The Real Leader of the Alt-Right

The Real Leader of the Alt-Right.

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i don't get it

this belongs in leftytrash and you belong in a garbage can

this is good guy thou

Please rethink your taste of memes

sam hyde is mostly unfunny and failed at surrealist humour and being remotely offensive to anyone but ultraliberal faggots, I don't get the hype, neither do I get the controversy.

i feel sorry for your mother.

Witless American detected.

He was alright when he first started off but then he just became a misanthropic asshole and reveled just how stupid he is deepthroating the alt-right.

Sam misses more than he hits but he does at least hit. He is absolutely the funniest man on the right.


im a huge fan of charls so this is good for me

I feel bad for liking World Peace at a superficial level

The only funny thing they’ve ever done is College cunts

Notorious mass shooter Sam Hyde is pretty good.

Sam its just not funny

I honestly think world peace did a good job at portraying imageboard culture (particularly that of 4/pol/. I remember liking MDE before finally leaving the shitshow that is Holla Forums. He is probably the best representation of their humor but the right lacks any artistic talent generally speaking. It's basically like someone at adult swim gave some autist from 4chan a tv show. Wish there were more episodes but Sam is all over the place with his humor, like some user said he really is hit or miss.Too bad Sam Hyde is a garbage human being who fucks 16 yos.

I'm at once fascinated and repulsed by Sam Hyde and Million Dollar Extreme. They capture our bizarre zeitgeist like little else does. If the human race survives, scholars are going to be studying Sam Hyde's works a hundred years from now in order to gain insight into the collapse of late capitalist civilisation. Sam Hyde reminds me of that demonic android TV comedian in PKD's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.

Musician John Maus is a leftist with a Phd on continental philosophy. He was criticised for his appearance on MDE World Peace, an 'alt right' TV show. His thoughts on the subject are quite interesting.

im eastern european, you fruitcake.

Ruse directed WP excellently tho. the camera work and composition are superb.
the social commentary is obvious when you know that its there. and its not just right wing commentary.

the problem with WP is that many people who hear about it do so from sources that try to discredit it because of Hyde, and if they decide to watch it they expect some retarded shit like Rick and morty that will spoonfeed them commentary.

WP and some other works MDE did with Ruse are great. what sam did with his phone alone isnt much more than complaining.

im gonna give world peace a watch just because i like your critique of RnM


Doo-doo head

"I bet you read buzzfeed" is a pretty burgerish thing to say.

nah it's trash

greatest Queer™ performance art of our generation?


is me. this
guy is not, hes probably some american that got offended.

regardless, buzzfeed is just trash. if you read it unironically youre probably one of those hipster NEET faggots in a mcdonalds.
and if youre form europe and read buzzfeed you should just straight out kill yourself.


I watched it and it was bad.

ive heard that that sketch was meant to be a prank on the gay party people but it got out of hand

I don't read buzzfeed, I was just enjoying the jabs at Sam Hyde because all his new stuff seems shit. Some of his older stuff seems funny though, granted I've not watched more than half an hour of his stuff.

what did you watch exactly?

youre either watching the wrong stuff (like sams vlogs where he bitches on about irrelevant crap) or dont get the point. MDE wont spoonfeed you.
officer maggot is an obvious commentary on police and its stereotypical behaviour. but someone whos just "watching" it will say
MDE WP was a shitton of sketches with a commentary each, from ripping on zuckerberg for selling personnal data and making fun ov the melodramatic Xfactor juries to downplaying the absurdity of modern help-yourself-groups and the penal system

lmao who gives a fuck about buzzfeed? hyde is a hit or miss comedian who doesn't mind a joke as long as it's in service of being offensive for its own sake. He has his moments but he's certainly his own brand of SJW dipshit who spergs out if his own political sensibilities are offended, so spare me the lecture about liberals and SJWs

MDE is the recuperation of Brechtian agitprop for NeoReactionary ends. 'Sam Hyde' is actually a KGB operative, dad was an Uzbek in the red army, mom a textile worker from Chelyabinsk. MDE's scripts are penned by Moscow avant garde theater veterans and KGB psy war experts, filled to the brim with subliminal messages intended to promote Mental Illness among America's youth.

I get it, but I find it pretty on the nose. Officer Maggot is actually one of the ones I've watched which I don't find funny but I think it's the video that's something like "Open your mind" which I do find funny. I guess the difference is that the former is lampooning and the latter is more subtle satire/parody, if you get what I mean.

Oh yeah, the one where he's taking the piss out of deep state comms is pretty funny too.


how about you read the thread before shitposting, you triggered fruitcake

well the crew went into more than politics, especially with WP. they had rants on personnalities too, like the sketches about three guys getting dumped and the one about the highschool teacher.
these really made me think and reconsider my attitude toward some people i know in my life.

Link to the vids?

I always just considered WP another shitty Adult Swim live action show. Had the same regurgitated jokes and forced acting that Loiter Squad or Tim and Eric or Eric Andre had/has. Probably why i only really found the WP sketch where they rip Heidecker funny.
AS nearly killed itself with Live Action once and I guess they didn't learn their lesson

Also this is /leftytrash/ material, git gud OP. polite sage

well adult swim has the 6 episodes still on i think, but "edited" a bit.
the one with the three dudes with different personnalities being dumped is here
disregard the "blackface" pun, heres a quick rundown of the dumped sketch;
theres guys that take it and get over it, theres guys that take it but dont get over it, and theres guys that just dont get it.
the three dudes sketch is separated into three bits between other sketches.

the rest of the episodes are also avaible.

