Holy shit, this guy truly is the master of leftist dogwhistles


Even mentions Leftypol by name once as a joke/dogwhistle at around the 6th minute

needs a struggle session.

Fucking Big Smoke chatting shit here.

Fucking idiot. We want social equality and economic equality for all. Fucking lurk more you chunky cunt and quit shilling.

mods (of bunkerchan) = gods

I don't see the problem. We should remain a boogeyman that triggers both Holla Forums and the idpol left. Imagine if the /r/socialism crowd would like us.

So he's just repeating reddit memes, like how most people reference 4chan.


the problem is that we're being portrayed as Asser shits

No, you dummy. Being a boogeyman of idpolers where they call us "brocialists" and anti-idpolers and shit is good and accurate. This fuck was comparing us to nazis.

Dude, libtards compare everything to Nazis.

it's almost like they're projecting

It's pretty funny really, we're being accused of being nazis by SJWs and of being SJWs by nazis.


Congratulations for inspiring me memeball n°12411353

Nope not watching this shit

He needs to lurk more.

don't shill your channel here m8

We know it's you. Clickbaiting us. Just do a Q&A here already.

Only shill your channel here if you're some small timer like muke or Mexie and looking for feedback that would actually affect the channel.


What an irrelevant shitter. He has probably never been on leftypol.

Fat fuck. Reported his channel

This comrade needs to lurk more.

², it's how you know you've done something right.

Why do you care what liars would call you?

There's probably no reason to care as far as this particular liar is concerned, but liars in general? Yeah, you should care. Some have means to send a lynch mob your way.

Fair enough, but the solution should never be to start policing yourself, only to neutralize those who would send the mob your way. Or the liars win. That's what I'm always afraid of when someone says Holla Forums is too right wing, that a destructive self-mortification ensues. The actual right wing trolls and undesirables are pretty obvious, and get banned already.

what a fat white muh privileged liberal fuck; hope he dies of a heart attack

he is one of those new to socialism type reddit libsoc

Which thread was this?

Holla Forums still thinks every time they raid us we will be "red pilled" and hate jews and leftists.

Yet everytime they end up likeing the Holla Forums community more lol

Even if that was truth it was likely a troll

Maybe he was on the wrong board? The only time I've seen people say they like Trump is when some talk about him in the context of accelerationism.

Also this.

what's a struggle session? is it code for going on jihad?

I like this guy. He's the anti-Muke, in more senses than their respective weights. He makes a far better than other ecelebs by not just being some kid in front of a webcam; he has actual production values. More importantly, the positive first impression doesn't go to waste because he actually knows what he's talking about. I often see people defend Muke's refusal to read by saying "So? You're just shitposting on leftypol while he's doing something", and I really hate that notion because it's a simple fact that you can't possibly eloquently teach a concept you don't understand. This fat fuck clearly knows his shit. If you didn't understand something he said, he could reiterate it in another way that you understand it more. That's what happens when you prepare and give a shit about what you're talking about.

Have you tried google?

He's boring and liberal. His 9/11 video is a fucking joke.

The linked video wasn't actually that bad; it was the 9/11 one that set me off.


40 seconds in and he is wrong about 40 things wrong
when will it end

well to be fair there are quite a few here who have swung too far against id-pol to the point where they really are the caricature of class reductionist.

I think class is more important, but I don't deny that race and gender are important points of oppression too.