Africans in America as a hole don't make up any mass part of the proletariat i believe its very insulting to coin them...

Africans in America as a hole don't make up any mass part of the proletariat i believe its very insulting to coin them as the proletariat when apart of them are bourgeoisie.

NFL NBA Rap ect ect

If you do sports and play music you're bourgois?
Are you some special kind of retard?

so you believe these are apart of the working class ?

Define proletariat and bourgeoisie in marxist terms


Et cetera aka etc you fucking pleb

celebrities aren't necessarily exploiting anyone. they're not really the same thing as the bourgeoisie


and also why aren't white people apart of the same systems not also a problem? you're really making me think as to what your goal is here

Also no. Most of the time actors, musicians and bla bla invest a lot of money in spectalcle (actors often are producers) this makes them borgouise in the marxist sense

capitalist class bourgeoisie are Hollywood Sports Rap they sell these means of production to retards.

Is english not your first language, or are you drunk?

are you a consumer of the bourgeoisie product ?

bourgeoisie are the capitalist class what you think they are doing ?

Define what the capitalist class is

… don't really know what that means, do you

keyword; necessarily

this is why the system has term for the proletariat in america they call them blue collar and white collar.

There are business owners in every ethnicity, is that somehow shocking?

nice that the capitalist come out.


Yes they are. They are tricking the people in to watching their shitty block buster movies. Besides the fact that they exploit the actual workers. Movies aren't just actors and a camera man. There are a lot of people working on it and the only people who truly get the profits are the producers directors and actors.

Nobody said they weren't.

Read a fucking book.


someone gets it.

Are you sure you're not a nigger yourself?

im a blue collar worker i can't be a government recipient.

I know right, just look at these bourgeoisie fucks tricking people into buying burgers and phones

They are definitely holes.
Ass holes.

You're preaching to the choir buddy. Proletariat has nothing to do with race, there's black capitalists and black workers, white capitalists and white workers etc.
You should bother reddit about this.