So can the mods stop being niggers and purge the plebbitors

Yeah and you know now half the original posters are gone., people talking about muh privilege theory and unironically calling others "class reductionist" or brocialist. And it just seems like we're going to end up as Reddit 2.0

I mean seriously the absolute state of this board.

We need to purge the Chapo thread too because that seems to be the place where all the "#DIRTBAGLEFT XD" faggots seem to congregate and then stayed there after all the youtube drama bullshit saw a lot of the non faggots here leave

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i have the chapo thread minimised. don't know why it even exists


I haven't seen an exodus at all. The board users have roughly stayed the same and are increasing at the same rate as before. There was a touch of hysteria when Holla Forums was down for maintenance and the userbase went down to 800, but its back now. I've been here since pre-50 posters and I have no intention to leave.

I do not trust a lot of the mods to ban based on opinion, even though I'd love to see idpol faggots leave.

Sounds like you got BTFO'd by an "idpol" leftist and now you want them to leave. I saw that thread, there was one guy giving evidence to back up his claims and everyone else was just being a moron.

Also there's no way to be a class reductionist when idpol issues are literally the product of class society. Or what? Do you believe people are inherently racist and the only thing keeping them at bay are your enlightened liberal ways? Because that is literally the only possible explanation if you don't believe racism is simply a mechanism to keep Capitalism in place. There's nothing inherent to say, whiteness, or being heterosexual that enables discrimination.

there's a difference between that and just completely hand waving any discussion about racial discrimination within capitalism, which matters dude.

What is with these faggots? I want Leddit to leave.

Yeah and nobody does that you massive faggot. You want to know why? Because racism is also idpol

And this is really the only way your kind can respond any time somebody tells you to fuck off. Just call em horrible brocialists that callously spout racial or sexist rhetoric. That was the image r/ soc conjured up about this place before I came here to see for myself.

Funnily enough, this place has more women, nonwhites and gays than the self flagellators at left reddit.

literally the "I have a black friend" defense, whatever man

and dude, the whole thread from last night, the one i'm assuming you're mad about, was just everyone say how pointless it was to even TALK about racial discrimination, because it was just "idpol", like seriously man?

there's a difference between that and just linking all problems of society to the jews white man.

yeah dude quality understanding

That is taken way out of context, since if we're talking about the same thread, it seemed to be one guy not saying that we had to focus on racism in capitalism, but rather "white muh privilege" and how whites are treading on minorities, ignoring the per-capita more successful and wealthy minorities like Asians in general and Jews, and ignoring the ridiculousness of putting viewing race as some sort of class. Getting laughed at for that is kind of a given.

No you piece of shit. It shows that you drive people away with your particularism.

Oh and thank you for proving my point. Keep slandering.

If you weren't so insufferably new you'd know we get polyps coming here all the fucking time to debunk their infographs and bogus "race realism".

And honestly I've learned more about the subject seeing posters here BTFO stormfags than anywhere in the reddit safespaces

There were a couple reasonable posters in the thread, though, but the highlights I remember involved people who seemed to only discuss for that. Is the thread even still available? I can't get it from the catalog

I'd have to see the thread to know whether it's anti-idpol idpol or just plain idpol autism.

That thread was garbage and the tankie was literally claiming that there is no reason for socialists to care about anything other than pure class, and that any level of confronting racism or sexism was le idpol

I literally only want a thread where people don't sperg out at the notion of discussing racist shit. Yeah shit like at r/soc is stupid but it just gets ridiculous here sometimes.

``Racism is id-pol´´ has to be the most brainlet description, even though I agree with you. You have to understand that ``race´´ issues are structural problems of hierarches within capitalism because of private property.

Just piss off, man.

not even calling you that, just pointing out its kind of ridiculous to say

Stop white knighting and destroying the left you little shit.

I joyously tip my hat
You people lack vigor
Everyone type in chat
Back to reddit, jewish nigger


I check all reports, I can't check every thread. Do your job.

The sjws are your guys tankie, stop blaming us for your faggot sucdem party getting .2% of the vote.

Ridiculous to say that leftypol is a more diverse place than the reddit torture chamber because it opposes intersectionality and muh privilege theory?

And I'm not even a tankie


MLs are the ultimate sjws while anarchists threatend to kill that tranny Maoist.

Such bullshit. Especially on this board "tankies" are the only one who totally ignore the idpol, muh muh privilege, intersectional bullshit

Someone post Dirtbag Left cat, I know that art exists.

Yeah if you're trying to use it to deflect discussion. Again all I'm really advocating for is more discussion of stuff like

It's not even that we NEED to, like there needs to be some recycling thread or something. Just whenever it comes up it usually ends up more , which is just super reductive and not what most people are trying to get across.

