say before you started sperging out bout multiculturalism, deeply triggering and problematic leftism and "race realism" was milquetoast shit like "racism is bad, m'kay". Not wanting to talk bout "Race, I.Q. And The Negro Question" or whatever Holla Forumsflakes circle-jerk bout all day ain't anti-working class and it sure ain't "BROWN NATIONALISM" either, it's anti-idpol cuz no matter what the so called "racial differences" between us are fuck all changes bout the fact that you're getting fucked outta your labour everytime your boss makes a profit and that capitalism's unsustainable.

Afro"I purposely and unnecessarily ape nigger ebonics from the united States and wave pan African colors while claiming to be against idpol and brown nationalism"Plasm everyone

is there a name for Ethno-Communism ideology?


How can the left stand for, as Slavoj Zizek said, common decency, when they lie like breathing?


>it wasn't real naziism


That isn't Spencer.

KYS, burger.

*correction: not hand drawn but randomly placed in one colour, probably indicating a home printing job in a rush

I was born and raised in London. Fucking roseposters…

It really shows, your ideological narratives are pure anglo shite.

Ain't you got Doom Sanders memes to post or The Democratic Cops Of America to shill?


I don`t have love towards failed political parties,trotskite scum nor Americans.



This. Leftist whiteys can't see that they will never be more than lowly "allies" in the struggle that has THEIR RACE as a common shared enemy uniting Black and Latino/Asian/Indian/etc ethnic empowerment groups. It's as retarded as a black guy cheering for pro slavery Southerners.

I don't see how anybody with an open mind can watch his rally and side with the protesters.
They were literally using 3rd grade bullying tactics like "ur ugly, lol" and "ur totally literally hitler".
Made the left look like childish fools

Alright faggots, so I'm with the Holla Forumsyps on this one. This is an op, you're getting played. Spencer does not actually make any arguments, he just says some provocative white supremacist statements and makes no attempt to defend them. If you look at this from the perspective of an argument he's losing, if you look at it as a confrontation he and his side are losing. The problem is you're all fucking idiots. This isn't a battle with nazis, its a photo op. Violence, screaming, chaos in the streets, a white man standing on stage being shouted down while he tries to speak. This is a media stunt and you're missing it because you're not the targets. Notice the one thing that's happened at every rally Spencer has been involved in. The police were ordered from above to stand down and the violence was allowed to unfold on live video.

This is a media setup to justify a crackdown, prove me wrong.

B-b-b-b-b-but muh no platform for le Drumpf fascists!

Spencer literally protested against Trump for his neocon policies, and there is substantial evidence that Spencer is actually a nazbol or is connected with nazbols. (He took up many leftish stances on economic issues.)

I find his "identitarianism" to be too sentimental, but to support the liberals and porky-tier businesses that try to suppress his speech is tantamount to being the biggest classcuck in existence.

Also, just because someone loses and "gets BTFO" doesn't make his point inferior. If that is the case, then capitalism and even Stalinism must both be the best systems as they smashed all opposition according to your twisted "Might makes Right" ideology. (Something that'd ironically be at home with actual fascists.)

Also, "Democratic stronghold town" just means a pit filled with wealthy hipster trash and lumpens.

And, when is "hate" bad? I mean, radical leftism essentially relies on the hatred of the ruling class. (Which is a good thing.) You can distinguish between different types of hate, but ultimately you should either admit to liking a certain type of hate or admit to being a classcuck liberal. There is no third option.

Basically, get the fuck out of leftypol, liberal r/socialism trash. Especially you, hoochie minh. I swear I wish your mother or father got burned to death by napalm in Vietnam, so I wouldn't have to see your cancer while browsing leftypol. At least dose yourself with gasoline and light yourself on fire like a buddhist monk. You'd be doing the world a favor by removing your loathsome existence and giving us a lovely show.

Laura Bush looks like an aliens attempt at a human disguise and blend in with humans.

dude you haven't watched the vid. holy shit.
Richard Spencer couldn't even finish his speech and shit, they didn't let him talk. He was heckled to fuck beyond.


feel empathy for this guy tbh. it sucks when you're alone and everyone around you hates you and gangs up on you

Give this a mildly higher chance of not being fake now, but he's still wearing atypical skin stuff, oddly photo perfect blood line and not being savagely beaten, so it reeks of a photo op.

Coming off awfully liberal there, OP



Perhaps the recent, rapid decline in social cohesion ought to show why multiculturalism is doomed to fail… A true socialist would support ethnonationalism.

Has he been doxed yet?



The right-wing really is a paper tiger.

Bashing the supposed Chad, masculine ego of the "might-is-right" side of politics is the best meme the world could ever produce. Ultra antifa violence should be advocated and it should be purposefully more humiliating. Too bad leftists are too dumb to get it.


Is there anything gayer in this world than a tard with a MAGA hat crying about people hitting him?




Just cut the IdPol, smoke.

The Nationalism. The tranny hate. All of it.

hilarious joke

This applies to literally any right winger ever, bar based Ted, there is only one way to get rid of govt without also getting rid of capital and that is getting rid of industrial society


liberal logic. I doubt any of the people organizing these protests will be hijacking the polarized atmosphere to introduce lib students to left politics or even just register people to vote in a fucking swing state



I have gnashing teeth and behind it, the void. You're right.

The videos coming out of this make the left protesters look like a bunch of hysterical, violent idiots. Which would not be a bad outcome for a cia psyop.

