Xi Jinping Seeks Permanence to His Presidency

Xi Jinping Seeks Permanence to His Presidency

Chinese President Xi Jinping may be elevated to a position of permanent presidency by the end of the National People's Congress currently underway in Beijing.


As China’s Communist Party convenes its 19th quinquennial congress, there is little doubt President Xi Jinping will be re-elected to a second five-year term. Last week, however, ahead of the National People’s Congress convening in Beijing, the state-run media began referring to Xi by the title “Supreme Leader,” rather than his official title of “Secretary-General of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.” And while the move could have been purely for the sake of bolstering his image ahead of the important party gathering, many believe it was in fact a culminating move to consolidate his power and authority. The latest news from China, however, all but confirms the latter.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the main propaganda arm of the Chinese government, on Thursday, Xi’s political philosophy is being added to country’s constitution. The report states Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era is a “historic contribution to the Party's development” and “represents the latest achievement in adapting Marxism to the Chinese context, and is an important component of the system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics.” The report continues:

Xi’s plan is to be carried out in two stages over the course of 30 years. Xinhua also quotes a party official who said the president’s “core status and authority” must be “firmly safeguarded.”

I fucking hate Deng so much

How are any of the reforms "Marxist"?

well who better to tell us about marxism than the communist chinese

They aren't
The CPC just wants to keep LARPING

Sad that Chinese technocracy is still clearly a better system than the American psuedo democracy though. China might not be socialist but at least they're capable of thinking in the long term.

As much as I fucking hate that CPC call themselves Socialist, it's always amusing hearing reactionaries say "socialism never works" and "China is taking over the world" in the same sentence.

He for Xi

Isnt it interesting that its implicit to everyones thinking that in light of capitalisms recent failures obviously a planned economy is superior, but still they cant bring themselves to advocate for it.

Say what you want about Xi Jinping, he did real back some of the reactionary neo-Confucianist bullshit his predecessors were getting into. You have to give him credit for putting the kibosh on "Harmonious Society" and reaffirming the CPC as a Marxist and socialist party. For a while, the CPC was almost indistinguishable from the KMT.

Wrong, if the mainland had elections, the CPC could actually win, only Taiwanese boomer shitheads actually like the KMT

I mean the the party's policies, not their popularity.

Especially during the "Harmonious Society" period, their policies and positions were almost indistinguishable from the KMT.

Please tell me this isn't a primary source of information for you, user.

You're right, but I don't think you're taking into consideration just how contemptible and hubristic the KMT really is


Is Xi Jinping gonna send Jack Ma to a labour camp, reverse Dengism and make Maoism great again or not?

No, this has to do with internal power struggles between the frogman and his clique in central committee of the party against Xi`s attempts to solidify power. Post-Deng internal treaties stopping the party leaders form outright killing their internal opposition or imprisoning them has turned this into generational fight over power cliques.

Its nothing but Marxist rhetoric without the action of ideology.

I fucking hate China.

This is honestly one of the most fascinating things to me about China tbh, they basically came out of the Cold War as the polar opposite of the US rhetoric wise. For Burgers, even the slightest mention of Socialism will trigger your typical Amerilard into a coma, but for the Chinese, throwing around Marxist and Commie aesthetics and language gets their dicks real hard, even if they live in one of the world's most singularly Capitalist nations, just hearing Xi bring up Marx and Mao probably doubles his support every time. The only thing I think is comparable is when American politicians mindlessly make substanceless appeals to Jesus and the Founding Fathers in all of their speeches.

Fuck I miss this nigga. Bo Xilai was too good for this world.

Don't worry the West will have Chinese democracy soon

t. Zizek

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That album fucking sucked

China returning to historical tendencies

He might as well crown himself Emperor and stop abusing socialist imagery.

this rarely happens. usually they appeal to God and the Founding Fathers to show how inclusive they are.