This is a dumb observation but people here will find it interesting

This is a dumb observation but people here will find it interesting.
In video games ideology manifests this way:
Liberalism: Work hard and get in game rewards, this is what we saw years ago where playing the game itself will give you stuff
neo liberalism: pay to win, lootboxes and the like. this is what we have today because the current crisis of capitalism doesn't allow for whole products to be profitable. So the game is not a whole product but a vehicle to sell more.
But after I released this I been wondering, how could socialism manifest in vidya? Giving all assets to the player?

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all power to the players

stirnerian socialism manifests itself in unlocked minecraft servers where there's no one to stop you from collecting and using your property to the fullest.

full modding support

Player made mods are socialism in videogames, as well as homebrew applications

This. Mods are literally communism. Paid mods are ancapism.

touhou project situation where most content is made by individuals or small ad-hoc collectives

Standard godmode because under socialism everyone's a winner.

Also, in my opinion, UNPAID mods are proof that regular people aren't motivated by profit like people believe but rather by the desire to be creative and see their creation be used and bring joy to others. It's quite a good talking point to younger "human nature" argument makers, they never seem to have a coherent response

A survival game with all the usual aspects; Crafting, Mining, needing to eat/drink to stay alive.
But there's a catch: There is no food.

That's funny because according to marxism everything they do is motivated by profit (material interest) and if not then that's false consciousness.

Is fascism when you’re playing on a Garry’s mod server run by 12 year olds getting endlessly spawn camped by the admins friends who got special weapons?

material interest doesn't necessarily mean profit

but i'm sure you knew that, being an expert on marx

Fascism is more like hitting level 100 in MOP world of Warcraft.

It means as much as "getting stuffs" of which profit is particular to a market environment.

Stack more blocks comrade


Start playing terraria and we can have that, user

Video games are software so the answer is still free and open-source like Xonotic.


Also the entire idea that paid mods is good for creators is a straight-up lie. The nexus (where most of the Bethesda mods are) has had a feature for years that allows users to donate to modders (without taking a cut).

An open source, fully moddable game

Abolition of market-based relationships in the sphere of games, at the moment this process of communizing is known as piracy.

Ben kuchera told me the game is very political. The music in particular is extremely political. Think about it. The game is about the futility of trying to impose order into an infinite chaos. Really sends my noggin joggin'.

Freeware games made for enjoyment. Think about the modding community but with resources to do anything they like.

How about grow up and stop with the video games already?

I did but all my friends are manchildren so I returned to video games out of social pressure.

But growing up means getting more into video games you moron. The average age of a gamer is in their mid 30s.

Open source MMO where modding and cheating is considered part of the fun. There will be a terminal that allows players to make modifications to the game as it is being played. Whoever is the best at coding will dominate all else, and competition will be replaced by creative expression. A true, socialist meritocracy.

Play Freeciv until you learn Communism. Ironically, Communism is the best government formation when you no longer care about either trade or technology goals and are going for total domination. Communism is a prerequisite for Spy units which are like Diplomats but can be reused after a successful mission.

So the biggest argument itt is modding and stuff like that but there is a big problem. Not everybody can make mods and that creates a very clear division on the player base
So the issue now is what can the game do without requiring the player anything beside playing it like lootboxes and unlockable content do.

coding is for autists, the game you describe is handling the keys of the kingdom to people who can't tell machines from people.

I'm up for some Terraria.

Communism in Freeciv is retarded, it might as well be Monarchy+.

This one is better:

Also Spies are pretty awesome (I often use them more for reconnaissance than stealing), but you only need Communism researched to get them, not necessarily as your active government.

Not all games need to be dumbed down for the lowest common denominator. There are games available for every skill level.


I've recently wished movies had an "open source" movement. As in, it'd be nice if a production crew would release their unmastered footage, sound, etc so that people could make their own cuts. Specifically because I wish Blade Runner 2049 had a cut where they didn't include the flashbacks.

Eventually, all movies will just be generated from 3D models. Think MMD, but realistic. Then you'll be able to change anything you want. Literally anything.

Something as simple as a game setting that isn't a capitalist (or medieval pre-capitalist) society. Have you noticed how few of those there are, not just in vidya, but in all media? Like what's-his-face said that it's easier to imagine the end of the world than a world without capitalism. This is one of the things guiding muh vidya idea that will never be made (really, don't we all have them?).

I was watching a friend of mine play this game called Dwarf Corp, which looks like a 3D clone of Dwarf Fortress. It's dwarfs, but with capitalism… Yuck! It looked like a fun game (I love the cute little dwarfs!), but the capital angle makes it feel weird, and doesn't make much sense… It has numerous problems and glitches currently, but hopefully it develops into a better form later on. If only it didn't have the Capitalist ideology, or the $20 price tag.


Hostile Waters

but yeah it would be nice if there were more

You. I like you.

From each according to his ability

I imagine games under socialism would work like how the Doom community works, you have free source-codes and engines and people use it as a canvas for their art.

does arcade count as vidya?

Are the soviet games copies from jap/burger games? Did they have something unique other than tetris or the universal "have gun, shoot things"?

just made it to four.

Are those Soviet-era? That first one looks incredible.

indie games with good stories and characters that aren't white men would replace the intellectually bankrupt kiddie shit that passes for AAA these days

Fixed that for you. In some of the games it is based straight off of despotism.