So how many times did you get molested Holla Forums?


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Once by a Jew, once by mi padre.
Uncalled for sex acts right next to me by couples I'd been talking to (completely non-sexually) by two couples: one Jewish, one gentile.
Uncalled for masturbatory exposure that I told someone to stop and they didn't by a school kid in early highshool.
It puts wrath in a person. Well, probably does. I also have the warrior gene and a genetic predisposition to low empathy, so maybe I would have become vengeful and edgy in either case.

Where was this? That's all some tough stuff user.

Actually raped twice.

In a row?

Sydney Australia.

I get touched up by thots on the regular at work, I've had a girl or two and a few gay guys try and come on to me in clubs after I showed I wasn't interested and I was woken up from a drunken stupor one time by a girl trying to pull my pants down and get one my dick.

Like more specifically, what was the situation where you were talking to a couple and they started copulating? Was this in public?

12 years between instances.


What's their endgame?


It happened at not furnishing people I don't know with prurient details

showing their blanket contempt for all males and reinforcing the culture of guilt by association; i.e. whining

Then why bring it up yah perv.

Michelle Quist Mumford: #MeToo

Utah is no better than Hollywood when it comes to sexual harassment and assault.


Why do you refuse to change? Ruffalo saw the light and realized it wasn't too late.

Because kill yourself

So much wrath.


3 times, I'm male.
I was sent to a government institution when I was 13. Stopped a 50 year old from raping an 9 year old boy once, went to the cops later, they told me nothing happened.
I don't care about celebs complaining about sexual harassment. From my perspective getting fucked by Harvey Weinstein and then making it in Hollywoo which is supposedly your dream is better than what 99.99% of rape/sexual assault victims get.
Most of these "victims" wouldn't have a career if it was all about acting skills.
Hollywoo celebs just like to cry about how they are oppressed while spending more money in a day than most people make in a year.

Dis can't be real.

Money 100% sure the endgame is money.
I remember back during the savile revelations they went for everyone even William Roache who did fuck all wrong


But she's actually not wrong there.


if this were just a regular person I think I'd agree with you, but the tsa is cop level power in the hands of high school dropouts with even less oversight and even more latitude. it's not exactly an equitable situation

I don't think the majority of women would agree with her, so why not write "to live as Brie Larson is to live on the defense"?

It's like defense against what? Against saying 'no thank you'?

she would have had the same reaction if it had been any other man she found unattractive. she's just a whining hypocritical bitch with a chip on her shoulder, like all feminists

oh okay

are you a grill?

It's the situation and his position of power.

no it isn't. she says "to live life as a woman." she's not talking about authorities

The position of power and the situation are what add to it. It's, imo, npt acceptable for a TSA Agent to approach a woman when giving a security check.

What about a man?

How do you mean?

>It's, imo, npt acceptable for a TSA Agent to approach a wo man when giving a security check
like that.

but she's not complaining about the conduct of a supposed-professional. her outrage is purely over the fact that a man approached her and showed an interest in her

nowhere does she say "tsa agents shouldn't do that" or "it's unprofessional"

why did she mention it was a TSA agent then? just a generic maleness would have been enough for your theory.
then again her response does support your stance. I agree with tho in general.

Almost everyone has been molested in some way at some time. I was, but I don't talk about it.

I'm 90% sure she would have complained about it regardless of his status or position. If she feels he's abusing his status as a TSA agent, then she can just fucking report him

She's says it in a few tweets below

Well, yes. I agree with you.

So then where does the >To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense.
Come in to the equation?


she would have said it in the first place then. she's backpedalling

Because isn't it way more common for something like that to happen to a woman than to a man?

According to who?

because women want it that way. most women flatly refuse to ask men out and play the role of pursuer. it's considered "the man's job"

wew lad, a lot of male allies are about to abandon their Twitter accounts

To make sure She gets Her turn in 2020 of course.

Twitter hashtag movements are the most cancerous, impotent shit ever.


Please do not rape a third time thank you

Women sometimes overreact tbh.

The fall of the west has gotta be around the corner, how much longer can dumb shit like this go on.


"So is spaghetti until it gets dry"

Reformation into caesarism tbh

A bunch of times when I was young where some drunk girl or other would get really handsy at a party. Grabbing my junk and/or ass, trying to slip me the tongue after getting me to come close so they could whisper me "something important", sitting on my lap uninvited and shoving their tits in my face. The usual shit you get at late teens/early 20s house parties where everyone is young, pissed and horny, no big deal. Only time it really bothered me was one time when I was too smashed to go home so I crashed on the couch at the party house. I woke up to this girl under the blanket with me with her hand in my jocks. I dunno what the fuck she was thinking since I'd been talking to her earlier in the night and she knew I was a fag. Kicked her off and that was the end of it. Either way, nothing I really thought of as "assault" or "trauma" to get my knickers in a knot over.

