Academic Agent debates a Holla Forumsyp

At 6 EST, 23:00 London time, Academic Agent will be debating the editor of Spectre Rouge and a twitter MLM about the economic condition of american hispanics.

Smuggle Jack in.


Good lord, thats like an Autism Unicorn.

Anti Idpol MLMs aren't too bad and considering he is with Enver, there is some hope.

and sadly he'll still almost certainly come out on top

She, actually

A dummy with a tape recorder taped to it that repeats Bella Ciao could beat AA.

Sorry m8

Or just the phrase "Value is not the same as market prices"

good luck, wreck that pseud

So this starts in 10 minutes, right?

Tag in Jack "The Ripper" Angsterreich

kek is Rei a Maoist now? I remember her being an unironic Nazi 5 years ago proud of how the Japs gassed the fucking Chinamen and would do it all over again. I'm not surprised she ditched fascism after it became mainstream.

its started

still a picture of books (lol) for me

Refresh, they are talking now.

You sure? Sounds like a man

she is a half Japanese lesbian Not Socialist who hates white people jews and the chinese who wants a Japano-Indian pan asian alliance to kill China Russia and America

looks like she wasn't able to make it, it's just /ourguy/, Ghost of Buckley and AA.


Enver is out there alone?
I don't like this.

That sucks.

Maybe someone can join to help him out?

Anyone know anyone good?

I mean I'm pretty much uneducated but how hard can it be to beat AA. They really aren't citing anything so far so all you need to be is quick on your feet.

This isn't even ideology anymore.

Why our guy is defending immigration…


Is he as well read as jack?

aaand a spergout, chill out

Is our guy defending mugabe?
Jesus fuck….

it makes perfect sense that she's a fucking Maoist now, she hates Capitalism Judaism Christianity and White imperialism (except nazis), she likes Evola Rene Gueonon Satrivi Devi, Miguell Serranno, Paganism Japanese Imperial ideology and she likes Socialism and very well versed in Marxist theory she supports anything that hurts American and Russian/Soviet Imperialism and Chinese rising power and anything that benefits the collapse of the global order and the three main super states Russia-China-USA she is a walking example of Horshoe theory in action and a confirmation that non Western communists and third worldists aligned against the West are basically nazis but in favor of their own race ethnicity and nationality

Maotism. Not even once.

Dudes a revisionist dickhead, just say apartheid and systemic racism is bad and that the racist Rhodesian government is responsible for the reaction it got

Down with the state

He literally said that he wasn't going to sit there and defend mugabe

Urgh this guy sucks, he's letting them walk all over him. Like they just said 'well if we had direct democracy the wall would already be built' when the majority of people didn't even vote for Trump.

Hi marxist media


Damn sonny this was bad. It was your first debate?

Besides one moment of overexcited ranting Hoxha did pretty good job at steering the course of discussion in desired direction.

it's hard to go 2 on one to be fair but it was dissapointing

First one streamed, yes, but I felt I got in most of what I wanted.


She unfortunately couldn't make it, might be doing a livestream with her in a bit tho.

Ahhh you did better than I probably would have, was just frustrated seeing them get away with so much bullshit. Good for you for getting out there.

Yeah, normal. First time is always a bitch.

Big props to Enver. He did really well for going in 1v2

I don't understand how this guy keeps coming back for more. Seems like every time he debates he manages to embarrass himself worse than the last time.

The first post in a thread is always the best one. They go downhill from there.

problem is that agent is finding people worse than jack to fight to boost his epeen, everyone needs to flat out refuse to debate agent. He's been BTFO by jack to the moon and back and is resorting now to going into unfair situations in order to win.

"What does c + v + s mean?"