Learn the difference ya'll
Some OC for possible Holla Forums entryism

i don't think it counts as sharing a stage when they're all retards

if you keep yelling about your fetish maybe it will become a reality


All the fedoras in the world just tipped at the same time enough to make a small gust of wind that blew the last remaining hope for the human race off into the cosmos to burn up in a distant star

Which one you guys made this?

one nazi got punched and the establishment overreacted and made normalfags and neutrals are probably moderately pissed that their shit was disrupted because of some other autist nazi, what meaningful thing did the aut-right accomplish?


they talk like fucking wrestling heels, and the crowd reacts to them like a wrestling crowd

Who is Spenny jobbing for


socialism has nothing to do with states but you don't know better.


I want Butterghost to fill my ass with cum


spencer is an idiotic dickhead and 99% chance he is a (barely) closeted gay (which is a big deal to the altright) but he says your beliefs without any sugarcoating in the public sphere. are you in it for the "irony" or "memes" or are you for real behind this cause? really think here, because this guy is just saying what you post on Holla Forums but in speech form. it's about ethnic cleansing and forced deportation of lawful citizens based on their skin color and an exclusively white country, that's what it is when you get down to it past all the labels and pc coded language for mainstream consumption. this is the absolute BEST of your movement. this guy is considered "educated" and "well spoken" by white supremacist standards, and he is an absolute joke. why? because actually educated, talented, or intelligent people typically don't flock to movements based on something as arbitrary as skin color.

even if it is about "european identity/values" or whatever, the united states is not a european country. it was never 100% european or white. why should americans give a shit about "european identity" when they're americans? it just sounds autistic.

Yeah, that guy sure was a legitimate Nazi. Nothing sketchy going on there.

I mean, why wouldn't this happen?

same tbh, it's like seeing a lost dog roaming the streets.

How to spot a rightist

what's the fucking point in commiting violence against someone when they're already completely alone? is it really that difficult to act like civilized human beings when someone decides to take a risk like that?
there are times where violence necessary, but in this particular case this isn't one of them. the man had no backup, no means of defending himself. if anything it would be better to talk it out and make him understand rather than splash blood on his face for no apparent reason. (and no, having an opposing worldview isn't intrinsically a good reason)

read that in Matt Christman's voice. good post

Black people have tapped into levels of liberalism that whites can never dream of reaching

it couldn't just be that he was desperate for protection. this guy covered in swastikas obviously just loves black people

and like this wouldn't make him a race traitor anyway. pol is just doing anything to virtue signal for /theirguys/

yeah there's absolutely nothing violent about telling people you're going to genocide them or at best kick them out out of the country.

Fucking BASED Nazi

Makes one think

Don't worry FOX News will reassure White America they were just Trump loving patriots acting in self defense against Antifa terrorists.


in all honesty i never expected mr "But what about Da memes????" to fall that far

wow a Neo-Nazi tough guy turns into a simpering cuck as soon as he actually sees a black man. this is a surprising an interesting situation

he's alone. he has absolutely no ability to do any damage in his current situation, and he's not going to change his mind when he's socked in the face.
like the other guy said: what's the point? it is needlessly cruel and kind of disgusting to assault a defenseless person like that, and also useless because you could have spent that time influencing his worldview in a more effective way.

So basically the anti-speech left has suffered another huge loss in the battle of ideas

yes? that's absolutely what I'm saying.

Damn that sucks

Four Holla Forums posters in one week. One, neet, 30's, kills his parents. Three, shoot at people, fail to kill anyone, convicted and headed to jail.

Is this a good week. Is this what a good week looks like to you Holla Forums. I'm just wondering what you think.

Every week is a good week to be a fascist in US. As soon as the put away their guns and take off their uniforms, they become invisible. It's considered a good use of time for journalists working at Pulitzer Prize winning nonprofits in the US to alert people to the SHOCKING realization that far right groups are full of people with violent histories doing violent things.


yeah, that's why I'm arguing with this guy.
do you think you're bringing some kind of news we haven't heard before? do you think this is the SJW board? do you not feel embarrassed?

Yeah you actually made me feel kinda bad it was pretty uncalled for

the big lesson here is obviously that too much memes will warp your brain and make you do coke and try to seize the means of production at your local chick-fil-a with a steak knife

okay but who doesn't want to seize Chick-fil-A

In time, comrade


stupid and inneffective

clever and inneffective

Conspiracy theories are for brainlets.

So what is the really real story here?

black liberal befriended a nazi

Why do people use that picture as a proof that the nazi march was staged ?

Apparently the guy was first punched and then black liberal hugged him.

Because he has a socdem rose tattoo on his left arm. Only a matter of time before this blatant false flag is exposed.


Doubt it was staged. As far as I have noticed many people here are ex pol/

Why would an actual Nazi have a shirt with four swastikas on it and dress like an 80s skinhead while having a Rose tattoo? The Rose is tied to anti-Nazi movements and groups.

Yeah and some of the protesters got shot. Violence works, even viewed a leftist lens

yeah and then a group of dudes fired into the crowd. mere 'protesting' does nothing for any movement. since I'm far left on economy but far right on social, I don't think there's any movement here in Burgerland I don't think is controlled opposition. might as well torch the place.

that's what I was saying. if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Again, why is this proof it's staged?

Do you really need to ask?

Because sucdems going to suc?

Also, is there a close up photo of the rose tattoo. I want to see it.

The guy's name is Randy Furniss. Apparently he shot himself in 2009.

I can't find much other info than some videos on youtube recorded by some black dude.