Daily News Thread 10/19

Iranian leader urges Europe to defy 'mentally retarded' Donald Trump over nuclear pact

Iran's supreme leader has described Donald Trump as "mentally retarded" as he urged Europe to do more to back the 2015 nuclear deal after the US president refused to re-certify the pact.

Court in Iraq orders arrest of Kurdistan VP Kosrat Rasul

An Iraqi court has ordered the arrest of the vice-president of the Kurdistan Region for calling troops sent to Kirkuk this week "occupying forces".

Spain Unleashes Historic Power to End Catalan Independence Push

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will deploy the Spanish government’s most wide-ranging constitutional powers for the first time in the country’s history as he seeks to land a decisive blow on the Catalan separatist movement.

Suicide Attack Leaves at Least 43 Dead in Afghanistan

Two suicide bombers attacked an Afghan army base in the district of Maiwand and left at least 40 dead and 24 wounded.

Congress Is Inching Closer to a Shutdown Over Immigration and Obamacare

The year’s most divisive fights in Congress are set to converge in a bitter partisan clash in December that could result in a U.S. government shutdown.

Japan Braces for a Monster Storm With Typhoon Lan Closing In

Typhoon Lan is forecast to grow into a monster storm south of Japan before it weakens on its approach to the island nation next week.

Turkey's Erdogan says three more mayors to quit, including Ankara chief

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that three more mayors, including the high-profile mayor of the capital Ankara, are to resign soon, as he pushes to revitalise his ruling party ahead of 2019 elections.

Jacinda Ardern becomes New Zealand's youngest woman leader

Ms Ardern has been opposition leader for the last three months. At 37, she is set to be the country's youngest prime minister since 1856.

Students stage walk-out after teacher tells Spanish speakers to 'speak American'

A teacher in New Jersey has provoked outrage and student protest after a viral video showed her telling pupils in her class to "speak American". Nearly 100 students reportedly staged a walk-out days after the incident took place.

120 child sex traffickers arrested, 84 kids rescued in FBI sting

A three-month-old baby and her five-year-old sister were among 84 sexually exploited juveniles rescued by the FBI during a nationwide sting. Some 120 child sex traffickers were arrested, with the agency releasing raw footage of the operation.

Alarm over decline in flying insects

Research at more than 60 protected areas in Germany suggests flying insects have declined by more than 75% over almost 30 years.

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Based iran
Retarded catalans
How many dead americans?
What's wrong with pretending to speak english in school?


Facespook! Social media giant becomes arm of US intel

Facebook, the world’s top social media platform, is reportedly seeking to hire hundreds of employees with US national security clearance licenses.

Treatment for All: The Struggle for Access to Hepatitis C Treatment in Spain

Treatment for All provides an inspirational look at how Spanish patients and allies fought to ensure access to sofosbuvir-based treatments.

Neo-Nazis Organizing Richard Spencer Event Release Hit List of Gainesville Establishments


ISIS Has Lost Raqqa, Where Will It Go Next?


This is fine. Not like bugs are important to the ecosystem or anything.

Thank You Based Newsanon

There's still a net gain due to Turkish immigration.

Thank You NewsAnon!

That's a thing? Damn the job requirements are getting crazy nowadays.

Ayatollah Khamenei go on cumtown

Donald Trump just suggested the FBI, Democrats and Russia might all be co-conspirators


good anime

Burgers at it again.

Shit, you can be this retarded and still get a job as a teacher? I might have to look into this..

you might be joking but I have a lot of close family deeply ingrained in the education system and 80% of these people should never be able to teach. It's astonishing how low the bar is for teachers. Too many aren't even teaching what they focused in and are just handed a handbook to recite and make sure x number of students passes.

I'm very ashamed to say I've seen that pic in perso

fix your site you fat pedophile tinfoil

If the Catalan people back down in the face of Spanish repression, I'm gonna be so fucking depressed for months to come.


More people need to say it, tbh.

Bush being stupid was just a meme; he was obviously very intelligent guy. Trump being stupid is just a fact; anyone who listens to him talk and doesn't have their head up their ass will realize he's incredibly intellectually impaired.

*a very

You don't think he's unironically pretending to be retarded? You can listen to how he speaks before the election and he doesn't sound retarded at all.


Once again confirms my suspicion that the next tech boom will be in, basically, replicating sustaining natural processes so that humanity can continue to exist. Ecological engineering is coming in fast buckos:

Why do you think Bush was intelligent? His father, sure, but he himself sounded like a child in public speaking. t. Britbong and I wasn't as politically active when he was president so I'm no expert

You'd think so, but the NSA's transnational corporate backers all need their man on the inside.


Absolute madman.

>You're a Russian co-conspirator!

Trotskyist thinks the Neocon president is intelligent. Go figure.

This is why this board should embrace Shia Islam, we need a Hezbollah flag tbh

No, a Nazbollah one

No, Trump always sounds like a retard except for when he has a script.

Bush was actually dumb. Trump just makes him look smart.

Let's blame Russia seems to be the game everyone plays in the government when they don't get anything they wanted


It's not even like Putin is a communist or anything, it's just capitalist oligarchs fighting each other, there's really there for people to attach themselves too, Russia and the US don't give a fuck about their people.

Why not both(as well as a long, long overdue Posadist flag).

Thank you news user

forgot my question mark, also polite sage

Iran's supreme leader calling Trump a retard sounds like it should be a Memri TV meme.

Bush and Bush apologists are literally the "I was only PRETENDING to be retarded" meme come to life

Bush Sr. sure, Dubya hell no. I read his ghostwritten autobiography and even that shit clearly insinuated that he just let Cheney and friends run the show for him.


It's not about what's easy, it's about sacrifice to the god market. Suggesting preservation will get you 40 lashes.

I don't know, if you watch interviews of him he seems entirely articulate and bright. Doesn't mean I like him, I just don't think he was stupid.

People let the "Bushisms" overshadow the fact that, unlike Trump, the vast majority of his speeches and interviews went by without any major fuck ups or mistakes.

b-but man, we gotta kill those mosqitoes, they give me the itchy things and that's such a minior problem that's totally worth completely going against nature to prevent. If the birds die too that's even better, at least they won't poo on my brand new Mercedes.

bush was clearly not intelligent in the way that barry or bill were. just because he wasn't clearly suffering from dementia doesn't make him a brain genius.

Trump just keeps losing

ty news user

Thank you, based news user!


Cute, but why is Alunya Asian?

Iberians are Asian, duh