Screeching about trannies because they trigger you isn't anti-idpol.

I assume you're the same socialism flag poster from the other thread. Your posts are alright, but you need to work on your formatting and presentation. By not taking the time to formulate your thoughts you are hurting the verisimilitude, thoroughness, and effectiveness of your arguments and by spreading your message over several posts you are giving others the opportunity to kneejerk themselves into stupid.
Put some love into your writing.

Material contradiction

Tankies don't do that shit.

They do, one with a leninhat did it within the last two days.

Every thread even hovering around homosexuality, or any queer topic, is filled with tankies and nazbols slapping hands while singing about how homosexuality is purely ideological and that chemical therapy for transgenders needs to enforced to realize communism.

I didn't really make many points in that thread, but regardless thanks buddy, i'll keep it in mind.

Posting with a pure red flag automatically outs someone as a redditor.

But if we got rid of them, then half the board would be gone.

Literally just ban this person, for instance.

Same goes for posting with a pirate flag, outs yourself as a liberal

You make that sound like a bad thing.


You haven't banned

I've also reported other idpol shit in the past and watched you dismiss those reports.

Do you not understand irony or do you literally want to start a reddit style struggle session over people you think are redditors (which we all know is just gonna be thrown out the same way "probl.ematic" is on twitter or reddit if it can result in a bad".



You people are retarded and/or super new. If being mildly retarded was banworthy then every ancap/nazi flag poster would be banned on sight. But they aren't because this isn't a saf.e space.

Maybe you're the problem.

While I agree some of the tankie posters were sperging out and posting infograpics rather then addressing the arguments given, the main proponent for "analyzing muh privilege" ended up making some very poor arguments as well

yeah this is true

The report in question was asking that the poster's history be checked; it was and their posts had been relatively normal except for that post.

In cases like this, we generally only ban if it represents a chronic problem with that poster. If we banned for every errant shitpost that ends up on this board, there would be nobody left.


Have you considered the possibility that everyone here is shitposting because nobody is stopping them? If you started handing out 1 hour bans for dumb shitposts board quality would improve massively.

I doubt you're suddenly going to become a competent BO overnight though. Have fun overseeing a gradual decline from "kind of shit" to "completely shit".

Nice try jewish nigger

Jesus fuck are you actually a false flagging twitterfag yourself?

yeah nah get fucked, this is an imageboard. if you can't handle the bantz, don't make the rantz

You're, intentionally or no, advocating banning people for providing arguments that some posters disagree with.
is, evidently, not intended as a shitpost and you're only qualifying it as such because you disagree with the position put forward. Terrible praxis.

This board is turning into Reddit

Good one

itt transparent Holla Forumsyps say nothing about Holla Forums shitposting while calling for increased moderation

"dumb shitposts" means absolutely nothing. Do you really trust giving the mods the ability to ban literally anyone who they perceive as stupid? I don't think idpol has a place here, but if your first reaction to it is to scream "MODS MODS HELP ME DADDY MODS" instead of laughing at them and calling them faggots 'till they leave crying back to /r/socialism with a sob story (which is how it has been dealt with every other time), I don't think you fit in here either.

this board will turn into reddit when every poster outside of hivemind is banned.

A polyp shitposting is different from a radlib because one think they're part of us and will try to coopt our movement.

Also you can't really get rid of polyps unless 4 and 8pol vanished overnight, by which all of them would probably just return to r/the cuckold

so nazbols then

Except that's what we've been doing this whole time, cum bum. They won't fucking leave because they think that anybody that disagrees with them are just "a handful of fringe brocialists".

That and the fucking chapo cyclical all of them seem to have bookmarked so they can keep roleplaying as le dirtbag left

They already have that ability and they use it regularly. People absolutely do get banned for providing arguments that some posters disagree with. Unless you want this place to be indistinguishable from Holla Forums and Holla Forums, there needs to be some kind of moderation.


Lmao you're literally trying to vampire castle Holla Forums and are apparently immune to irony. Fuck off

Apt. The best we can do is hope the volunteers don't get high on the pretty round buttons and scream whenever they do.

Wasn't Vampire Castle specifically about pro idpol libs? What?

What do you mean by this?
I've read the article, but I have no idea what you're trying to say by using the title as a verb.


Vampire Castle was about how idpol libs would us a specific technique that he labeled as "the vampire castle" to categorize all speech they disliked into one category, essentialize those views, and ostracize everyone they can peg into that group - even if it's a stretch to do so.