How did Sam Hyde go from mocking the right to whatever the fuck he is now
Look at these videos they explicitly mock Holla Forumstards

Irony poisoning

It was mostly a joke until they took down his show I think, then he started unironically getting into the Jew shit because Bernstein got him off the air.

well at first he was a cynical comedian which is still seen in World Peace. the problems started when the show was being filmed during elections, and there was witchunts on both sides. Sam got targeted by some buzzfeed guy because whats more important than trying to stirr shit up by "investigating" some amateur hipster internet show.
anyway the witchunt ended with AdultSwim getting cold feet (they tought that if they dont censor their content theyre gonna get under scruttiny from alot bigger media brands than buzzfeed that is just gonna try to stirr shit up)
and they cancelled World Peace.
and naturally that is gonna piss Sam off and ofcourse he is gonna go up against it.
so he went with this right wing or whatever to express his anger and opposition to buzzfeed, which then led to just general right-wing views.
but its kinda obvious that hes just being "righ wing" for the sake of being controversial, he oftenly shits on both sides even now.
his best days are definetly behind him.

Nah, he was kicked off for putting swastikas in as subliminal messaging/jokes.

could you give atleast three clear examples?
because buzzfeed couldnt.

Stop being so pathetic.

proofs or fuck off nigger

on hard level, without the "jews rock" sketch, which is not subliminal at all.


I thought he blamed Heidecker

Fuck off Sam.


The 2 greatest skits were “The Man Who Would Never Be… What They Made Him To Be”, and “I Am A Cop”. Those were actually thought provoking, and provoked an emotional response. I wish there was a leftypol version of MDE that did the same kinda of shit.

He blamed both lol

You can’t. The whole hidden swastika accusations was a manufactured smear campaign by neo-liberals who were pissed Holla Forums got its own shitty TV show. I will admit MDE is better than 90% of the asinine re-run shit that airs on Adult Swim today.

I did read the thread. Feel free to argue any time.

whats wrong buzzfeed fruitcake, did you loose 1 out of your 2 subscribers?

Real talk: Fuck off Sam you tranny fucking unfunny burger

yeah the first one was really deep actually, especially with the notion on how the system can fuck you up if youre just an ordinary person.

as for a leftypol version, i dont think you can make such things while being strictly on one political pole. MDE was generally cynical and just absurd at the start of the shoot, come to think of it the only one with "right wing" views is Sam. the other guys just retired after the cancellation.

then you understand that youre too biased and ignorant to get what the show is about

Sam Hyde is a bad comedian with a couple hits. Stop being so triggered

Dude it's ok to have terrible taste, you don't have to do this.

Sam has hyped himself up here and elsewhere on Holla Forums before when he's been getting shit so don't put it past him to be ITT. He even turned up to HWNDU NY.


Get some plastic surgery, Sam. Has your 16 year old looking girlfriend left you yet? You're a bit washed up, afterall.

t. Sam

You strike me as the kind of intelligent gentlemen that would unironically enjoy Adult Swim airing shit like Rick & Morty,
Bob’s Burger, or Children’s hospital over something like MDE. I guess some people enjoy sitting in front The the TV while shit being endlessly spewed into their face, because atleast that’s better than “dos ebil nazis XD”.

were discussing World Peace, not sam hyde. its interesting tho how you feel the ned to bring up strawmen to attack the quality of the show like some buzzfeed monkey

must be hard being you huh?


Incorrect. Original topic was Sam Hyde. Someone said he's not funny, and someone (probably you) replied with as a rebuttal to him not being funny. I'm sorry that you have shit taste and got broken up with by some SJW from buzzfeed or something but you don't have to have a meltdown about it.

anyone got the trannyfucker pasta? It's what the thread is missing rn

MDE has a worse fanbase than Rick and Morty post reply

Stay mad Sam. Get that acne looked at you're like 40 bro.

Are we talking post-pickle Rick, or what?

yet his work in WP was funny and entertaining, much more so that alot of other adult swim programming.
but i reserve you the right to judge differently according to your poor taste and sechuan sauce

omg you fucking triggered low Autism Level faggots we're only talking about World Peace ITT not MDE or Sam Hyde. All of you dumbasses wouldn't know real comedy if it bit you in the ass. You're probably just too dumb to understand it but World Peace is the greatest, most insightful comedy of the last decade and just think otherwise because buzzfeed told you not to like it like the dumb sheep you are

Good post. These buzzfeed loving shills can't handle the deep thoughts made in the legendary Sam Hyde telecast.

yes, it is i, sam hyde. i have revealed myself to you, because theres is nothing better to do with my weekend. you are truly worthy of my arguments, so i adress you

Sam is a comedy/artistic genius but he's also a deranged psychopath.

If your argument is that it's funnier than Reddit and Memey than yeah I guess you win then. Can't believe WP meets your high standards

Bickel Rigg XD

MDE got that fanbase after WP and sams angertrip.
rick and morty got that fanbase after people like you tought they were like that scientist guy and some smartasses or something

Sam Hyde ruined his friend's careers and for that he deserves to get fucked.