The other one was when I was homeless and staying with this dude I half knew, friend of a friend of a friend sorta thing. There was about 3 months where the only thing keeping a roof over my head was letting this dude bang me whenever he wanted. It was explicit too, about a week after I came to stay there he told me outright that I'd put out or I'd be back on the street. And being as I'd just spent a few months on the street and had no wish to go back and the few shelters in the city were always full or (the majority) only accepted women, I gave in. Occasionally the sex was good and I was into it, most of the time it was bad and/or painful but better than sleeping rough. I'll always remember the one time when it was happening that he came home really angry for some reason one day and slapped me around a bit during. I used the last mobile phone credit I had to call one of those abuse helplines (supposed to be free call, but "free" didn't exist for mobiles back then) and the woman on the other end seemed really bored and kept trying to steer me toward "abuser's lines" and anger management and shit like I was the one doing it. Gave up after about 10 minutes and lived with the guy for another month before I found something better.

according to the way some people define it now to include coercion, that means I was raped pretty much every day for 3 months+. But I don't really think about it much anymore except when one of these waves of rape hysteria comes around and don't consider myself a """survivor""" or anything like that since it's not like my life was actually in danger. I knew a bunch of other homeless boys at the time that went through similar stuff and we all just sort of considered it pretty normal for poor kids with fucked up/non-existant home lives and tried to make the best of it.

thanks for reading my blog post.

umm men can't be raped sweetie

but seriously, that's fucked up bru. my sympathies

Are my experiences that outside of the norm? Because if not it's no wonder the alt-right is growing

Jesus Christ user that's terrible, I'm sorry

no one here has any reason to believe me, but by complete coincidence that happens to be my mum. yeah, it's a mindfuck to see her here but i guess it was only a matter of time. the name is a distant leftover, i have more german than swedish blood in me. nothing interesting to gossip about, she's your standard lumpenized liberal

on topic though does it count as molestation if you're diddled by a slightly older kid instead of an adult? that happened a few times. i'm genuinely sympathetic toward anyone who can speak frankly about these kinds of traumatic events, but a hashtag campaign renders the whole thing disingenuous. like the deeply personal trauma is part of some collective navelgazing festival.

Is this the twitter equivalent of finishing your own post with /thread?

How are people this histrionic?

Ask your mum if the Americans staged the moon landing on her forehead.

That's terrible :c
To be honest id feel guilty just asking you out in that situation. Let alone something that blatantly predatory.

Jesus christ don't be the asshole in this, Holla Forums. Solidarity with struggles is something we all need to get behind. The story these women are telling themselves is not a lie. Why are you fair weather brocialists acting like it is? Race/gender/class are inseparable struggles.

Women and men*



Do you think the stories polcucks tell about being victimized by black people are any less "real?"

If it feels true it's not a lie, feminist theory 101.

These kids will grow out of their edgy stage soon enough. Hopefully they will keep their leftists tendencies.


Yes because of how they react to and interpret the world around them. Imagine a #metoo for Holla Forumstards rallying together to stand up against being "oppressed by jews" or "attacked by savage blacks for being white". Fucking ridiculous.

Numbers don't lie. Women are abused and harassed all the fucking time every fucking day way beyond that of men on men or women on men. Just a fucking historical fact, bub. I'm not asking you to drop arms against capitalism in favor of feminism. I'm asking you to use a braincell for sympathy of other people's struggle.

everybody knows those things happen and that they're awful. Those behaviors take a lot of time to change, generations…so we must concentrate on destroying capitalism, which can be achieved very easily with the right amount of people in porpotion ot the population of that country.

Shit's fucked up yo. But
Hehe yes totally ;_;

Let's not push it.
This is also bullshit.
This is pretty optimistic.


Thats not true. Alot of people accept that they happen but not to the extend that it does. Some people are either blissfully unaware or maliciously dismissing the problem (blame the victim, redefine the crime, etc)
Take this guy for example:

Comment of the fucking day.

Where is this incorrect? Where is this not true other than prison? And why is it true in prison? is it because there are no women for men to abuse and rape? please use as many green texts as you need.

Imagine actually believing this. If a women lies to herself and others about being raped, and this lie is recorded as an actual instance of assault, and this happens over and over again then the numbers are a lie.

Hmm something doesn't add up here.

You're trying to move us along from "sexual assault is bad" to "poor women are oppressed in the streets by wolf whistling, cat calling, etc." Nobody is going to fuck you for crying over the tremendous fictional abuse suffered by women from the eternal builder.

