Extermination Krew

So we found out that the autistic teenager in our group was being manipulated by local police into turning over data. The cop lied and told her that they would make her an officer, that she should be a chief of police, that she was keeping people safe, etc, sent kind of flirty messages, while she collected data for them, identified people, went to weekly meetings, and provided tactical info before and during events. Gross on both sides.

We got 400, 500 messages exchanged between the snitch and cop: wat do Holla Forums ?

Post feet

Obviously kick her out and put out her name and info so that other groups will know to steer clear of her.

Hit up a journo obviously make sure you save multiple copies of the messages an proof they are real

Let everyone know. Noone likes a snitch, and she'll be ostracised.

that is all

Leftists really are fucking moronic.

Working on that now

Did that and also sent the full data dumps to other orgs in the area.

if you are in the UK I have access to a journo

'moronic' is a term that generally applies to all tenagers, that's why it's advised not to let them wander into backstage

Kill him.
wait she's a she? Damn…. In your position I would probably defend her. Is she cute? Because if she's cute I could never kick her out. If she's ugly kill the skank


the cop

How did you get hold of the data? only tell us if it's safe.
Does she know about it? in case she does not make some fake plan to vandalise something and bait the police when no one shows up or something like that.

kill both just to make sure

Jesus, snitches sell themselves really cheap these days.

Try to feed her false info maybe.

Kill the cops.

Hit up a journalist, kill the cop, purge her from the group unless you are confident that you can successfully feed her false information. Also post the messages you found here.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧internalised sexism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Let her know of all the people she has hurt, show her how the cop has manipulated her after he inevitable cuts the dupe off. Have her come in tears on camera and tell the audience not to snitch because cops are against people.