Khrushchev appreciation thread


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yea, he only murdered workers in Novocherkassk

Wow it seems the left has a history of murdering allies and other people they claim to support.

The OG revisionist.

Unironically the best Soviet
Except for his role in being an agent of repression for Stalin, though
Corn in Siberia is less retarded than Lysenkoism

Is corn, dare I say it, /ourcrop/?

Well, I'm glad he made his position clear that he was having none of the corn zealots' extremist bullshit.

Khrushchev rightfully gets a lot of shit but as a burger I'll always admire him for openly declaring to Americans that all their grandkids will be communists. He was also the last soviet leader to actually be enthusiastic about the communist project, that last bit is pretty underrated.

Those guys masturbate to the idea of Blight from Interstellar being real.

yeah, big hero

I dont know much about him but seems thousand times better communist leader than Stalin.


no fuck you

But this is the best reason to love him


Bump for keks

Damn, nolan can't fucking write dialogues

Any source for that statement?

I thought there was another Kruschev who said "we will bury you" some sort of Pole

This could be said for a lot of ideologies tbh

I can't blame him for this one, nobody expected USSR would shit itself like that a few decades later.

He was trash. TRASH.

You call this shit revisionism. Pff. You are like a baby. Watch this…

Can somebody tell me why tankies think he was a slimy opportunity again? By the way Stalinists go on bout him and his revisionism you'd think he turned the U.S.S.R. state-capitalist by the start of the 60s, but based off the summary of his reforms I read it just says he shilled the nuclear family (which Stalin thought was bourgeois) and opened The Soviet Union up to popular western culture so Russians wouldn't be stuck in a pre-1940s time capsule when it came to music and fashion. Apart from that he ran it like Stalin woulda done himself.

Khrushchev did nothing wrong!

In Khrushchev's defence he *did* win The Space Race hands down so tryna one-up the capitalist west wasn't for nothing.

If they killed anyone, that means the killed werent on their side. Or maybe another impossible standard for commies, "how could you do violent revolutions - in feudalism, you monsters?". When 90% of US war kills are civilians.



Nikita fucking abused party structures to get to the position he was in and destroy workplace democracy and liberalize the economy, khruschev a shit

I think its actually from a barry goldwater campaign ad, it's not actually real.

Go ahead and search "your children will be communists," should be the first result.