So here in New Zealand we just got ourselves a new succdem prime minister

So here in New Zealand we just got ourselves a new succdem prime minister.

A centre left coalition with the centre right. Hopefully better than the NZ Liberals equivalent but im not getting my hopes up for you fags.

So not real SuccDems then. In 90% of the cases a coalition with the centre-right leads to the centre-right getting their way.

Anything is better than National.

The coalition was between Labour (pictured) and a populist party that's mostly anti-immigration. The populist party has reasonably succdem policies.

Is that her?

how is Crime in NZ?


Miss Alice should rule over NZ 2bh


Not bad. You could walk around all except one or two places at night and not feel in danger.

Not bad. I look forward to new hijinks between your PM and our Donald.

real question: does she give the succ?

She doesn't seem to like Trump. She was in some anti-Trump march at the start of this year too. Tbh Trump doesn't seem to give a fuck about NZ anyway so it'll probably be a while.

And Donald doesn't like socialists. But he loves beautiful women. This could be interesting.

This is the real question
With a socdem, will you get the succ, or just the suck?

New Zealand first is pretty left wing when it comes to economics. Its just they want less immigrants and stuff.

Jacinda Ardern is


I mean this is the leader of NZF. Hes not very center right

would a genuinely leftist prime minister even make sense?

Not for hookers though.

Porky is mad as fuck in the NZ news site comments

my impression is that she's more of a social-neoliberal than an actual socdem but still a good result.
(though I must confess some apprehension that perhaps for NZLabour in the long term, losing this one and winning the next would've been better [on the assumption of an impending recession]. Still, we live in the here and now…)

tbf the centre right in this case is New Zealand First, who're more economically populist than right wing. (i.e. the right wing elements manifest in being anti-immigration which is a given for NZ politics anyway, while in terms of opposing privatisation or so on NZFirst is leftish.)


Ignorant burger here, I'm so confused! How is this NZF to the right of anyone else? How do I get a party like this in burgerstan!?

Don't worry comrade New Zealand has so little people that it's probably easy to have a revolution there. All you need to do is strap some bombs on sheep and send them to the everyone in New Zealand who is either a politician or capitalist.

NZ First was founded by a popular National Party MP (on the Muldoon wing of the party, i.e. protectionist, actually reactionary, etc, not neoliberal*.) who was told he couldn't run again in 1993 so made his own party.

they're "tough on crime" sorts, want to increase NZ's military capability, hire more cops, iirc want a referendum on abolishing Maori seats in parliament, and also want a referendum on letting people smack their kids. pretty bread and butter social conservative stuff
(actually NZ already had a referendum on that initiated by citizens and it was ignored because MPs wanted to keep it. The "ban" was introduced by the last Labour government)
also they love old people.

closest US analogy off the cuff would be Nixon republicans, although Nixon himself was probably quite accidental in that category.

*in NZ it was actually Labour who began the neoliberal reform process in 1984 - National Party PM Robert Muldoon held on to the full-employment to the bitter "total wages and prices freeze and borrowing as much as possible from the Japanese" end. National got back into power in 1990 on a conciliatory note, but then accelerated the pace of neoliberal reform further. Both finance ministers of those governments - Roger Douglas from Labour and Ruth Richardson from National would go on to found the ACT Party, a libertarian thing. (perhaps useful context for how NZF arose in the position it did - since unlike in the UK/US it's not a "Conservatives/Republicans did this!!" thing, the imposition of neoliberalism is a "everyone is guilty" situation.)

Based Winnie does it again


Change your electoral system

Good luck kiwi. Socdems will spawn systemic corruption everywhere. Court system, security forces, IRS, every state department basically. Say goodbye to New Zealand as you knew it.

I'd fuck her.