Where were you when Lauren southern made Holla Forums the boogeyman of the internet

Where were you when Lauren southern made Holla Forums the boogeyman of the internet

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on 4/tv/ where Holla Forumsniggers keep screeching about us

When did 4cucks start following faggots who don't know not to take the bait?

thanks for the free exposure lauren

That reply has a very creepy vibe.
Who says this to a woman?

Mens right activists and autistic redditfags

Who doesn't? We can't say demeaning and offensive thing to women now? Is it /idpol/ or something?

I think it's less about being offensive and more like talking like a human person.

This guy is a creep but he's also a good example of who she markets her show towards

It's not really offensive. It's more that nobody except those who routinely use the word "females" to refer to women would say it.

You mean like these?

It's quite removed from casual conversation, sure, but I'm quite sure that the context here is also far from casual.


i am ok with this (ssh this is free press)

Southern's audience, prob her too but in less clear terms.


Not to rain on your creepshaming parade, but I'm guessing English is not mister Angel Angelov's first language, and his aphorism probably worked better in Romanian or something.

We're comin' buckos.

Maybe it's because I know how stupid she is, but I don't find her attractive in the slightest. Doesn't do anything for me.



I bet she'd be into that


I honestly don't think her and Britt even legit believe most of the shit they say. "Uh huh sure women shouldn't have careers now excuse me I have to cash this Patreon check. What? Yeah 5 kids per couple is totally sustainable, you gonna subscribe or what?"


People who are proud of waiting until after their prime reproduction years have passed to have children get the wall. Why wait until your chance of having a downie are really high? Downies get the wall too (except tom from the secret life of the American teenager)



Literally who?

What kind of bullshit is this? The second you go a mile west of Pittsburgh you can't spit without hitting married 20 year olds and married men under 30 with 5 kids.

you stole my (you)s OP, I posted it in /leftytrash/ first

Ironically enough its you that belongs on reddit

Holla Forums's pet blonde cosplayer. She has quite an attractive bottom.

She descerated /jp/ memes and for that has earned my unending hatred

diaper girl doesnt want a child she wants a daddy

literally everything about this woman comes back to daddy issues

What, when did this happen?

The only real "boogeyman" are the femrobots from lolcow.farm that love talking shit about her.


really all you have to do is pose next to a picture of an anime character and suddenly every right-winger wants to die for you

No, my cheque personally signed by Soros has not come in the mail yet so I can't brigade Lauren's videos.

we should now harass her so she does PR for us

literally how is that a bad thing?

I'd really love to go full Dirtbag here and watch pol suddenly go full sjw defending her

Never said it was. Its just funny how this board is blamed for everything nowadays.

literally destroying western culture

Western culture is frog memes and Harem anime you leftist cuck


I was honestly shocked at how savage those girls are

Why would Holla Forums rage about vapid reactionaries not having kids? Why would we rage about anybody not having kids? Aren't most of us anti-natalists?

Hell, how would this even make sense to her within her ideology? What about the left is supposed to tard out over women not having babies?

Pretty sure her ideology is 'make mad money off these fucking dweebs', she's blaming us because they don't like us.


what the fuck

The number to beat is 1600, then we'll have a new record.



Getting some very strong /cgl/ vibes reading through it.

Be strong, Holla Forums, we're either going to drown in a sea of normalfaggotry and trolls, or break out from being an obscure board on an obscure 4chan bunker.

The first could be the unfortunate consequence of the second.

cum tribute time?

What’s the point of being Holla Forums if you’d prefer humanity just dies out?

I'm not really an anti natalist but we need a lower population

The main argument I hear is that bringing a child into a world of suffering that is teetering on ecological collapse just to satisfy your ego or some biological urge is fucked. Personally I don't really care though as I will probably an hero before I meet someone I care enough about to have kids with.

This. Anti-natalism isn't VHEM, it's just "let's stabilize at a sustainable population".

Coming into existence, regardless of the world a person is forced into or the population of that world, is always a serious harm. You can't change that, and you can't stop people from having kids. As long as we're depriving people of the muh privilege of never-existence, we may as well make the world a nice place.

If we wanted human extinction, VHEM wouldn't even make sense anyway because it would just result in the deaths of the people who wanted humans to go extinct. For human extinction to happen it would have to be involuntary, not that I think it should.

When someone says something autistic and questions why someone would do that, you don't admit to it, you keep it to yourself and feel embarrassed about your past actions, and go on to do better.