Haha! Adult Swim is le BTFO am I rite my ebin leftypol aryan brothers!?!?!

fuck this stupid fascist show. it's not funny it's wonder showzen for nazis.

world peace is not the spoonfeed type childrens cartoon show comedy tho. if i had to rate by quick laughs id have to go with shows like Korgoth and some other cartoons. but the WP show provokes taught unlikemuch else on adult swim,

Damn, your sense of humor really is way too sophisticated for me.

no, some NEET guy at buzzfeed did that because he wanted to write stories but didnt have shit to write about because he couldnt get his ass off the armchair and laptop

This is coming from a former Holla Forumsack too. 2070 paradigm is still funny and there's something to be said about evolving from YouTube bullshit to adultswim controversy with such an odd viewpoint and a very loyal fan base of dejected channers
But there comes a point where humor becomes engulfed by politics and in that regard Hyde went down the same route as Colbert, the daily show and all the other lib staples.
Which is ironic considering how much the mde fan base hates all those afformentioned libs for being mindless sheep who circlejerk about politics and tell unfunny jokes ruined by a political viewpoint. Basically horse shoe theory is true for media consumption as activism and point scoring when it comes to the #resistance and mde

real talk the venn diagram of the two fanbases probably looks like Sam's doughy midsection

the cancer was terminal by the time they started the szechuan sauce subplot


You just won't get it. Consider it in line with things like our current cultural paradigm and the stigmatism that comes from not accepting the hegemony of liberal world dominance and really think about what makes being descendants of Europe great, people like Plato, Shakespeare, and the other guy ;)
Joking about niggers is funny and fucking traps while being a conservative and dating a girl that looks 14 is fine.


I was being sarcastic, autist

Wtf u stole my name
Pls go away

you watched it but did you get it? tell me two sketches you remember and what do you think they meant



hey im Sam hyde

to be fair you have to have a really high I.Q. to understand World Peace

yeah i went to read it after the show was cancelled to see why it got cancelled.
i found out that it was just some buzfeed NEET throwing a tantrum

Muh buzzfeed

Sam Hyde isn't funny at all. He's just stormfront for TV

well no, i just watched the sketches a few times. i did study some sociology so the subliminal puns were more obvious to me but i wouldnt call it the davinci code or something

I am funny and my acne is not a problem, nor is fucking a girl that looks 12 years old as well as traps on the side while living in my mother's spare room.

Got that, buzzfeed?

also its the jews fault im 35

what is your point?
the buzzfeed article was legit witchunt crap that guy pulled out of his ass to get content.
so far noone has proven otherwise

QQ Sam you pock faced bitch

no im just kidding. people love this show in my selo

really shows youre a NEET

That no one reads buzzfeed or cares about buzzfeed on this board and it doesn't change my opinion that I am not that funny because I am Sam hyde

this show actually had so much hidden alt right dogwhistles

zippy water - hormones in water
the kids playing = estrogenizing kids
mouthing pro-trump into the camera
the wall show = the wall is a redpill term for women hitting 30
the sperm bank skit = cucks and numales
peanut arbuckle skit = actual racism
"toss it project" = anti globalism and irrelevant shiting

again youre not presenting an argument. i am intellectually superior to you.

Sam, getting mad at the Jews on [as] is not a job.

Not an argument

oh and all those censored bumpers with Holla Forums rants hidden in the text
look at what this says very clearly
tell me there wasn't a mission for covert "redpilling"

This is anti-European bias

you forgot the one about the cops being a neccesary evil, the one about people in public education living in a nation wide social limbo, the one about rock/pop band being jsut edgy retards, the one about millenial rich kids being first world pricks, the one about millenial kids being already aware of grown up topics etc

hey kid, im gonna make a viedo vlog just for you too because your shitposting is so important in sam hyde would totally adress it because he totally browses leftypol

t. actually makes the video because he's broke as fuck

the argument was here
that was also the point where you gave up and started to get autistic

Motherfucker stop false flagging as me

care to point them out in this 6 minute video

pretty much everything with blocks of text so the entire video. just pause and read them at any random point you'll see it.

last i heard he wasted 10k of kickstarter funds on random shit

no im sam hyde

he is, i can confirm


The only ones who care about buzz feeds opinions on anything are you my longtime fan. No one mentioned it when discussing mde until you brought it up to caveat throughout the fact that many lefty pauls dislike mde without knowing anything about buzzfeed and defecting criticism of it and myself is a known false flag strategy

can you be more specific?

alot of people seem to care if they hate world peace just because buzzfeed posted a critical article about the author of it

Sam Hyde is a funny guy and Buzzfeed were completely wrong with what they said about him. Sam Hyde did nothing wrong.
Also in regards to when I was fucking girls that look underage and traps, reminder it isn't a crime.
t. not sam hyde

sage post for offtopic

sage negated

I thought the show was really funny. I could never understand the mindset of people who can't appreciate art because of the author's political views.

You aren't even trying to cover up your b8 at this point, so in the spirit of mutual aid I will give some fucks for you

playtime(s) are in the file name

The fuck is this buzzfeed shit everyone's talking about? I remember when everyone was just laughing at Sam for getting his unfunny aut-right show cancelled and making a faggot of himself on some Tim Heidecker podcast. After that I stopped paying attention so I've missed any added drama since then.

I just think of Sam Hyde as a Wise Spiritual Teacher. Sam Hyde is taking on America's sins, taking on our sins in a Christ-like act of selfless sacrifice. Sam Hyde will be a religion in the future.>>2167985

It's Sam getting absolutely mad as fuck in the ass because he sees the buzzfeed article as his downfall.

