Jagmeet Singh

Wait for it….

Are canadians more subhuman lawn fertilizer than americans?

This is completely inconsequential liberal shit. Who cares?


Don't blame me, I voted Angus

But will the coveted thot demographic vote spice or soy in 2019?

why doesn't canada have left or right wing populist politicians make a splash in their elections ever? i can't remember the exact figures but there's some absurd percentage of eligible voters in canada that don't vote, you would think some opportunist would jump on this.

surprise surprise…

isn't he a Sikh nationalist who supports the creation of Khalistan?

stay triggered, Holla Forums, we'll keep not giving a fuck about meaningless gestures like this

There's nothing wrong with telling you to withhold your vote until someone worth voting for even in a marginal capacity comes along. This isn't even a tankie/ultraleft stance to take, if you're gonna vote you should at least incentivize politicians to present you a platform that even ostensibly helps your class or you're a huge cuck.

lol. Are you an unironic center liberal faggot?

That's part of the problem right there. The other three were better than him but didn't distinguish themselves enough and the farther left vote split between them. If there was better organizing behind one of the three this could have been avoided.

I voted for Niki, and now I just want lil' Kim to free us all.

I didn't vote because I'm a poorfag, but this is really, really bad.

man, that beard looks dirty..

Because you didn't look under the towel on his head. Honestly sikhs are dirty as fuck

They hand out free memberships to youth in most cases. I got mine free because I was under 27 at the time

Kinda obvious they're going for the minority novelty vote. This might as well be Trudeau in disguise.

If that's the case, given the current political situation in India, I say fuck it, let 'em

Seems like they added new letters after I last took a nap. What does the I2S stand for?

I is Intersex
2S is Two-spirited which is where you have both male and female "spirits." It comes from aboriginal traditions and therefore non-natives who identify as two-spirit are excellent

What's this guy's stance on muzzies?

Probably thinks that they did nothing wrong, Islam is a religion of peace, We should build more mosques


i feel like this acronym is no longer useful.

Judging from the subject of the thread, it could very well be a leaf. Or worse, some horrible maple-burger hybrid.


Also how come this curry eater has fucking cum in his beard?

Oh cool my parents got the new Walrus, time to get a billion text messages about the latest liberal bullshit

Most normies only use the first four, I only see the long clusterfucks used in social justice circles

It's free, gets me out of the house, and with postal ballots I also get to walk to the mailbox

Edging for six hours and then jigging into your beard to let it dry is praxis

I'm the only one scared by this shit? What the fuck.

It's pretty stupid as a policy plank. There's solid science behind the ban, I'm guessing activists that are against it are worries that having the ban intact will give religious nutters ammunition or something. Either that or they just want a symbolic issue to continue to fundraise :^)

why would this be a problem? I presume the contention is that homosexuals have higher chances of having HIV but do they seriously not test the blood for that before giving it to someone?

ugh.. I don't want no tranny blood or tissuie in me that's for sure

Why don't asexuals, demiqueers, and agenders get a letter? Stop erasing them, you dungliege.

you mean spirits like in "spirits of the dead"?

no and if that's what your dumb ass thinks you need to read the FAQ

I think you are a liberal. You should read the faq. I was complaining about the NPD becoming center liberal and making fan of this fucking dirty idiot.

1) Yes, they test donations. But extremely early infections can still slip by most tests.
2) Particularly for blood, an infected donation can contaminate large pooled batches.
3) Homosexuals make up an incredibly tiny fraction of the population, including them at all is basically a symbolic gesture.

They do. Still. Who knows. It's not only HIV a shit load of other things. I mean behind the ban there is a scientific reason.

are you ESL, high or just retarded?