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Any chance of him stopping his Dem shilling?

I don't know why a guy who's been an independent nearly his whole political career suddenly gives a shit about unity in the Democratic Party.

Might be entryist who is trying to make Democrats really left.


Compared to American political discourse it is

That's how bad things are

I suppose that entrying the Democrats is easier i practice than starting a viable third party?

You can try to shill the dems and beat corporate politics by the rules, or you can instigate a violent revolt.

Now, which is more likely to succeed in America.

You can also be a third party candidate with no chances of gaining significant political weight whatsoever.

Yes, very much so. People are brainlets and besides, doesn't USA has a two party system?



Because he hasn't been a real independent since he lost a 3-way race in 1989. The Democrats refuse to run anyone against him and he plays their game.


Have a sage


Would you gulag Tom? He just walks around and makes selfie-videos with shitty instagram filters that no one watches.

Everyone who says stuff like "I wear the same clothes everyday because I have other stuff in my mind" is automatically gulaged

God damn it

Sanders Dore 2020
"Every Bourge in the Morgue"

Why does anyone still care about this coward?

First of all no one sanctioned Russia. There was travel ban on couple of rich oligarchs.
Second of all, so what?
Personally I support sanctions because it helps to create revolutionary atmosphere.
As a Russian communist, I support every actions against Russia.

Because people confirm that he helps raise class conciseness.
He is huge milestone for American politics.

No, it will fail 100% as every other attempt at entryism in human history has.

He has nothing left to lose?

If he starts talking about how the DNC/Shillary fucked him over, how they're obviously as corrupt as Trump/Republicans, and says he'll run as an independent so as to not get cheated this time, I'd probably vote for him even if his central message didn't really change.

Maybe he's waiting till' after the 2018 midterm slaughter to test the waters/see how bad things get?

Otherwise yeah, if he does promotions with with whatever lizardperson the DNC props up (Booker/Harris) then fuck em'.

if donald trump can use celebrity to enter the republican party despite being hated and disavowed by every career republican then a left-wing populist could probably do the same as a dem.
independent parties are basically hopeless in american politics.

this is an extreme exaggeration

It's probably one of his interns or whatever. They manage his social media a lot now.


I think it is very likely that either he or his family was threatened and that was why he caved.

was there any big GOP politician pulling for trump before the primaries ended?

If he can be cowed into silence or manipulated in that manner then there's no reason to trust him as an elected official in any other capacity.

That's incredibly depressing, are you at least having a happy 100th?


it doesn't matter as much as you think it does in this context, for example, before trump mercer was for ted cruz's campaign
his endorsements included dick cheney, donald rumsfeld, john ashcroft, john bolton, dan quayle, rick santorum
many other republican members of congress, governors,

I kinda' got that sense too. He seemed to do a pretty quick about-face. Hard to say, a lot of people speculated about that after he dropped from the primaries.

That's not a bad point, though if that was the case he should have called their bluff and announced during his next live tv event that someone working for the DNC made credible threats against him/his family.

I think there's also the very likely possibility that Bernie just really didn't want to see Trump in the whitehouse and the Republicans with that much control of the US gov. If he didn't do what he could for Shillary's odds then, I think in his mind, he was further endangering the country. I also suspect that he didn't want to be blamed for her losing (woops - 1 year in and Shillary is on a book tour blaming him up and down).

Are there at least any half decent tendencies within the CPRF? It can't all be WWII vets and ex-bureaucrats right?

At least put yourself into his position.


That's probably it. Despite proclaiming to be an independent, Bernie has been spooked as fuck about lesser evilism ever since he lost a campaign in a three-way race in 1989.

I would say that the leader is weak and spineless. There are quite a lot of legit people there. Unfortunately there are over 10 leftists and none of them are particular active. Every now and then someone makes something interesting or says something bold, but communists today lack revolutionary spirit and opportunism.

In other words, I agree with Alexander the Great
“An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep.”

familiar with any russian left-coms or left-com groups? what is their situation relative to the rest of the left?

CPRF is quite literally controlled opposition. It only exists to embarrass and confuse actual leftist concepts and organizing.

Not true. Every now and then some member of CPRF is arrested or semthing like that. It's leader thought, might be.