MDE never really bothered to hide the fact that they were using the show to smuggle in fringe right-wing talking points. It's agenda first, comedy second; ATHF was bigoted but they never tried to use it as anything other than a vehicle for stoner humour

It's the Dolchstosslegende for dumbass edgy chantards, they will be griping over the perfidious Heidecker in 2025

Who cares what the author thinks? I don't know anything about Sam Hyde nor do I care, I just saw the show and thought it was funny. I seriously do not understand why people care about these sort of things.

Okay Sam

Whatever. If you could explain why people feel this way about art it would be helpful to me, I seriously don't get it. Mishima is one of my favorite authors but obviously I don't believe in homo-erotic suicidal emperor worship. This stuff should be obvious, even an elementary schooler should be able to understand that you can appreciate things without endorsing their views.

Hold up rose you best shut up if ya know what's good for you

Neither do I, but his small core of redditors is still ass-mad (and also not even making the effort to try and lie properly about MDE's political content) and here on Holla Forums in the current year of our lord

What? I like ATHF


Was Sam Hyde's entire comedy career hiding under the guise of "irony" part of a ploy to get a show and insert cryptofascist subliminal messages into it to influence people in order to counteract the "cultural marxism"/zog media control theory?

ATHF was really funny though. I really don't get what this guy thinks is so entertaining about WP.

It's kind of poetic though. I'd be crushed if an aut-right faggot like Sam managed to make a really good show that was also politically retarded.

I was asking about this buzzfeed thing but whatevs.

WP had neat aesthetics and that's like 50% of a good adult swim show. There were also a few well done skits like the john maus charls in prison one.

I just thought it was funny when I saw it. I usually don't like comedy at all but I thought the style and acting and characters made me laugh. I didn't see it as being propaganda, but even if it was propaganda, who cares? Tons of great art throughout history has been propaganda or specifically made to spread a certain message, that doesn't mean you shouldn't like it. That's just my 2 cents, I don't understand the purpose of living your life pretending you're some sort of radical revolutionary that's only allowed to consume things that fit his worldview.

Okay, so after watching his bumps I don't see any swastikas or shit, but he is a self promoting little shit that has used this board to promote himself before.
So, why should I feel sorry for Hyde? He ultimately got gored by the capitalist bull he was baiting. He hates us, but then goes and disregards our ideology in the hopes of creating a white uprising - which is utopian as fuck. He wants capitalism, but hates it when capitalism gives him the boot we've been taking for almost a century.

What the fuck is his problem?

I've underlined a real doozy here :-)

They also borderline doxx someone inbetween these two screenshots, I'm not posting that

With satire and irony the powerful are generally the butt of the joke. WP never did anything to suggest that anti-feminist/white nationalists were wrong or malicious. They particularly sympathize with betas getting cucked by chads because feminism empowered stacy

oh ok. I kinda jumped into the middle of this

Sure, clashing neon colours and synth fed through 80 distortion pedals is hell of aesthetic

Read the screengrabs in this thread, he was spouting this before he got canned

I disagree. The show was really ugly with no coherent aesthetic.

That kind of makes sense actually. I actually like comedy so WP was just garbage.

Well I don't. It being an aut-right meltdown and it being a terrible show are mutually exclusive for me.

I don't see why that makes a difference, you should know that what makes people laugh is completely subjective. Artistic taste is completely personal as well. I just don't understand this sort of mindset to denounce things that people have, even if historical evidence was revealed that Shakespeare was a serial killer and rapist I'd still never stop reading his work. I guess I just believe in art for art's sake, and I don't care much about the author's biography at all. Just because I have political opinions doesn't mean all the things I enjoy in life have to be completely centered around them.


oh boy you're getting progressively higher on your pedestal here.

I will say again that I thought the show was garbage AS WELL as thinking the show was aut-right pandering. Two separate opinions. Now after the fact I can think "hey maybe his shitty world view is why his show is so garbage".

But nah dude, you are the righteous defender of the artist. Thank god complete hacks like Sam have you here to defend them.

I only care about people pushing the MDE Got Canned Because Political Correctness narrative, it's obvious [as] mgmt read these bumpers and decided they weren't going to stick their neck out for white nationalist propaganda

I personally believe that Sam & his buddies probably weren't as radicalized as how they present but learned they could make money off of MAGA chuds and Holla Forumsyps by being more extreme about it

dude chill

I used to be into MDE then I quit weed and started reading books instead of wikipedia/4chin

from all the trad shit they push I find it funny their core audience continues to burn trees like a California summer

I don't care if you didn't like the show at all, that's what I'm saying, taste is personal. I'm just offering a different opinion, I saw a few episodes of the show and I thought they were humorous and don't care at all if they were pandering to the alt-right.

Sorry but
If that line didn't make you gag you're not human.

You can explain your viewpoint if you want. I just don't care at all about if art is political propaganda or if the author is a terrible person or whatever, and I don't understand why people do.

Sam Hyde is pretty hypocritical himself
Pushes all this trad shit but fucks traps, smokes weed, clearly doesn't work out anymore and got fat, gambles, makes fun of hipster art school kids who think they're changing the world, takes himself too seriously as some sort of savior of western civilization. He's pretty much what he makes fun of.

i really liked sam hyde several years ago when he was doing his weird character shit (im smooth guy, leave me alon, gamer dude) and the fake commercials were great too (if not largely indebted to tim and eric) i still enjoy that MDE stuff but he definitely started getting less and less funny the more political his work got.

