Hello comrades

Hello comrades.
Could we talk about fashion? Specifically the fashion of Blue Jeans in relation with class?

Hear me out: I've recently noticed that Blue Jeans were traditionally considered work-clothing and were specifically sold as such. Now, in 2017 CE, it is not uncommon to see people from multiple classes wearing such clothing. What's interesting to me is that torn/filled with holes clothing used to be considered a sign of poverty but is now considered fashionable for hip members of the middleclass. Has anyone else noticed that the middleclass detaches themselves from sympathy for the struggle of the working poor and instead latches onto the symbolism of "rugged" apparel?

Part of me considers feels insulted by the existence of such stores as Forever 21 and their peddling of pre-ripped jeans for the benefit of those who like to pretend they are struggling. Any thoughts? Do I make any sense here or am I talking out of my ass?

yeah cultural gentrification or whatever. it happens on the left a lot with people fetishizing the proletariat too.
i don't know where you want to go with this discussion though, a discourse on "marxism and class struggle in popular fashion" sounds pointless and dumb.

This shit drives me crazy. I patch my holes.

Could you explain what you mean by fetishizing? I assume you aren't being literal.

i mean the way a lot of leftists tend to talk about the proletariat as if it is a noble or romantic thing to be. or the way a lot of online arguments on the left simple become "you're not working class! i'm working class!".

It's associated with hard work and capitalism is still "protestant" after all

I see. But in defense of that kind of position, wasn't Engels himself bourgeoisie?

Patches huh? Well those are going to cost at least a few pennies and sewing them on will cost a few chinese workers every week due to infections of poked thumbs each so we probably need to charge an extra $100 on our ripped-then-patched line next year to recuperate.


This. When I was a kid I went to school with holes in my clothes and the school called social workers to harass my mother. The conclusion made by the social worker was not that we lived in poverty but that my mother was an alcoholic. She laughed at them when they said that. She was a teetotaler.

You write surprisingly well for someone born in 2001. Or you are a time traveller.


I wear usually straight dark blue or black jeans. I try to wear normiecore so i blend in.

That's pretty rude and unfounded.

This hurts

Capitalism will comodify everything
Sadly I care too little about fashion to say anything else.

I know a lot of student activists at my uni who are all pretty wealthy but they all try to look homeless lmfao. Tbh the left irl is a bad meme

If you don't dress well no one will take you seriously, sure don't buy hypebeast ultra capitalist garbage but put some decent effort in your clothes

Could this be the means of the Capitalist's undoing? Giving attention to a movement?

We should talk about belts, and why you should wear one. I frequently see the people I work with with their boxers hanging out or their ass crack showing especially when they are bending over or doing something on the ground and it's disgusting. I know it's not a fashion thing for them because they are constantly pulling their pants up to hide their shame but they still refuse to wear a belt and I don't understand why. Sure, it's slightly uncomfortable around the waist but it's better than having to constantly pull up your pants off the ground.

Or maybe, just maybe, buy pants that fit.

I wear a belt with pants which don't fit perfectly and don't wear one with pants that do fit perfectly.