What the fuck is up with all this virtue signaling going on in Holla Forums? It seems like it's worse than usual; anything not advocating for the complete liquidation of capital worldwide is labeled as "reformist," "fascist," etc. All topics, ranging from the YPG, to Barcelona, and now this keep being shat up by people who can't even agree on what course of action leftists should take. Mind you, these are the same utopian socialists who view revolution/communism in a millenarian light, thinking that it somehow be the end of human suffering once it comes.

It's the tankiest of tankie organizations in the world, yes it's true. If a fucking Russia can't admit what the Soviets did wrong it's because they don't want to.

I know one left com

probably CIA tbh

Makes me very mad. What a fucking cunt.

what a stupid post

Most leftists, even "Marxists", are idealists who fall back on abstract, perfect socialist daydreams the second they have to get involved in analysis of that messy, frustrating, ambiguous thing called "the real world".

Once again we see how trots become neocons.

Neocons are some of the biggest idealists on the planet, wtf are you smoking

Choke on a dick. It’s telling that Western leftists believe all the Cold War myths about Russia whereas the people who actually lived under “Soviet tyranny” who are leftists are far more critical of bourgeois propaganda about the USSR. Truth be told they typically know a fuck ton than the average know-it-all Western leftist from simple lived experience and much deeper historical knowledge.

how embarrassing

in this entire post you never managed to say anything that wasn't idiotic

I think you misunderstood me. The problem wasn't that anons were nonsupportive of Barcelona. The problem was that threads about it were filled with literal non-arguments, with people repeatedly saying that the independence movement was fascist without backing it up.

The current President is entryist

You're just claiming it's impossible to avoid having to do anything, which by coincidence is the same view 95% of leftypol has about every possible strategy

lol don't try to make things better that's for shills and compromisers. instead sit around jerking off and going to your job like a true revolutionary

entryism worked for tea party

historically attempts at entryism in democrat party ended up with liberals stealing some points from socialist, winning election and purging socs after they outlived their usefulness. everything that came from democrats in past 100 years and wasn't worthless was residue of failed entryism

Common mistake.

The Tea Party was a big bourgeois movement meticulously built up and funded by entrenched members of the political establishment. It was a way of channeling popular rage among the GOP's base into their traditional neocon platform without them realizing it; otherwise that rage might've built up and we could have seen an even bigger and more radical Occupy movement. The Tea Party was pacification, nothing else.

Never worked indeed. Yup.

Not that guy, but I would add that the CPRF are unwitting controlled opposition. Yeltsin and his buttbuddies maneuvered various leftist groups that appeared in the wake of the dismantling of the CPSU to try to get a group as favorable to them as possible to "inherit the mantle". Zyuganov's continued failure points towards this.

At the convention you could see some kind of mark on his face that looked like he'd been punched and had the skin break where the knuckle hit his cheekbone. He was kind of slouching like he was halfheartedly trying to hide it. IIRC it was right before he endorsed Hillary. Whichever day it was, you could see it whenever the camera was on him.

The great liberal plan was to create a sane society slowly over time via "education," "informational freedom," and policies that promote less income inequality and better material conditions. The goals of communism, the means of capitalism. This plan has massively failed as over time the bourgeois have only grown more powerful and wealthy. Now they are "too big to fail," they warn that because they are so entrenched they cannot be abandoned or else civilization will collapse. This is the dream of the parasite: it cannot be removed without killing its host. It is an extension of mutually assured destruction doctrine into the economic.

The bourgeois plan to automate everything so that there are only two kinds of work left: consumption and figuring out ways to manipulate people into consuming. People will be paid a "universal basic income" that will allow them to live nice middle-class lifestyles, pawns for the capitalists to compete in their marketing games for control. Everything will be owned by corporations, and we will be given stipends to keep from revolting. This is promoted as leftist!

We are in a war with the rich for our very souls, our very identities, which have been turned into numbers to be computed to learn how to manipulate conscious awareness. We are in a war for the survival of humanity, as capitalism is destroying our world and won't suddenly reverse course due to magical technology. Capitalism must grow exponentially, it must have explosive consumption, which is why the religion of singularitarianism and futurology formed with ideas of us consuming other planets to fuel the insatiable greed of capitalism.

Trump is no different than any other corporate tool president we've had.