OK, you've kind of made that point a couple of times though, we get it

If he's being genuine then I've already told him you can like art without being racist, and our problem is with people pushing MDE for political reasons
If he's arguing in bad faith then he's going to look like an ass with his comments next to these screenshots

90% of aut-right media e-celebs are grifters. They don't care and will bail the moment the well dries up
He isn't special and will be a washed-up footnote in twenty years

early mde is alright. i still like college cunts and ideas man even if they had a little political edge to them. it got bad around like 2015-16.

this skit is like something t&e would do but better

You keep making this point when all I'm saying is that me not liking it has nothing to do with it's politics. It's politics are just not surprising after the fact.

Honestly though you're probably brain dead if you actually liked this garbage. Do you just not use your brain when you watch anything?

Reminder that MDE are just shit-tier internet PFFR.

If anything, MDE can help you understand the phenomenon of contemporary fascism. Fascism is a social phenomenon inherent to capitalism, it is deeply embedded within every aspect of our society. Think of MDE as a bizarre alien artefact produced by a decadent late capitalist cyberpunk lite dystopia. The internet is comparable to LSD and color television back in the 60s, some people just couldn't take it. I know what it's like to be under the compulsion to edgepost on japanimation discussion boards, but what if that compulsion is just an expression of an all pervading civilisational nihilism?

Maybe Real Life 2017 AD is just an MDE sketch and we are all trapped in it. This is the Vegas shooter's brother(funny how fast we all forgot about the deadliest mass shooting in American history).

Nah, it was really funny.

You're just not smart enough to understand it. MDE makes jokes that go over most people's heads so I'm not surprised

Anyway I've posted enough examples, anyone wanting to experience the TRU A E S T H E T I C of MDEWP can plug in some high-bass headphones, click on and mash play at 4:56

Reduce your volume to 5% if you don't want ear rape

If it wasn't for all of the gay jokes I'd straight up think that this was a liberal urbanite take from Colbert or the Daily Show

Fascism uses edgy and fashionable aesthetics to repackage reactionary beliefs (see and ) in transgressive packaging, so that the fascists can pretend to be opposed to entrenched elites and ineffectual conservatives

I bet this is me getting old. I never liked Adam Sandler movies but I could at least understand why people liked them. WP felt like it was made by people ripping off shit they had never seen. (did someone describe what T&E was like to Sam?) Like it was made by robots or something.

Yeah that's probably it. It seemed like really shallow aut-right punch lines like "women are hypocritical whores xD" but maybe they were actually saying something interesting? I'm open to that. Yeah.

Sam Hyde is a fucking nobody why is he such a hot topic on these parts of the internet? He had a late night show that lasted 6 episodes and a few youtube viral videos but his channel/reddit/etc. only have like 100k subscribers. He's not a very influential figure, he's just some d-list shock jock comedian with a cult fanbase and a minor internet meme. Yet every time he's discussed on imageboards threads get 300+ replies.

He has no impact on anything and hasn't made a good video in years. He hasn't had a video that really spread far since like 2014. Trademarks of his style were either borrowed from someone else like tim and eric/andy kaufman/etc. or eventually taken by some other youtuber (h3h3, filthy frank, fantano) who repackaged the style for mainstream, more straightforward comedy 15-year old dank meme kid audiences and became far more well known. Sam Hyde's never getting a show again, he's just going to make videos that get 80,000 views max while the number gradually lowers as the years go on since his videos will just be rants about jews and the great pepe meme war of 2016, and then he'll kill himself before he hits 50 probably.

Don't act like most normies aren't cued into the way femoids control society. Of course someone like you would say it's shallow while buying into SJW narratives from buzzfeed every day.

Nah they definitely ripped off Tim and Eric
This is the most egregious example. It's the whole absurd 90s public access talk show thing. It's pretty much just a bad Tim and Eric bit.

Why are Sam Hyde's videos so long, and why the fuck does he put so much filler shit in them? (Usually useless video and audio distortions)

There was a good video of his, truly pathetic, in which he talks about how most parents think their children are geniuses because they can use computers, driving them to a path of self-complacent mediocrity. After that he spent like 8 minutes pretending to use supercomputers, probably one of the most boring bits I've ever seen. Does he do it only because Youtube will pay him more for longer videos?


What narrative, exactly?

MOTHERFUCKER. I came into this thread asking what the deal was with this buzzfeed shit and here I am right back where I started. God damn it the intellect of MDE fans is like a maze.

That's what i mean though. The show would have probably been better if they were actually T&E fans. This was more like someone described to them why it was good and they just went with that.

Can any MDE fans help me out here?

It's part of the aesthetic he was a graphic design major and wants to convey a sort of cyberpunk vaporwave aesthetic in his shit so he inserts a bunch of bumpers/graphics/montages set to music and shit.

Some theoretical insight from MDE's occasional taiwanese collaborator.

For a while youtube's algorithm worked that way, it's why you have Jake Paul making 10 minute clickbait vlogs every day

Checking his latest videos he's literally just vlogging

He actually charges $5 to watch his vlogs now no joke

Sam Hyde is basically the alt-right's biggest cultural symbol and the one who had some crossover subversive appeal because he actually has a few creative videos. He's a threat because he's pretty much unhinged and has an extremely devoted fanbase who follow his paranoid rants and treat him as some sort of father figure/political authority.