Yeah, you guys are going about it through a different veneer, but the overarching theme is the same. X people pose a threat to us and speech must be greatly curtailed and these people must be kicked out for slight infractions in order to meet those demands. You're literally turning into a /r/soc poster mocking "freeze peach" and you don't even see it.

yeah, but it was also about the dogmatic retards who want to ban / silence everyone with an opinion thats not accepted by the castle

hypocricy is strong with this one
when polyps use race as a departure point in their "analysis" it is haram
but when idpolers use race to argue for white muh muh privilege it is suddenly alright

why not use division of labor as a departure point then huh?
I can argue that all engineers have engineer muh muh privilege
I can pull out my hot infographs with income statistics and all that too

not that poster but what are you even getting at
how long have you read leftist theory and think of yourself as a leftist

Mark Fisher was right, the left is a unfixable mess and we should all just kill ourselves

what did you not understand?
why are polyps get shit for using race in their infographs
but idpolers suddenly can pull out their hot infographs with income idfferentiation based on race

If you want to try running a leftist board on a alt-right-dominated site with no moderation, be my guest.
Even completely non-partisan boards require moderation just to keep the endless tide of shitposters at bay. There's a reason /a/ is the only large board which isn't completely overrun by them.

I'm all for free speech in general, but you don't let a bunch of retards run around screaming about anuddah shoah or intersectionality in the middle of a library where other people are trying to read and have quiet discussions. You don't let a bunch of capitalists have turns speaking about the evils of unions in the middle of your union meeting in the name of free speech.

So early in the thread we established that there is a net zero of benefit to gain from identity politics, and now all you have left is to tell me that it is just bad on principle. Come on lads.

Except that there's no way to essentialize pro idpol speech. Its not like when idpozzed radlibs blame it on STRAIGHT WHITE MEN, or stormcucks accusing anybody of Jewish subversion.

Theres no race, gender, ethnicity or a group of people that is on our line of sight.

The whole point of anti-idpol is that identity politics blames the issues of class society into a group of people's inherent characteristics. Thats why we oppose, and because of this, and idpol being such a wide spectrum ranging from nationalists, LGBT, feminists, sexists, aryans-trapped-in-jews-body, etc. There's just no way to essentialize it.

Identitarianism is a necessary component of the Vampire's Castle.

Seriously, this will create even more unironic tankies and nazbol. Good job

Honestly dude if it took someone being mean to them to turn them into a racist they were a lost cause

But I thought it was wrong to be mean to someone just for having a different opinion? I thought that we were supposed to treat "Hilter did nothing wrong" and "capitalism is a bad system" as equally valid opinions both worthy of pride of place on this fine board of ours.

everyone shut the fuck up and look at this post
this is literally how you can tell someone is fresh from some neocon shithole like 4/pol/ and tries to assume what the few years of this board has been like

The way it is right now is fine. People get away with arguing earnestly even if they're retarded but the second they devolve into screeching "FUCKING DEG.ENERATE KIKE NIGGER FAGGOTS I HOPE YOU ALL DIE REEEEEEE" they get banned.

Recently it's true tho. Look at the last thread. Muh muh privilege statistic were not banned

Honestly it's the always the liberal fault.


Pretty easy actually. "Only idpolers post in the chapo thread, ban them all". "Only idpolers mention reddit, ban anyone who mentions or alludes to anything on the sight". "Only idpolers use X phrase, anyone who uses X phrase should be banned on sight", etc.

yeah whatever
that's what I'm arguing basically
no need to sperg out, I was here when Yui was still alive

on the site*

The problem is that being retarded is indistinguishable from arguing in bad faith.
In fact, I'd go as far as to say that pretty much all of Holla Forums who come here to talk about how all problems are caused by the jews and niggers are actually arguing in good faith, albeit from a position of extreme ignorance.

Shit arguments are easy to post but good arguments take time and effort to write out. If the two are treated as equally valid, the board will be flooded with shit arguments as it is currently.

yuiposter was an enormous faggot and I'm glad that cunt is gone. I can't understand how that nigger has a fanbase.

Yui is love
Yui is life

Yui is never coming back and has turned into a Tumblr level lolberal. Feels good, man.

Who’s Yui?

Kill yourself you reactionary sack of shit

the SJWs might be annoying but I'll take them over stacheposters any day

Yui was a tripfag who changed ideology basically monthly and roleplayed as anime characters.

Be careful what you wish for, lest we get a mix of both.

There are no stacheposters anymore on here. 3 max in the last year and they basically all left.
Also no. They are not muh muh privilege tier. They try to counter SJWism with conservativism but they don't shill

What’s a stacheposter?