For your health.

You haven't seen savagery until you've read their thread on Kiki Kannibal.

No, just like when femdom was big that is a few persistent posters. In reality Holla Forums is slightly more likely to reproduce than other image board users, but that's due to not being reactionaries. While there should be a population decline, the west is already declining due to better SoL with the 2nd and 3rd world being larger contributors to unstable population growth. Anti-natalism is a bad response, and socialism or even socdem in the 2nd and 3rd world are better for establishing a stable population.

I'm starting to think women started the raid culture on Holla Forums
This is just god tier misanthropy and hatred

The two can go hand-in-hand. For instance, in spite of all the complaints against it (many quite legitimate), China's 1-child policy is credited for a substantial amount of their QoL growth, which itself makes up the majority of the era's 3rd-world poverty reduction.

wtf I want a lolcow browsing gf now

There's something very 40k about that pic

Well yes, but a decline in reproduction seems to come with SoL imrprovements, namely education. The issue with a one-child policy aside from the authoritarian issue is that it could result in an imbalance between males and females, as it did in China I believe. A large amount of straight-men who can't get laid will just give us more Holla Forums and that would be bad.

It's also gonna cause a major demographic crisis

They didn't, but they're far more savage cyberbullies than most any male oldfag.

I don't know about that. /cgl/ killed any desire for a nerdy 4chan gf I at one point had and this site reads just like the worst /cgl/ threads. Good fun to read, but I don't want anything to do with the lolcow farming community.

i wouldn't be surprised if that kiki girl became insane in the first place because of them

You'll have to dig her out of her room first.

care to explain ?

File name

This is one of the deleted posts, what the fuck is this?

I'd kill just to talk to someone who made one of those for 15 minutes


Taking a shit

so ?

roasties btfo

I'm not sure why, but in the back of my mind I somehow thought women on imageboards might maybe be slightly less awful than the guys given Holla Forums is 90% men and women usually stuck to /cgl/ and normalfag boards like /soc/. Glad to know they're every bit as shitty.

I mean I do want tranny dick but that's besides the point

I think imageboards are more of a guy thing, so it's probably normalfags for the most part, but remember early in GG when studies were done about online "ⅿⅰѕοgyny", and they concluded the majority of trolling against girls was being done by other girls?

I thankfully stayed out of GG, but I'm not entirely surprised by that finding.

Wait, you mean you're not supposed to refer to women with agriculture analogies? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time?

what are princess points?

What good girls get from mommy and daddy when they behave

user. people are awful. As a whole.

TERFs are ugly women who are butthurt men would rather fuck a tranny.

Both men and women are gossipy online, the former usually does it for laughs and entertainment while the latter is out of envy and spitefulness.

usually they're fat butch kill-all-men lesbians tho

Holla Forums

It's a bit of a stretch to say /r9k/ doesn't talk about chads and stacies out of envy and spitefulness. Unless you're actually referring to people like chrischan.

That shit was funny as fuck to read. I've seen a few other posts like that about women asking reluctant men for an open relationship and basically being mad they aren't fucking more, but her transphobia just makes it that much better.

I think he is right about the earlier and middle days of 4chan, but given how /r9k/ and Holla Forums have completely shifted the site's culture I'd agree with you most the guys are spiteful and jealous as fuck. They don't do it for the lols anymore.

decent bait

no 45 year old woman would use the word transgirl so this must be some dude writing out his trap fantasies

girl version of good boy points

A 45 year old woman on reddit would.

what about that post is transphobic?

For some reason America is full of spastics that are easily offended.

Her post isn't transphobic, but the fact that she is particularly upset they are trans and she doesn't know how to explain it to her kids makes me think that is the case.

Not offended at all. I just thought it was funny.

this comes up every now and then ever since "the social media age" began in earnest and the results are always the same. every time some new study saying the same thing makes headlines there is always surprise and doubt across the board. i really can't fathom why people are always so shocked. have they ever MET women, especially young women?

Am I just desensitized? Because nothing in that entire thread is really eliciting a reaction from me.