2017 is weird.

Then a few months later or whatever, one of the people from the label was like, "Yo, did you see this? You gotta say something." "They're Nazis," or something like that.

Shit. A cult of a race and blood—that's an absolute obscenity. That's nothing other than disaster. That's just inarguably obscene, that sort of ideology.

btw John Maus is woke af and definitely /ourguy/

see pic

god why. he looks like more of a bug than Adam

oooooooone more turn of the knife

It's weird to live in a world in which NeoFascist Stoner Humor is a thing.

does this remind you of anything?

By "cultural symbol" I mean in terms of art/pop culture. The other people are just political commentators. Sam Hyde is (purportedly) an artist first and foremost. He is their most influential creative figure.

Lol who knows what will happen
Some of those kids are fucked up

Is he the only "artist" alt-right people like? Feels like an untapped market.

isn't hipster/stoner neofascism basically clintonism?

They like John Maus too because he was on the show.

Yeah they're pretty desperate for any cultural movement representing them. That's why they tried that shitty "fashwave" thing which was just bad vaporwave (or worse 80s synthwave hotline miami style) with nazi symbolism.

I didn't know this was a thing and I wish I didn't.

John Maus is a far left marxist and a former philosophy professor with an interest in the ideas of the frankfurt school, specially Walter Benjamin who was a literal occult jewish communist. Do Sam Hyde's 15 year old Holla Forumstard fans realise this?

Not really? But it sounds provocative enough that I guess you could get people to agree

Eduard Limonov is the Russian Sam Hyde. The National Bolshevik Party was MDE 1.0. Like MDE, the NBP attracted both actual skinheads as well as edgelords and art school degenerates.

Link me his youtube.

Ft. Serbian War Criminal Radovan Karadzic. Serbian Epics is a documentary about the Balkan Wars by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski. Limonov just drops in unannounced to shoot a sniper rifle at Sarajevo.

Limonov first became famous as a writer after being expelled from the USSR. his book It's Me Eddy is a semi-autobiographical account of his time in NYC. He hangs out with punk bands, sucks a black guy off for a hotdog, does drugs, rants about his bitch exwife and women in general, all while living off the American taxpayer. After the fall of the USSR, Limonov founded the NBP together with Punk rocker Yegor Letov and absolute madman Alexander Dugin, among others. He later became a Putler shill, tho.

The character Nathan Barley, from the 2005 british sitcom of the same name, is a proto Sam Hyde of sorts. The series is from 2005, 12 years ago, back when hipsters were an unironic 'thing' and internet culture was still relatively young. some of MDE's stuff reminds me of what Chris Morris was doing back in the 90s. Morris had his ownsurreal sketch show jam, which really gives off a World Peace vibe, down to the creepy ambient music.

Oh hey you're totally right. I watched Jam a while ago and had the reaction "wow it's like like WP but a decade ago and actually decent". Don't remember if I finished it though.

thats not how it works

sure you are

you replied to someone else besides me tho.
also the first half talks about acting like an adult when you hit 28. i dont think people are gonna worsip hitler because of that.
the second one argues that its better to marry a christin girl in america if youre a christian.
it may be just that im from europe, but i dont see anything wrong with that.

i sincerely doubt anyone turned into a nazi because of world peace. do you people think he was part of MKultra or something?

so yjust because a show doesent pick on people you dont like its bad?
some great standards m8.

Lol "MKultra". Why does everything have to go from 0 to Alex Jones real quick like that? People are affected by the media they consume, it's not that insidious.

than what is aesthetically pleasing to you?
theres a 50% chance youll pretend you like classical art now, and another 50% youll ignore this post.

i really dont count things as seinfeld and 2 and a half men as comedy

Rick and Morty is the only aesthetically pleasing show on the air

yeah well autistic retards on both the right and the left will attack you if you have a different opinion. you can see that happeneing here.

someone call an ambulance

Go watch XRA. You're welcome

its kinda on the same level as

thats post-irony in case youre new to social and behaviour theory

sure thing. thats why youre so heated up about attacking its alleged political content

every show you like is garbage. there, i matched your argument


did sam personnaly call you a faggot or something? calm down, take your xanax

Jesus fuck we know you're just going down the thread and answering each post you disagree with individually. Fucking cut it out, just make one long post instead

there was alot more social commentary than just criticising women in world peace

thats kickstarter tv.
hes not making people to pay for his show, hes making the show to thank people who pay.
its kinda ow kickstarter works

to who?
your youtube channel or something?


i googled him and he looks like the inspector from batman

the guys coming to aid serbs were the last thing to worry about. Croats had literal neonazi battalions and bosnians had jihadists.

i am. you must be some liberal burger fruitcake if you find that not appealing.

explain me exactly how was the show suppost to turn someone who just watched it into a nazi.
most people i know dont pause every video to read every frame that a show has.

it has family guy tier animation and it spoonfeeds the audinece which consists mostly of hispters and self-proclaimed "geniouses".
the one thing keeping people watching is wanting to see what comes next and how its gonna end. basically like family guy.


Has post-irony gone too far?

Grasp for straws harder you fucking faggot.

