How can anarchists, who wish to abolish all oppression, justify atrocities like pic related?

How can anarchists, who wish to abolish all oppression, justify atrocities like pic related?

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By not being a anarkiddy and becoming a anarman.
The church deserved it.

They were literally stealing children from leftist and were cooperating with the fascists. Not saying it was justified, just that it made sense. Fascists are not protected from harm simply because they are of the cloth.

God knows his own.

Nuns deserved it.

Nothing to see here just some Athiest communists making excuses and making fun of the mass rape and murder of nuns and priests just for being christian and the awful crime of not wanting to starve to death on a collective farm

Spanish anarchists actually increased food production though. There was no famine. Free markets actually encourage food shortages, which is why no developed nation on Earth has an unregulated/unsubsidized food system.


soviet union


We don't need to justify anything. Stop being so spooked, goy.

Well, clearly she wasn't praying hard enough.

Payback for aiding the fascists and the general behavior of the church throughout history. Catholics are unambiguously the worst sect of christianity and all of them deserve to be genocided.

I'm not an anarchist though.

Always deflecting to M-L states, typical non-argument tbh.

Really user?

well.. guess.. God Wills It!


what the fuck happened to her?

triggered yet?

Based Stalin brought that all back (though without the feudal bullshit) so it was all good.

nah, most of it was sold or melted

the only thing ancoms ever did right

Was talking about the Church.

They're not supposed to, but they do.

Yeah and then Khrushchev tore them all down again good fucking job this is what happens when you side with MLs.

To be fair, it wasn't justified at all. But it was understandable due to it happening in times of war and these guys being mostly illiterate peasants fighting for their survival against fascists and their collaborators.

Based Khruschevvio tbh

He was the first in a long line of revisionists. The death of Stain was the death of the revolution.

Not in the last half century. Calvinists on the other hand should be exterminated.

My god that is beautiful.

Polite Sage for OT-ness.

Edgy anarchists

Read the real Stirner, he doesn't seek revenge but freedom (for himself only).

What a waste.

Got some news for you my boi


A better question would be how Anarchists think joining forces with Communists is a good idea. I mean, Anarchists are against oppressive systems and Communism is an oppressive system.

God wins yet again.

Wasn't OP's pic from Spain?
I thought they didn't get on that well with communists in Spain.

t. Oliver Cromwell

Best post



Well hopefully we learned from our mistakes that time we didn't



They deserved it tbh

Read a book nigger


Unironically this.

Unironically this.
There were several points at which Stalin did not go nearly far enough.

The nun had it coming.

SU nearly had more calorie intake than the US

the nuns were asking for it

What the thick

Pick one and only one

lol way to swallow the fascist propaganda, dumbfuck.

You dont know what either of those terms mean. Do you mean to say ML?

>>>Holla Forums
You anarchos can be real based sometimes, dang

What better way of coing that then to get rid of the oppressors (the church).

both are worse

What atrocity?

You do realize most peasants in Spain were anarchist.

Congregationalists are the best Christians. Also the least spooky.

Read Historical materalism. Capitalism happens between feudalism and socialism.

Aren't this the same that were behind the Salem Witch Trials? Plus I'm pretty sure their theology is Calvinist. Christians with the best praxis are those of the Radical Reformation.

This. Kneejerk hatred of capitalism isn't proper marxism.

It's better.

buddy, you don't have to justify everything that happens in a revolution.
it's gonna get ugly and not everyone participating has perfectly sound moral judgement.

we're in the decadent phase of capitalism according to the internal communist current so it is bad. read bordiga,

It wasn't justified and it definitely wasn't Anarchistic. Unfortunately unnecessarily shitty things happen during war.