You guys realise there wont be a new revolution right?

You guys realise there wont be a new revolution right?

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t. Russian after 1905

What, do you just think that the current governments are going to stick around until the sun burns out?

Yeah I already know and am content to enjoy life.

give up wage slave
conform to me
the great porky

Google Bookchin

I would love to see an architect design a city that is designed around being sunk over the next howevermany years due to global warming. Everything would be demarcated with lines according to projected water levels, and some of it would still serve some funtion even after total submersion. Imagine being 8 years old and visiting the one I told you so monument in 2050 lmao.
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There will be in time but until then we need new ideologies and theories.

There won't be another evolution of the bourgeoise vs. the proletariat since the human(of all classes) is so fully integrated in and reshaped by capital, but rather a revolution of humanity vs capital á la May 68.
t. Camatte

*another revolution

Oy vey!

evolution is revolution, reptilians unite!

Maybe revolution requires devolution(from the fully-integrated-within-capital post-human back to the human). Really makes you think


How do you guys expect people to do a revolution when theyre comfortable already? People wont do a revolution when they have a tv , soda and chips , good healthcare and welfare system etc. A revolution will never happen

terrorist attacks

But they're not comfortable. They have to keep working shit jobs to have those things. Or even a roof over their heads.

Until the heat death of the universe.

Most have shit jobs and shit homes for the last 100 years in The West but we havnt had a revolution

You're a real stupid nigga if you don't believe the standards of living will plummet within the next few decades

We have, in the aftermath of WW1.


Source is the next debt bubble+immense overpopulation and migration followed by climate collapse

Got any links?

lenin himself said something similar like 3 weeks before the revolution in russia

anicca vata sankhara


That's kind of the point I was trying to make.

Yeah, but it was never with the support of the majority of the population.

On the next debt crisis:

Climate crisis related texts:
"Climate change will amplify existing social, political and resource stresses, shifting the tipping point at which conflict ignites … Out to 2040, there are few convincing reasons to suggest that the world will become more peaceful."
t. the british ministry of defence

you realize you're an idiot right?

Thank you friend

Holy shit, non-neet/robots actually use this phrase ?

The coming precarity and potential collapse of global industrial civilization is an excellent catalyst for revolution.
I'm not worried tbh.

The West survived the Great Depression and 2008 crisis. Why woudlnt we be able to survive the next one?

You must be new

Who's "the West"? Dozens of millions died.

Maybe but Society didn't collapse

What does that even mean?

Society didn't collapse were still world power, people live comfy today etc

you are dumb as shit fella

The Spectacle has really done a number on you, OP. Just a couple of hundred years ago people were making the same arguments when the idea of a world without monarchs was completely inconceivable. Read Fisher.


thanks for proving me right

What does that mean for a society to collapse?

oh wow what a pity there is none of that left, eh?

Not during my lifetime at least, yes.

That's fucking brilliant. It sounds like the sort of thing an avant-garde artist would propose during the Russian Revolution.

That's because he had been correctly saying for years how all the conditions for revolution were in place and was getting understandably despirited. Nowhere in the world but wartorn shitholes right now are in conditions even approaching those of 1916 Russia.

Why wouldn't they?