Given previous pirate flags it really does.

Where is it correct? it's a meaningless assertion without fact or context powered entirely by your sentimental notions.

If a woman lies to herself about being raped then sure, that womans inner and outer story is a lie. But how does this somehow negate the truth of harassment statistically? You're straw man sucks.

It's a website icon, Billy. Calm down.

What I'm trying to do is put this in to perspective and garner a little more respect than is currently spewed on our side. Solidarity goes a long way.
Dismissal goes even further. Both are not in the same direction.

Here you go buddy.

and my grammer sucks. Your*

Joke's on you, I'm an edgy leftist.


What do you even mean by harassment? I always see this language bandied around and it normally boils down to "men i dont like hitting one me".
Nobody fucking cat calls or wolf whistles in the current year. This pretending that women are actively harassed all the time is bullshit. Now it's all passive, and you want to know who I've seen treat women like shit most? Women.

Good point. The data must have some sort of capitalist leaning or something. I swear to god Holla Forums kids are just as bad as Holla Forums kids. Read the data, assess its validity, extract idea. Not that fucking hard, kido. Reading it isnt going to turn you in to a liberal.

Once by family when I was like 8 or so.

And give you the satisfaction? I think not!

It's not as prevalent as it used to be but I don't think I would say nobody does it. Now that I think about it, it happened to this lady I was out on a date with when we were walking together.

But that's life in a city. People always yelling at people. NBD

Man you're retarded. Are you actually arguing that statistics can't be wrong, even if a significant portion of the data is false?

Yeah, my biggest problem is that it's always thrown in there as a sleight of hand to magnify what's going on. The male equivalent is constantly getting dragged into fights, which is objectively worse no matter how much people engage in histrionics.


It's a "redditor and or Holla Forums joins the thread to post their response to what they think our response is" episode.

No you fuckhead. I'm arguing that your claim that a significant portion being wrong is wrong. You're being a child. Women are abused in larger numbers then men. fuuuccckking fact. Women get sexually harrast in larger numbers than men, even when you take away this strawman "but i asked her out and she screamed rape" bullshit. Stop being s child, get a girlfriend or wife or a freindzone and ask her. ask your mom. Ask fucking any woman in your life you haven't pushed away with your ignorance.

Read the fucking thread, kid. Toxic bullshit abound. I'm 100% onboard with the genuine stories on here, but the kids shrugging it off like its a joke should get raped themselves for a truly authentic perspective.

The majority of the thread is people sharing stories and others reacting to something a dumb lib is saying. You're insane if you expect 100% good posts in any thread on any board let alone on one crawling with autistic Holla Forumsyps looking to say something retarded.

I'm just addressing an underlying issue with lefty kids I've seen on this board for a long time. Nothing but love for those sharing their story and I'm sorry for brining this thread down a peg.

Elevating the severity of some random creepy guy asking for your number on the bus to the same status of a real rapist will in the end harm real victims of the latter in the long term.

Yes, but the same goes for lowering the severity the frequency of the former. Harassment includes individual instances as a whole. Not on the same level as rape, but still significant. It becomes almost systemic.

Happened to me in middle school. In public, where a lot of other students (probably few dozen) could see but no teachers, including some of my friends. I was in 6th grade (burger). He groped me and rubbed his dick in my face for a few minutes in front of everyone. No one did anything. I eventually managed to get away from him but everyone was just watching. I think it kind of fucked me up somehow, I ended up depressed throughout middle school and high school when I wasn't before, but maybe that's not what caused that. I never reported anything because I wasn't very sexually aware or anything at that age, I probably didn't even know what rape or sexual assault was tbh, also I figured he wouldn't get in trouble because school administration is fucking abysmal all over this country to kids who get bullied. I forgot what he looked like entirely, I don't even have any description other than that he was bigger than me, so not like I could report it now. I don't want to ask my friends from the time who saw what he looked like because I'm hoping they just forgot or forget about it, they probably forgot what he looked like anyway since it's been years and years. I know one of them browses Holla Forums though so if he happens to see this by some extremely off chance then he should respond with some information confirming to me that it's him. I'm a guy btw. You guys are now the only ones who have heard this story, I've never brought it up to anyone else online or offline.
inb4 someone faps to this post

I'm sorry this happened to you.
I will admit that I am slightly aroused. Not enough to fap tho.

This is what it's like to be an attractive female.


"So is spaghetti until it gets baked"

You know I don't think of myself as having been molested but this kind of happened to me too. Along with being a 6th grade burger and not really knowing what the other kid was doing.
No idea what affect it might have had on me though. I really hate slutty faggot types despite being bi myself if that means anything.

Oh my god that's so depressing.