Well yeah to an extent you're right, but you should at least put in the bare minimum of effort of not just yelling out every insult you can think of, whether that's some variant of "NIGGER FAGGOT" or "BROCIALIST sinner" to not get banned and I think that's a reasonable standard. I don't think merely alluding to idpol arguments is a good reason to get instantly banned

Personally I haven't noticed much liberal posting, maybe its because I'm so good at avoiding shit threads and such
My biggest concern are "left wing nationalists" who think the IRA is leftist and the catalan independence is good but liberals and nationalists are two sides of the same coin.
I also dislike the chapo thread, the chapo guys are just SA goons who think being leftist redeems them of their antisocial bullshit but if you look deep enough you will see they're part of the problem.
Overall, just report liberals, report the most liberal sounding posts to get them banned faster.

This thread exists because that doesn't really work.

Oh wow, le ebin slippery slope

Come on nigger, thats weak and you know it. Just ban the faggots that argue that saying bitch is sexist and excellent. Eliminating the thread altogether would be more beneficial. Removing the tumor and all.
>"Only idpolers mention reddit, ban anyone who mentions or alludes to anything on the sight".
Jesus, where the hell do you get your arguments? A Cold War movie about Stalin?

The target does not have anything inherent to hate about it and so it is pathologically different from muh ebil white patriarch or muh scheming godlike jew. Idpolers are not seen as some sort of dehumanized, antagonising enemy but rather deadweight at best and egotistical power trippers at worst.

Essentializing is about grouping based on perceived cultural signifiers, and yelling memes responses and saying nigger isn't a great substitute for arguments I'm afraid

in all likelihood OP is probably a liberal brainlet who doesn't participate in the marxist theory threads and just wants a less right-wing Holla Forums to shitpost on

It isn't a "slippery slope" to literally demand to ban , we're already past the slope. You wouldn't be asking for them to be banned if they used a nazi flag and you know it. How do I know? Because a nazi flag poster says a variation of that exact phrase once every couple of days at least and no one demands they get banned, they just argue with them or make fun of them. You know, like a non word-policing faggot would

Why do I feel lile I can say the same about anything?

"Trying to kill reactionaries? Heh, nice Vampire Castle KID"

Where is YOUR argument?

Because some Nazi retard isn't going to try and subvert Socialism. He's just going to yell COMMIES BTFO, shit his diaper then crawl back to pol.

Probably because you can't read. "Killing reactionaries" has nothing to do with language policing. Acting like language policing has nothing to do with what the Vampire Castle is about is disingenuous at best.

nigger are you serious? Naziflags are already banned if they do not substantiate their claims or bring more than the same infographics over and over. These are two entirely different situations. Though I agree with you that we'd be better off laughing and people and arguing with them than banning them.

Nazi flags are for sure not banned for using the phrase "class reductionism"
That's my entire argument anyway. Getting triggered and banning people for minor infractions from your sa.fe space is some liberal bullshit even if you say you're doing it to fight idpol


Am I proposing language policing?

I just said we need a purge to get the board back on track, is all. Not to ban every single instance on idpol afterwards. Thats how you keep quality in a board, you take out the trash every now and then so it doesn't stink up the place

I would agree, if not for the whole history of idpol subversion of the left
I've seen communities fall for this shit, and I have a kneejerk reaction to burn this gern in its infancy

My argument is against the people ITT arguing unironically that saying "class reductionism" should be an autoban. If that's not your argument than my beef isn't with you anyway

Ah yes, remember that time Nazis infiltrated a Communist party and run it to the ground. I memba.

And before anybody asks about Nazbols:

That's a danger on places like twitter and leddit where a reputation system is built into the design of the platform. You can't name and shame people here so there isn't the same danger.

Literally calling yourself " socialist", stealing socialist rhetoric, and even stealing socialist imagery/iconography is pretty subversive of socialism my man.

Then I'm sorry for not clarifying it in the OP.

We just need a good ol purge, let things go back to normal then when shits start brimming out of the sewer again, you just simply go and unclog it.


you have too much faith in the chans
pol history is reminder that no one is immune to this

I get that but polyps aren't an active part of this board. They're just stragglers that inevitably come shit up the place then leave. Do you not understand this distinction?

I mean hell the board bans Asserists and unironic Nazbols already, I just don't see why we can't extend that to idpol radlibs

Yeah maybe, I just think subversion in Holla Forums is more likely to come with the idea of certain phrasing/words becoming autobanned than by certain arguments becoming too common

I agree people need to leave, but that can be done by mocking their opinions mercilessly when they appear

and it would be glorious

Maybe I just see more Holla Forums raids than you do, idk. I honestly feel there are more Holla Forumstards in Holla Forums at any one point in time than there are unironic idpol libs, and when those libs do come they don't stick around too long or self-segregate for a while before leaving because this place just isn't welcoming to people who actually need tri.gger warnings or whatever.

