Democratic Cops of America TAKES THE MONEY AND RUNS


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Wait why?

Cops HQ wants to give the money to "charity" NGOs for them to handle it. First they wanted all the victims to undergo police inspection if they wanted money. Then they backed down on that, but STILL REFUSE TO GIVE THE MONEY!

no they just really fucking want to use that NGO, they're being really shitty but they're not just withholding the money

Did you even read the statement?

They're still going to pay, they just want to make sure the people who are supposed to benefit don't get fucked over by Holla Forums LARPers.

No I meant they switched NGOs. NGOs are imperialist, capitalist front orgs, so it figures that Democratic Cops of America, which is an imperialist, capitalist front org would insist on working with an NGO.

lmao it's been two fucking months, and they're saying it'll take MORE months for the payouts. watch as everyone slowly forgets about the money. OOPS

It's bullshit, the money is being funnelled through an NGO which are basically a scam.

I don't doubt that the money will eventually be paid to somebody but it really shouldn't be that hard to match people up who were actually injured there, there's plenty of photos and organisers to talk to. This proposal made perfect sense but the Democratic Cops of America wants to do things the lazy way.

HQ is pretty much the last bastion of the shitty liberals

No, Democratic Cops of America is full of liberals and socdems at every level, and you're probably one of them.

still doing more than you kiddo, keep re-reading capital you'll write the sequel eventually

Sorry that they're not as ideologically pure as your Maoist 4th Positionist Anarcho-Hoxhaist Militant leftist sect with 1 member.

yeah you're giving them too much credit by implying they're actually a part of any organization


Yeah dude your ""critical"" support of North Korea is really sticking it to the man, I hear the workers on the street talking about defecting to the DPRK every day.

It's not critical support, I support the DPRK, period. Kim Jong Un and the Korean people have done a million times as much to defeat American imperialism with their nukes than Democratic Cops of America could ever accomplish.


feds out and stay out

How delusional can you fucking be? You're defending the Democratic Cops of America while pretending that you're concerned about FBI infiltrators? Come on, this is beyond parody.

Honestly man its whatever

So basically, if you're American you should just kill yourself. As if you aren't from the first world yourself, Unruhe

the feds don't want you to organise, the reason they barely even try to hide the fact that they spy on us is because they want to intimidate you into retreat, and being cynical about everything, is the Democratic Cops of America perfect? no obviously not, but it's the biggest chance the american left has right at this moment. what you should be doing is joining and trying to change things rather than creating some irrelevant little splinter People's Front of Judea sect.

Speaking of which BO is a fucking child, suck my cock tankie.

maybe it belongs to people in the leadership, so they can have full control of the money

what info is available on this NGO?

no idea, but i'd bet there's some shady shit there

The feds want you to organize in their HONEYPOT organizations like the Democratic Cops of America. They DON'T want you to organize secretly and become a skilled revolutionary.

Spank the tanks
Left war now

*Rosa-killing intensifies*

are people writing out Cops or is Democratic Cops of America really wf'd?

this is what happens when you help NGOs instead of communities themselves

True revolution is fomented in your parent's basement with your sick ninja star collection


Remember when people asked what they can do to be "active" and people unironically recommended the D.S.A?

Petition to change the official succdem flag icon to hotkinkyjo's prolapsed rectum?



they qualified it with local Democratic Cops of America chapters being different animals from one another and the org as a whole

and even though it is a fuckdem ratnest, people should still be joining to scout and scalp all the worthwhile socialists and communists

Reminder that Deandre Harris spent his donation money to produce rap videos showing him driving sports cars and waving around cash.

Holla Forums is always right

you don't have to join to do that, they let anyone in.

You might find one or two, tops.


A bloo bloo bloo!

Let's be real they deserve support but critical support. Their opposition to USA is basically their only redeeming feature really.

Pretty sure it’s a word filter after the whole “guy who helped organize a police union got on the leadership board” debacle.

Why is everyone freaking out over this? Yeah national orgs/boards are typically careerist shit. The best organizing has always taken place at the grassroots with the local chapters and this episode doesn't change that

Stop finding excuses to not organize

Other than

Yeah let's just join a national organization that we recognize is parasitic and reactionary… because we can work at the grassroots to do everything! Why not just join the Democrat Party?

This, I like north korea


The Democratic Cops of America is a clusterfuck and it was obvious this was going to happen, but at the same time it's fuckin sad every time we try to come together for some fucking change in this country it all falls apart.

Naivety is the devil's game, but I think at some point this is going to change, simply because people are going to be so sick of everything imploding they just become more direct about goals the organization has to be specific with.

It'll change when everyone reads Lenin.




So what's my alternative? Stay at home and continue to shitpost?

They've been responsive to concerns. The cop was eventually forced out and I doubt they'll try and pull funny businesses with the donations now that people are watching.


Get fit, get theory, get ready.

lmao such a trustworthy org. "now that people are watching, you have nothing to fear. join us"

Lifting is unironically praxis

Why are you trusting any institution larger than a campus book club? Thr problems with the D S A arent unique, they occur in every org period. The best and most effective organization must still be watched like a fucking hawk just to keep everyone involved on their toes and working

They responded by forcing out the cop

you're a fucking joke dude.

So basically the point is to get as many people to leave the D.S.A as possible, glad we agree.

But you don't think anybody in the D.S.A or organized by them is working class anyway, so which is it?

For what exactly? People have jobs you know.

Nope, fuck off trot.

Like any skill, knowledge or muscle in the body, one's ability to fight can atrophy if you don't do it every now and then. Picking a fight with porky every now and then is healthy and cathartic

what the fuck are you talking about?



"Leftist" is a worthless term. Anyone can be a leftist.

Good enough 4 u?


Why is she so perfect?

Polite horny sage

Plenty of Socialists in Democratic Cops of America the last election helped radicalize quite a few soc-dems and push a lot more who didnt out

Fuck left other flag on


Sucy is not for sexualizing, comrade

Succdem is as far as the overton window will let people go in a country as classcucked as the US



For what?

You fucking faggots, instead of bitching about how spooked the Democratic Cops of America are, you should be joining it and having your voice be heard
Join the Refoundation Caucus, kick cops and cop sympathizers out, remind everyone that capitalism is the enemy, not blumpf, not transphobia
Shitposting on Holla Forums doesn't do shit, but making the Democratic Cops of America a legit communist organization just might
Drop the ideological puritanism, focus on left unity, de-spook liberals
Do it



Please explain your definition of Trot and your problem with it

Not him but some of the most fanatical anti-demcop posters here are trots.


I'm part of the the only organization that matters: the working class. Your liberal playpen is not a world-historical force


You fucking faggots, instead of bitching about how spooked the Democrat Party are, you should be joining it and having your voice be heard
Join Keith Ellison, kick Clintonite sympathizers out, remind everyone that crony capitalism is the enemy, not capitalism
Shitposting on Holla Forums doesn't do shit, but making the Democrat Party a legit socialist organization just might
Drop the ideological puritanism, focus on left unity, de-spook liberals
Do it

Genuinely love this board.

Well I'm a tankie and it's insane the extent that people will contort themselves to support the DemCops.

Pithy, but pretty embarrassing for you to not understand the structural and foundational reasons why the Dems aren't capable of representing the working class.

Pithy, but pretty embarrassing for you to not understand the structural and foundational reasons why the Democratic Cops of America aren't capable of representing the working class.


Lol, typical brainlet response. The reasons for the Dems are specifically tied to monetary interests and embedded collusion within the organization tying it to corporate interests that is in no way analagous to the D.S.A.