Post irony cannot go too far. It is a closed circle. There is no end in sight, just repetition ad nauseum. There is no end or beginning, it is a rhizome.

this guy
is right.
posit irony is the end result of cynicism and hate/selfhate.
where as an ironic person will try to convince people to be critical ofsomething by parading as the strawman version of that thing, yet not actually liking it,
the post ironic person will exploit the lifestyle of the thing he wants other people to criticise to the fullest. he wins both ways. he makes people hate what he wants them to, he has a comfortable way and doesent have to worry about morals and reputation, and he can always just cynically, almost nihilistically say that it was all an ironic way as he planned

exactly. It's the easiest possible lifestyle. Its entirely comfortable and shields you from all criticism possible

The whole point is to provide fodder for his dumbass followers to take and spread. People who liked the show do tend to look for additional content, which leads them to MDE fan accounts where they can regurgitate what's in these rants
So no MDEWP isn't radicalizing anyone by itself. It's introducing edgy antifeminist failsons to the talking points and handing them over to his followers, knowing they'll do the footwork

Also I find it unsurprising that none of the Hyde fanboys in this thread had any problems with him cucking for big business. I bet all you guys take pity on your local slumlords and soulless corporations

Every man has his price. Hyde's price is actually pretty cheap.

Sam Hyde is the quintessential Burger - a self-hating, listless man with no guidance or goals in life, he mercilessly attacks everything around him with cheap "offensive" humor to distract him from the void gnawing at him from the inside out.

im pretty sure thats every white burger born after 1995


so now its no longer WP thats radicalising people, its the content that some people might look for. that is ofcourse, if they find sams phone vlogs appealing, which is unlikely. only other MDE content that is comparable to WP is doctor manslave and bombstrap. and i would consider a gay hannibal lector and a schizophrenic guy that wants to make a movie to be "right wing propaganda".
could you tell me how exactly those would make me fly to america and attack people that oppose trump or something?

but i heard he wasted 10k of kicstarter money on shirts and gym equipment

what were you doing on mlp?

Enjoying horse porn and talking about how my moon princess was better than her sister.
The fuck do you think?

You're really easy to bait my dude

You're the idiot who thinks the media you consume doesn't affect you so…

The Scam Sam saga was dope as hell the only sad part was the artist getting screwed over by the mde autists
But I think /mlp/ actually ended up helping her a bit

I hope she got some interest in people willing to contact her with legitimate work, given how good the art was.

It was so strange seeing Sam blow up on Holla Forums and get a show when my first exposure to him was that whole debacle
Like how did Holla Forums start loving an autist who failed to scam mulp and made himself look like a complete retard in front of a bunch of horsefuckers?

maybe that's what makes Sam Hyde such a fascinating psychiatric case study. the alt right, are self hating losers to a man. A surprising percentage of them are self hating queers/mexicans/happas/jews/trannies pretending to be white supremacists. What does this tell us about late capitalist society? The postwar counterculture functioned as a release valve for society's repressed destructive impulses, think punks with swastikas and NO FUTURE sloganeering. The trauma of WWII and the Bomb reaches deep into the collective unconscious. What is the cultural telos of edgy? We grew up consuming 'edgy' media and indulging in dissociative edgeposting in youtube comment sections and melanesian basket weaving discussion boards. But where does this leave us historically? On one side, the United States is obsessed with performing the norms of political correctness, on the other, it elected president Donald Trump. A number of prominent Liberal journalists were exposed as closet Milo collaborators. Hollywood is wrecked by sex abuse scandals, while churning out loads of pseudo political 'woke' branded content nobody even cares to watch.There is a strange sense of cultural stagnation, culture itself has been put 'on hold' due to the current emergency. The modern individual is under total surveillance. American society's managerial apparatus is being torn apart by irresolvable contradictions. It is the left task to move beyond liberal management and social norms, instead of wasting time preserving the decrepit and discredited structures of liberal bourgeois society.

The fake pony dating sim trailer is a harrowing glimpse into the hell that is modernity


To be fair /mlp/ figured out it was troll pretty quickly

why does his mouth look like a prolased asshole with teeth?

XRA is good though.

I did say "you're welcome"

I remember when I was in high school and I went through this "oh man this guy is such a victim/example of these modern times etc" with DFW. I guess it's kind of cute that people are doing it with this new guy but to me it feels like Sam just hasn't done anything warranting it. I mean Wallace had a doctorate and crushed his brain trying to overcome this shit while writing giant books. Sam is like the obnoxious retard that ruins social gatherings by acting like a weird attention whore.

David Foster Wallace is a perfect example of the decadent bourgeois mentality of the Late American Empire and thus historically important. 00s hipster culture was actually crypto protestantism all along. Historical materialist criticism does not confine itself to placing artists on boxes that say 'good person' or 'bad person' but analyses art as an expression of its material circumstances. The critique of art is both a self critique and a social critique of our world. What can DFW or Sam Hyde tell us about the late capitalist society that produced them? What can they tell us about ourselves, as inhabitants of this society?

Glad this was cancelled. Keep begging Tim for some health insurance, Sam.

its true tho. thats why R&M got so popular with wannabe intellectuals

i honetestly think youre being unironic.

he became a martyr for them when the show was cancelled for political correctness. seeing a new audience sam started pretending to be right wing or something

the only good sitcom from america in the 90s was Married with children. everything else was the stereotypical case of shitty american programing

are you mentally challanged?

what about the simpsons or are we not counting animated shows

simpsons are an animated show as you said, they just happen to be centerd around a family (like family guy and sometimes southpark) because it gives the creators alot more plot and content versitility.

