Are ETA /ourguys/?

Are ETA /ourguys/?

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No national liberation movement can ever be our guys

they look scary so I'm going to say no

They killed random civilians for no reason.

yes, but they're cucks for disarming.

salute from portugal

Obsessed with a past that never existed, existentially aggrieved, made up of the losers among their people and with no sense of dress.

Could be, could be not.

Yes, however they did surrender their weapons recently after decades of fighting. On top of that, the Basque do not support them as much anymore making their fight impotent. I like the aesthetics though.


They killed quite a lot of guardia civiles, which is the military police that is still to this day blasting falange iconography

lol its the terrorists from cs:go

saudações da sua colonia

Are you ignoring the fact that the basques have the most unique lenguage and culture of probably any culture?
Early ETA was /our/guys, but they lost their way in the later years.


kill chicken rush b

Better and more reason to exist than the catalonia indipendence movment.
LARPers don't like them because they didn't have an anarchist movment 100 years ago that lasted 3 years

They are /myguys/

Take that flag off

Hell yes they are

They're in Italy for some reason though, like wtf.

Eta are Basque from spain. Fucking american

The csgo maps they feature in are clearly based on Italy, one is even called Italy.
Do not be rude to me because I am a burger.

The basque have given us so much. Delicious ways to prepare tongue, the finest lamb dishes, and the kalimtoxto. Why can't we give them their own country?

All the successful revolutions of the 20th century were national liberation movements. You can hate nationalism all you want but using it as a guise for leftist revolution is a good strategy.

nice csgo cosplay :🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧)

They are my guys just for the dank aesthetic


Who are these guys? They look pretty based

They are the Revolutionary Army of Proto-Huelanders or the RAPH

A terorist leftist organiuzation that spawned in Portugal in the 1980's after socialism wasn't allowed to be implemented and the central government began flirting eith an EU membership.
They killed some police officers and some random civilians that happened ot be there. They some of them were caught and sent to prison and the organization was dismantled.ças_Populares_25_de_Abril

Who are these guys?

Vcs portugas precisam de mascaras melhores

For me its, Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale Corsu

are Basques POC?

The original Europeans