So what do you say lads? Extend the Asserist ban to radlibs? Should we have a comfy purge every now and then but not gay ass language policing?

Oh you sweet summer child

why even have those flag options then? At least for now they're a great way to let raiders label themselves with what amounts to a giant neon sign saying "I AM A GIGANTIC FUCKING RETARD LAUGH AT ME". If we got rid of them they wouldn't stop raiding they'd just work to blend in a bit more.

I think a purge of people whose entire posting history is just idlib garbage is perfectly fine and isn't language policing. I don't think "free market of ideas" and being against language policing are necessarily equivalent. One presupposes that anything that can be said is worth saying, while the other just said that just saying anything "bad" shouldn't be met with direct punishment. You can still have general agreement that the opinion is shit.


something like "appeal to race is a bannable offence" would be nice

you're overemphasizing liberals while neglecting to mention id/pol/ers for some reason

nigga what? I'm literally the same person who wrote

Definitely not a rule I trust the mods with. Unless you're happy with "supporting Rojava is a bannable offense because they're an ethnonationalist movement"

kek, more like the one who argues that Rojava is an ethnonationalist movement would get banned because he is appealing to race

this thread is filled with too many brainlets and their rad-centrist takes while ignoring or exhibiting no actual memory of Holla Forums moderation, so it's hard not to feel indifferent to keeping track of who is arguing what

In theory, true. in reality that person is the mod in question and they're not gonna ban themselves

You mean goon catgirl?

the IRA IS leftist and left-wing nationalism/ Republican Socialism is pure fucking kino

Where? I mean sure theres slightly more idpol but id say most posters are now anti idpol/tank. Which is a good thing after all the rojavafags/imperialism dindus got purged

fuck off SJW, you guys ruin every single leftist board

No it is not, if the IRA was actually socialist they'll be bombing the irish republican gov't and not the UK. But i bet you don't care because you're blinded by ideology.

From the 1940s, the majority of IRA members were based in Northern Ireland, which is in the UK. This explains why the UK was bombed more often, and is perfectly logical.

making another thread

Focusing on one aspect and sidelining others isn't reductionist you fucking idiot. It's called PRIORITIZING. You can temporarily put aside an issue without pretending it doesn't exist.

"Sinn Féin and the IRA were and are socdems"
t. Irish socialist guy I talk with a lot.

You want proper Irish socialists? PBP-AAA.

Mods, can you anchor this pls. A lot of this thread's discussion comes is just a misunderstanding from me not planting my proposal properly in the OP

depends on which IRA you're talking about, the Official IRA were explicit M-Ls and received funding and training from both the Soviets and North Korea.

Provisional IRA were more non-denominational socialists and received funds and training from Gaddaffi's Libya and the PLO

They were the same organisation until 1970 when they split on ideological grounds. Official SF were the biggest party until 1990, when they dissolved.

Provisional SF are the one that is still going and here's their take on the split based on their own words.

They are further to the right than they were back then, but that is not the talk of SocDems.

I am a member of People Before Profit, and they represent my area both in the National parliaent (the Dáil) and on the City Council. I still have my letter from them sitting in my room.
I chose not to join SF because they aren't left-wing enough for me but they are left-wing.

Also, AAA doesn't exist any more. The party changed their name to Solidarity.

I am a spic, my pathos about nationally is totally different
I will uphold ireland as an example of why national liberation is crass.

t. middle class white woman

but we do
t. tanky

just because you come from a "nation" doesn't mean that the concept is bad. It just means that your "nation" is shit and not worth defending.

Theres nothing special about the place you were born faggot.

I don't mind Left wing patriots as long as thry don't get in the way, though.

I mean it, the bolivarian concept of nation implies plurality and heterogeneity, the current bolivarian countries are build on those ideas and that is why we have people of different races and religions coexisting in peace and having no problem with different values and traditions coexisting because there are threads of shared traditions and values that can connect us. And so our current struggle is for the unification of our countries while our history has shown us that only the dumbest porkies will want more independent states.
I find really hard to understand why european states can be heterogeneous like ours and why can't the english and the irish find something in common like the black and the mestizo did here. And that is why the concept of "national liberation" is so rightwards to me, the only nation is the human nation and unity should be out liberation.

Jesus Christ, the singular form is tankie, not tanky.