MDEWP works like a bacteriophage, the show latches on to an unsuspecting cell and injects a big healthy dose of white nationalist DNA in it. Entryism 101

I'm saying R&M was obviously a joke answer

Nah it was just edgy Roseanne tbh. Seinfeld and Roseanne are two of the best american sitcoms tbh. Especially Seinfeld which was an innovator in a ton of shit that you probably see as "stereotypical".

This is mostly true, but the left shouldn't interpret the failure of the mores of managerial liberalism as an indictment of all social structures.

This is your threadly reminder that the egalitarianism of the USSR allowed for the creation of strong, stable families.

Not liking Seinfeld is a pretty good indicator of hipster posturing. Probably the single most influential comedy program in the west after the Simpsons.

btw, I think Wes Anderson's markedly nostalgic films are, together with 00s indie rock, a document of the white american bourgeoisie's failure to adapt to momentous social and technological change. Wes Anderson and Tarantino domesticated the corrosive avant garde irony of 60s radical filmakers like Godard, the french and japanese new waves, and repackaged it for mass consumption. I'm not saying they don't have any depth, Tarantino is an astoundingly clever filmaker imo, but it has to be placed within its historical context. Britney Spears' video for Toxic is obviously Tarantino influenced. But you can tell the Zeitgeist has shifted, that sort of irony has itself become unsustainable. Wes Anderson's films are flattering bourgeois self portraits, products of the halcyon days of the Bush administration, while MDEWP's wine party sketch displays the American Bourgeoisie's state of total disintegration c. 2016 AD

btw, does anyone remember Carles from Hipster Runoff? AKA Carles.Buzz AKA Mexican Guy Debord? His writings/performance art will be a precious resource to future historians researching media and changing mentalities, ie. he chronicled the life and death of 'indie', the rise of the content economy, and the back to the earth aesthetics of 'contemporary conformism' like only an outsider could. Dude disappeared of the face of the internet, but left behind deep traces on we subcultures, just the FYADniks and SA dropouts did years before. 'Hipster' culture has always had links to the far right, after all, Gavin McIness founded vice magazine, inspired by Jim Goad's zine Answer Me!, both A. Wyatt Man(of le happy merchant fame) and Boyd Rice were frequent collaborators. The detached, cynical, flaneur-like attitude of the hipster is equally amenable to fascism and revolution.

In order to understand the present, we have to undertake an archeology of the most recent past. We need to undergo a process of defamiliarization to understand that which is still too familiar to us. The subject who gazes down on the past from Fukuyama's end of history with a sense of moral absolute superiority, convinced of being a decent bourgeois individual who is above all such trivialities is utterly unprepared to deal with the unfolding of actual history.

Yeah my point wasn't that DFW is am angel who earned analysis by being a good person. I just think Sam is like an ant that gets attention by people who know literally no one else to talk about, and he's hardly even an artist.

Also you should watch DFW's last interview, read IJ too. DFW is still pretty relevant in case you think you HAVE to concentrate on Sam as the personfication of modern culture. Unless you want an example of a very esoteric part of internet culture. In that case Sam captures Holla Forumstard mindset pretty well.

Oh and thanks for the article. I'll read it later.

They make fun of everyone except white nationalists pretty fcked up

you havent explained one bit or given any examples, you just keep on saying people turn into nazis if they watch the show and thats it.

I just feel compelled to make sense of my own cultural environment. How did I end up in this cultural hellhole and what does this mean in the greater scheme of things? γνῶθι σεαυτόν and all that jazz.

American Managerial Liberalism, is like Sillicon Valley, a bastard child of the counterculture. Modern managerial practices can be traced back to the new age-y human potential movement, hence the emphasis on weird group therapy rituals. Post-Fordist management always involves at least an element of braiwashing. I grew up with pot smoking godless, divorced gen x parents like a good child of the 00s. Trad LARPing and millennial liberal nihilism are equally alien to me.

there is a lot more to mde than meets the eye, just saying. at least wp and before.

they make fun of upper class popular kids, modern fashion and social standards, talent shows, motivation promos, poor goverment responsibility, the mediea industry, public healthcare and education and so on.
thats not "everyone but white supremacists". those are real actual issues.

Why is this thread bumplocked?

because so many people replied to it


Does this guy have brain problems? Has he heard Brits say "taking the piss" and parsed it completely incorrectly?

I understand that. I guess I'm satisfied just saying Sam doesn't really interest me as a cultural anecdote. I've also always felt that it's really reductive to look at edgy ironic internet culture as being something that can be reflected in any one person.


world peace is just jam + wonder showzen for autistic teenagers

its a shit thread

he must be just taking a piss

Wew. So this is what leftists read when they want their prepackaged opinion on Wallace.
It's almost pretty accurate in a lot of it's gripes with IJ if you're looking at Wallace as the FINAL BOSS of post-ironic hipsters. Like this is more of an attack piece on his fanboys (or his perceived targeted demographic) than Wallace himself who the article ended up feeling pretty lacking in critiquing imo. Like yeah man, IJ was a pretty flawed work from a guy who never managed to write another "big thing" again. It's a pretty easy punching bag. Especially when your main gripes are him being "anti-drug" and "pro-higher power kind of thinking".
Weird he doesn't ever mention how IJ is mostly just a repackaging of Brothers Karamazov for a modern audience though. You get the Pynchon and Kafka inspirations but not the most glaring example?

basically this lol


I'll give that Curtis article a read, thanks