I really do love the dishonesty that the right engages in with us. Anti-tranny posts outnumber pro-tranny posts 10-1 on this board, and yet they're selectively citing probably no more than three posts from plebbit bleed-over posters as proof we're somehow SJWs.

maybe if you count thirsty trapposting as anti-tranny

What is this bitch talking about? Plenty of Holla Forumscucks are in favor of lowering the age of consent and in favor of girls marrying much younger than they do today. From their perspective, Southern should have already pumped out a few kids at this point.

maybe muke is right, this board is actually starting to be filled by unironic nazbols


He's right about post quality tanking, but I don't think so much about nazbols.

good point, muke is always wrong

"bad post quality" to muke just means "they don't gush over my boypussy and promote my youtube channellikecommentsubscribe anymore" because he's just another wannabe e-celeb chasing internet social status and twitter likes

i mean, post quality began an obvious decline since the catgirls reddit drama earlier in the year, but """nazbols""" have very little to do with it. that's just the flag and meme ideology that questioning Holla Forumsyps post under atm, but we've always had them because literally the only 'important' function this board has is as a landing pad for spooked reactionaries to begin their deprogramming.

I don't think that's true about Muke and I agree nazbol/strasserist posting is really fucking annoying. Usually it only happens in bursts before they get banned for derailing a whole thread with Autism Level/culture/ethnostate shitposting.

God I'd love to cut her throat and fuck her lifeless corpse

it's annoying, but only about as annoying as the radlib women-respecters and other trash we get from reddit or twitter. maybe i just manage somehow to stay out of the unironic ethnostate or whatever threads. or they get anchored or deleted by the burgerstan mods before i log on when I get to work in the morning.

Not him but what is Nazbol about what that user said

Extremely telling tbh

The husband deserves a medal lmao

She clearly had some sort of hangup about it

She just wanted a threesome but was too much of a pussy to ask for one.

not really. There's that one tankie who bitches about it but as far as I can tell, we're fairly pro-trans

Weirdo peterson freak has a point. I realize pointing out hypocrisy never does anything to move someone's position but it is hypocritical to assert that part of western civilization's decline is young men and women not settling down and having families, implying there's some moral obligation to do so, while being a rootless career oriented millennial like fucking everyone else in her age group.
She acknowledges and lives in the reality where having children would be detrimental to her individual goals and that as a woman, in her framework, she would be far more burdened with the task of child rearing than her husband. And yet can't see her past her own nose and continues to lambaste people making the very same decision as she.
The right is a paper tiger, whoulda thunk.

Lol no
You don't ask for an open relationship if that's all you want. She clearly wanted to fuck other dudes but suddenly got upset because the dude is fucking young Tgirls. She wouldn't be making this post and specifically saying she thinks they're fake women if she didn't have hangups about it.

Hoochie since it came up in the thread what's your hot take on TERFS?
Looking through so far they seem like vile asshats tbh

Goddamn western women are so spoiled.

Don't ask that dumbass scizo anything

Hoochie is great though
Probably my favorite shitposter

what the FUCK are these memes

I tried investigating years ago and all I could cone up with was that it started on /r9k/ around 2015-2016

She's an attention whore, just go get your dick saucked and stop being so thirsty.

I don't even wanna fug her though she's just entertaining and makes Holla Forumsyps mad

She doesn't make polyps mad, she just needlessly antagonizes with personal attacks a and liberal strawmen. I wish she upset polyps.

You are not supposed to say that in public, but in private we all know this to be true. Women do have reproductive expiration date.

And here comes the worst shitposter on the board since n1x

What the fuck did we do!? Like Holla Forums gives a shit if she wants to stay a barren, childless wench her whole life instead of giving birth to at least 8 Aryan children like her alt-reich Heimattsideal dictates.

Bedwetting aspies who fall for the "I'm not like all the other girls…" shtick right-wing bimbos like Lauren Southern use to make perma-virgins watch her videos.


fucking absolutely disgusting. low-tier fetish.

fuck no

Serious question; what is LS actually talking about in that post?

literally who??

same as 8/tv/, all they do is whine about cultural marxism and commies ruining their star wars.

How come this place doesn't show up via Google search sometimes?

Every time there's a left-twitter/leddit/SJW meltdown we pick up recruits from people who are tired of being called brocialists, but with various degrees of idpol ingrained themselves. If the mods aren't faggots it's easy enough to deal with

Google delisted it

dafuq am I looking at?

I had one once. She was also anarchist. Unfortunately I was a blind shitlib at the time and also she was incredibly high maintenance and """"""polyamorous"""""""

She's of breeding age so according to fascist doctrine she should be a submissive housewife pumping out little brats by now while her husband beats her, and certainly not making mad money off gullible betas on her Youtube channel and public persona, but it turns out even fascists don't want to live by their own rules…
Really makes you think don't it?