A hero

A hero.

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His opinions on leftism is retarded though

The only retarded part was him not knowing the difference between leftists and liberals.

Hence retarded.

No, it's super accurate about who he's referring to, he just used the wrong name.

You have to remember he's an outsider artist- he has no real philosophical background except in analytic shit, he read like two books and formed a comprehensive systemic critique of the world on sheer rage and Autism Level. He may not always frame things the proper way but his manifesto is a quick lay-readable picture of an existential question.

Well, the left since the late 1960s has msotly referred to the kinds of people he's talking about.

Primitivism is highly reactionary and always seems to draw a reactionary crowd, but whatever you say.

saying primitivism 'seems to draw a reactionary crowd' is like saying nazism seems to draw a raci(ali)st crowd
primitivsm is literally the most reactionary position one can take

I agree.

It's only "reactionary" in the sense that it wants to return to an earlier time. Most Primitivists are not reactionaries in the conventional sense. Most of them are super-hippies who think a primitive society will be 100% egalitarian, peaceful, and full of love and sharing.

Regardless of what kind of people they are, that has no bearing on their critique of industrialism and modern society and living.


Seems like they have a massive misconception of primitive communism

They do, that's why Ted wrote an essay contradicting their position. Essentially saying that while those things are nice, it's not really reflective of the majority of primitive hunter-gatherers and returning to a primitive society would not automatically create those things.

Is that Dorángel Vargas?

Kaczynski + post-civ = god-tier ideology

anprims get the bullet too

I like women to have shaved legs so no.

Wish he never got caught.

this is the best argument against anprim tbh

M8 u may as well not be a left winger in that case, a lot of unshaven women out there



90% of people who say this
a) don't have a job
b) have a "job" spewing conservative sound-bytes on a daily basis (Crowder, Shapiro)
may I ask where you work, user?

lern to spell.
AN hero.

Primitivism is reactionary by its nature.

With our powers combined we are Captain Planet

oooor, they have a """"job"""" in some bullhit position in daddy's company


Name of bottom left?

Letting genetic duds die for the woods is just as just as killing off the capitalists.

Also he would have been killed for having a basement not metal forging.

John Zerzan my dood

CTRL-F 'linkola'

Do you want to share something with us FBIkun~

you're better off two boards above, they there like making sacrifices to genetic material

And how exactly will 7 billion people be able to survive by hunting and gathering?
IIRC aren't you guys basically waiting for some kind of civillizational collapse scenario which kills off the vast majority of the population?

Well who do you think they'll be hunting

Why don't you follow Ted's footsteps and go live in the wilderness?
You know…nobody can't take you serious after you ate a nice meal bought at the supermarket and using a computer to come here to spout utter garbage.
Go live in the wilderness you useless cunt or accept that a man alone in this world is nothing.

Probably other people.
So much for "not wanting mass death".


Well what else would you expect from these people?

Literally Gruul


A few billion dying (this can hardly be called mass death when looking at all of human life) < everyone forever

You sound like a fucking conservative.

"W-why not just live in system B while system A is in place!"

All my woods have been demolished or owned by richfags who would shoot me, along with the fact I want everyone to be in the woods.


I'm more interested in knowing how the fuck is anarcho-primitivism supposed to happen because it doesn't seem like a concept capable of gathering mass support.

I'd love to tell you but I am busy so I will give you a tl:dr.

Global warming kills almost everyone and makes the earth unable to recover as fast as it has in the past, leading to primativeism being the only possible existing society.

But what implies this is the only possible ending? It's not like all tools are wiped out, so early agrarian-like society seems as likely

Daily reminder that anprims are a far-right psyop trying to destroy Marxism with reactionary abstractions of "nature" and "ecology"

Go home, Rafiq. Nobody has given a shit about your website for years, so stop shilling it here.

Anprims are our comrades. If we ever reach communism, it's going to look a lot more similar to primitive communism than you might think.

True, it's not very appealing to most people. That's part of why I'm no longer anprim. We don't need to abolish civilization and we shouldn't, but our civilizations are so intertwined with private property up to this point that we ought to accept that the abolition of private property can only be with willingly abandoning many aspects of civilization. We're not going to get rid of cities, factories, and technology, but once we dispose of capitalism our cities are going to look a lot different and we won't have any need for the vast quantity of appropriated natural resources.

green anarchism >>>>>>>>>>>>> primitivism
primitivism is for retards

Stop LARPing and embrace the oncoming machinic annihilation of the human race.

Green Marxism>>>>green anarchism

Read Kovel.


tfw u smoke so much weed u realize Marx was an ancap and we must accelerate capital accumulation as the market is a decentralized AI god to be fed children

unironically this