Harassment and abuse is a shared issue, for example woman physically and sexually abuse children in the U.S. at a higher rate then men. I don't think people are complaining about women reporting harassment, just how that the rhetoric around this controversy seems to be focused on what mens role in harassment is as if its somehow an issue men must collectively address.

I have a vague memory of being molested/raped by a baby sitter when I was a small child(3 or 4?), but it was so long ago I only have a vague recollection. Don't remember what they look like or whether I even cared. I think it might have messed me up a bit in the head, but maybe I'm just making excuses to myself.

I also was grabbed and harassed by women on several occasions when I was younger and still actually attractive. Weird thing is that in college(because I hang out with the LGBT groups) I had way more guys hitting on me, but all the actual harassment and grabbing was coming from women. I know women like to think only men feel entitlement to people's bodies, but holy fuck women are just as bad. I don't feel like anyone would give a fuck about a guy getting assaulted by women.

This lol

I was emotionally manipulated by a woman that I was in love with to the point of near suicide. Drained of thousands of dollars and hours of labor and told it was all my own fault even though I've been diagnosed with PTSD.

this is not an unusual experience or opinion to have, but it can be a socially dangerous one to voice. especially during a shitstorm like the current one where we all are supposed to be having the feminist equivalent of a religious revival or great awakening. you'll pretty much get nothing but responses like the piratefag in this thread - mealy-mouthed platitudes about how your experience is valid, followed by minimisation or dismissal of your experience, shaming and instructions to refocus your energies and sympathy on women-as-a-class who suffer more in any conceivable situation and for various reasons cannot be held accountable (as-a-class) for their actions the way men (as-a-class) can.

holy shit dude, you want to see women feeling entitled to men's bodies you should try going to a gay bar some time. bonus points if you go there when a hen's night party shows up. at least in my country, you are not legally permitted to exclude women from entry or refuse to serve them so almost every night at the couple of pubs I used to frequent there'd be groups of women coming through to gawk at the guys as if they were animals in a zoo, touch up the staff and the customers and play it all off with batted eyelashes and "oh my goddddd i'm so wasted teehee". my boyfriend and I actually stopped going to our favourite joint altogether because it got to the point where what we figured would be a "safe place" to go out to ended up having more handsy and vulgar cishet women looking for """an experience""" on any given night than actual fags and trannies

I was raped by an on-duty police officer when I was 15. Didn't say anything because I was scared of retaliation from his pig friends and I was terrified of them inventing false charges against me or digging up evidence to press true ones.

Also, I was a 15 year old white trash girl and not confident enough to stand up for myself against something like that,

Not really looking for sympathy from anyone. It happened years ago and I've mostly emotionally moved on from it at this point. I've also moved on with my life as a whole, and I moved out of the shitty rust belt town I grew up in years back.

That being said, #fuck12. I may have moved on from the event psychologically but the experience still informs my view of police and what they're capable of. Don't be a bootlicker, and don't buy into the idea that police protect us.

this is not an unusual experience or opinion to have, but it can be a socially dangerous one to voice. especially during a shitstorm like the current one where we all are supposed to be having the feminist equivalent of a religious revival or great awakening. you'll pretty much get nothing but responses like the piratefag in this thread - mealy-mouthed platitudes about how your experience is valid, followed by minimisation or dismissal of your experience, shaming and instructions to refocus your energies and sympathy on women-as-a-class who suffer more in any conceivable situation and for various reasons cannot be held accountable (as-a-class) for their actions the way men (as-a-class) can.
Fooking this
Aren't like half of pedos women. And sexual exploitation isn't this end all be all of exploitation. Something like 30. percent of men are raising children that aren't there's. How is having 18 years of your life stolen from you not just as bad.


#MeToo is a useless hashtag, especially when "sexual assault" can mean anything in the range of briefly getting catcalled to being tied against a bench and molested.

Why is this so hard to believe. It's about power, if you give people the ability to screw each other over they'll do it.
All this hysteria over the #metoo sexual harassment stories is based in this spooked idea that women's virginity are diminished by any and all forms of sex.
I keep hearing about all these stories of sexual harassment at work but no calls to unionize. I keep hearing about all these stories of sexual assault from partners and boyfriends, but no calls to abolish landlords.

That's hot!

Should have stood down.

Here's an interesting suggestion: Women are put under men's protection. Not the same rights nor the same duties. If a woman should want to have the same rigths and duties, she should apply for it.

Because what French Cheese Larson fails to get is that it's unprofessional of TSA agents to flirt with their victims. Yeah, professional and TSA shouldn't even belong in the same paragraph. But the point is still valid.

Especially if men seeks women that are younger or from south east asia. Ruins the competition!

I am not exactly traumatised by it though.