You can't have Capitalism, Corporations, or even State Capitalism when everyone is living in the Stone Age...

You can't have Capitalism, Corporations, or even State Capitalism when everyone is living in the Stone Age, why aren't you Anarcho-Primitivist yet?

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…but capitalism is good user, and communism will be even better!

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Good question.

i am at heart but it seems like a unrealistic goal

Historical materialism will ensure anprim becomes slave society again.

Because you also can't have clean, running water or abundant food.

Stop shilling primitivism, and start shilling post-civ anarchism pls

Comfy techno-skepticism is great.

I suspect the author of that pamphlet will be in for a nasty shock when they come to realize that manufactured goods don't last for hundreds and hundreds of years, and that much of the world doesn't have that sort of material abundance they allude to now, let alone after the fall of civilization. Restraint in which technologies will be deployed is absolutely necessary, and when the market is gone and thus no longer is capable of making nice gadgets absolute necessities after a decade then I'm sure we'll see a resurgence in "appropriate technology." However, you'll end up at a medieval standard of wealth if you don't maintain some sort of industrial base.

The extended version of the pamphlet goes into more depth:
Perhaps you'll be surprised that the author is not an idiot, and does not believe that humanity can sustain themselves with what civilization will leave behind. Rather, scavenging is only a secondary method of acquiring things, and post-civ communities will hopefully use what they find/build to become self-sufficient. I will concede that there would be a drive to "revert" back to a large scale, industrial-based system of production, but this is assuming that anarchist groups would have access to factories, which would only happen with a global revolution. While Zerzan can be high off his own ideology at times, he does make a salient point when he mentions that industrial society depends on people wasting their lives doing factory work which is, let's face, monotonous and unfulfilling. While post-civ life would be hard and farming ain't easy, the amount of leisure and absence of time-based discipline would make up for this.

Also, I think the knowledge of science that is accessible to the average person combined with the technology, tools and materials that can be scavenged from abandoned areas would allow post-civ society to produce more than that of medieval serfs/peasants.

Ultimately though, I see where you're coming from. I hope I addressed all your points, but I'm sorry if I misinterpreted what you were saying.

Never understood why unironic AnPrims don't just begome green anarchists

isn't this just what Somalia is?


Somalia lacks any forms of communist organization as far as I know, so no.

Higher res on that image btw

Just be transhumanist and eventually all of mankind will be so advanced that the only logical conclusion is to turn themselves into trees and be one with nature.

What if trees are actually ancient transhumanists, which means that all of our buildings are actually made out of Human flesh?

Which is precisely why technology is evil. We need technology to end technology.

I don't get Anprims tbh. Most see a collapse to a more primitive state as an inevitability, so why don't they take a more nuanced stance? Inevitably human technology would begin to progress again, and something will have to be done to deal with this. What if they looked critically at social organization (and it's effects on human happiness, the environment, etc.) from an ecological standpoint to try to understand how to live healthy, enjoyable lives? An understanding of the social sphere integrated into ecology. A social ecology even.

You can't have Capitalism, Corporations, or even State Capitalism when everyone is living in the post apocalypse, why aren't you Posadist yet?

primitivism is only barely better than extinction, and even then its better only because eventually civilisation will restart

There we go!